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This EDC came to us listed as “NOT for EDC.” The owner doesn’t say whether he actually lives in California but he does say it isn’t for EDC “if you want to stay out of jail in California.”

The gun is a Beretta 92FS, a DA/SA semi-auto chambered in 9mm. According to Beretta this model has consistently surpassed the U.S. Army’s requirement that pistols be capable of a 10-shot group of 3-inches or less at 50 meters (that’s just under 55 yards).

The knives are a Roll-X Sarco and a Boker Burnley Kwaiken Automatic.

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  1. I think that that bottom blade probably qualifies as a switch blade, which is illegal to possess. The Beretta is fine as long as it has a 10 round mag.* I’m not familiar with the other knife.

    *I once had a discussion with a recently retired cop who said his son was holding a gun for him in Alabama that had a 10+ mag. I told him he could have the gun but not the mag, that an ffl couldn’t transfer the mag to him (an ffl transfer was required only because it was an interstate transfer.) He said that he’d have the son bring it to him or go get it himself. I told him it was illegal to import 10+ mags into the state. He didn’t care. I told him that he could be arrested for carrying a 10+ mag in San Francisco, and he said no cop would ever arrest him. (It is illegal for any police officer to carry a 10+ mag unless it is a duty weapon and they are on duty.) When I commented that he was no longer a cop and had to follow the laws the rest of us do, he said, “Oh, you are one of THOSE people.” I thought to myself, “glad this bozo is retired.”

    • “When I commented that he was no longer a cop and had to follow the laws the rest of us do, he said, “Oh, you are one of THOSE people.””

      And folks wonder why some people don’t like cops…

      • Yeah I wonder why you don’t like the police when someone posts 1 story about 1 cop, which could very well be another fable posted on TTAG that would not be the first time. Because if I was considering doing something illegal, be it as an active or retired cop, or as a nurse, I surely would not be sharing it like that. He doesn’t even say the retired cop is a good friend or relative, is it like that guy you meet at the range for the first time and you have a brief polite discussion…and all a sudden, “oh by the way I am considering violating CA law, and I am a retired cop, any advice?”.
        Actually I do not wonder why some on TTAG cannot stand the police, I know the answers.

        • You’d have to be entirely oblivious of the nation wide problems with *just* civil asset forfeiture that even Republican law makers have been trying to reign in, to say “one story about one cop” line of crap. Some people can still recognize the red coats, even after changing the color of their uniform of the day.

        • I think the complaint is how the guy is saying he gets a free pass using the LEO carve-out ‘card’. And that is not something someone pulled out of their ass, that’s the truth. Which, by the way, is a double standard that should not exist.

          Now, before you jump on me for being anti-cop, I’m not, I just don’t like hypocritical pricks.

        • “Actually I do not wonder why some on TTAG cannot stand the police, I know the answers.”

          Touchy, touchy, ‘Officer Friendly’! Actually, you strike me as the kind of cop who walks around looking for problems.

          And when you don’t like someone’s “attitude”, pulls something out of your ass to charge them with so that they “learn their lesson” and give you the “respect” you seem think you deserve…

        • Oh ho, my son was a Colorado game warden. Arrested cop for no fishing license. Attending senior game officer advised ticket writing officer to “drop it.” Ticket writing officer says,” I don’t care about the thin blue line, he broke the law, he should be an example of authority not criminality. The ticket stands.” Two weeks later ticket writing officer was cleaning the shit holes, and a year later Colorado no longer needed his services. Well that’s cool, ticket writing officer is now Federal and he’s out to get every law breaking cop he can catch. Being a cop is a tough job.

    • No one gets prosecuted on only those charges. It’s a complete waste of everyone’s time and energy. If he were a felon in possession of a firearm and had magazines which were capable of holding more than 10 rnds, then whatchyasef. Otherwise, there is really no way to prove when the magazine’s were acquired.

      • “No one gets prosecuted on only those charges.”

        There are plenty of DAs who will be more than happy to tack that charge on with a smile on their face and a song in their (claimed) heart, “because guns!”…

        • Prosecutors call it “stacking”. They load up the charges left and right, no matter how minor, then negotiate many of them away in plea deals.

  2. I definitely like the looks of that Boker knife.

  3. In California, “high capacity magazines” are an infraction 1st offense and misdemenor 2nd offense. He won’t go to jail for that mag, he’ll get a ticket, assuming he gets caught and/or the cop cares enough to write the citation.

    • The know it all on TTAG can prove you all the cops in the State of CA are actively looking for this kind of guy. Meanwhile many, if not most or even all of these cops (and their families, and dogs) commit major crimes every week!

      Once I had this discussion with this retired cop…..

      And here, I can also share 3 YT videos…..

      My cousin told me that once he was minding his business smoking a bit of crack peacefully, and the cops showed up and raped him behind a dumpster! And they got rewarded for it!

      Listen folks, get over that citation you knew the rules or should have known them when you decided to play, I know it wasn’t your fault you were speeding or you ran a stop sign but try to forget and forgive. Same with you who only slapped the wife, I know the neighbors and the cops should have not intervened but forgive them, trust me they don’t give a **** about you they were just trying to protect the victim you cowardly assaulted.

      Having access to criminal records in my state, I can tell you it is amazing what you find on these sovereign citizen, BLM, and other anti cops numbnuts. Just a recent example, when you have a criminal record showing a conviction for CHILD MOLESTATION, you really should stfu and you should consider yourself lucky you came out of the jail and prison in one piece. It is NOT the cops’ fault YOU are (were?) a psycho and a pervert.

      • Dude, we get it, you like cops.

        They have their own websites now, you can go stick your head up their asses over there and they might even reward you for it like a good little gimp.

      • ” It is NOT the cops’ fault YOU are (were?) a psycho and a pervert.”

        Look, Jeff.

        It’s kinda obvious TTAG isn’t the kind of place you are gonna be happy hanging around. So why don’t you go somewhere else where your blood pressure won’t be spiking?

      • Jeff…..

        I posted my original comment to clear up the misconceptions that some people have about California laws (in 2017 “high cap mags” went from a felony to an infraction)……… what does any of your drunken ranting have to do with California statutory law?

  4. Don’t like the Boker. Nothing to “hang on to” is an issue if thrusting. The other is the better knife for general use but maybe a bit heavy. Both are nice knives. The gun is too heave for me but a fine shooter.

    • I live in CA. Guns that come from the factory built to take 15-17 round magazines feel weird with CA legal 10 rounders. Balance is off. Or maybe it’s just working on my mind the stupidity of it all.

  5. Not everyone lives in CA, or similar repressive blue states. 🙂 And generally those of us who don’t may feel a little sorry for the residents of those states, but that’s about it.

    • California is a most excellent state. There is no reason to move to the shit hole fly over backwoods no employment no benefits state that I reside in.


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