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Mike¬†Vanderboegh, one of the gun bloggers credited with keeping the Gunwalker investigation rolling, doesn’t give any credence to my contention that the ATF’s stingless sting reflected Uncle Sam’s hard-on for Los Zetas (the vicious anti-Calderon cartel). The Sipsey Street Irregular believes that ATF was motivated by their passion for power, money and gun grabbing. Directed by the White House as part of the Obama administration’s desire to drum-up public support for their “under the radar” attack on the Second Amendment. They are not incompatible analyses. A recent New York Post editorial on Fast and Furious puts them both forward. However . . .

Mike promised to eviscerate the anti-Zetas “theory” (I have reputable sources that claim it’s the real deal). In the interests of the truth—and a desire not to look like an idiot if I’ve been mislead—I’d like to request a quick deconstruction of the anti-Zetas take on Operation Fast and Furious.

I know you’re a busy guy, but I’d appreciate the counterpoint.

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  1. Every F&F gun, EVERY GUN, without exception, went to the Sinaloa cartel. Every freakin’ one. Nobody can tell me that it’s a mere coincidence.

    Every agency involved in F&F got what it wanted from the program. ATF got it’s “proof” of the Iron River, and the chance to suckle contentedly upon the public teat. The CIA got more arms to the front-line Sinaloa soldiers. And so on. What the issue?

    Any BTW, just so there’s no misunderstanding, in my book Mike Vanderboegh, David Codrea and are heroes.

    • Well stated. Nothing in the recent past has made me this angry and sad.

      On the lighter side, who will play MV and DC in the movie? Redford and Hoffman are too old now…..

  2. Why would the Sinaloa Cartel NEED 2000 measly weapons from ATF? Why? Do you know how well-provisioned Guzman’s outfit is? F+F was a PR stunt designed to advance Calderon’s argument that the US is responsible for the cartel violence in No Mexico, and to shore up support in the US for Obama’s anti-gun agenda. Mexico’s cartels are not breathlessly waiting for 2000 weapons smuggled through Fast and Furious.

    • Very well put. Why would they buy 400+ dollar semi auto weapons when so many full autos Mil Surps can be had for a song, supplied back in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s by our own government and various communist nations to other Central and South American countires. I watched a video here on the web the other night with cartel gunman partying, all sporting late 1960s and early 1970s CAR 15’s.

    • Maybe they don’t. But here’s a thought, maybe while F&F was being planned, someone from State payed a visit and let them know that any guns walked to Zetas would be considered stepping on the CIA’s toes. So the walking is directed to the Sinaloas, the ATF gets their iron river, the CIA gets marginally more firepower in anti-Zeta hands, everybody wins. Well, everybody except US and Mexican citizens.

    • Who said it was 2000 weapons? It only stopped because ATF got busted arm-deep in the cookie jar and with a dead Border Agent. Maybe it was 2000, or maybe it was 2000 a year, or maybe it was ten times that. Do you really expect ATF to come clean? This program was one way to get guns right into the hands of the Sinaloa guys on the front lines. It worked, and it would have kept on working except that nobody could explain away Agent Terry’s death.

    • That’s it? Have you seen this?

      “They are the two most successful cartels, or at least they have been able to expand in recent years,” said drug trade and security expert Jorge Chabat.
      Mexican federal authorities, who asked not to be named for security reasons, told The Associated Press that the Zeta and Sinaloa cartels are now the nation’s two dominant drug traffickers. One or the other is present almost everywhere in Mexico, but officials are braced to see what happens next in a drug war that has already claimed an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 lives. So far, the signs are not hopeful.

  3. It’s nice to think that American weapons are special and fabulous and better than any other. But really now. The Sinaloa cartel has any number of other ways to get equivalent weapons, even if they are not so fabulous and not so wonderfully easy as having the FBI approve your straw purchases and escort you across the border.

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