Jarrod Thomas Umphlett (courtesy wwaytv3.com)
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“[Jarrod Thomas] Umphlett’s boat rammed a boat carrying John Clark Purvis Sr. and Wildlife Resources Commission member Richard Edwards,” foxnews.com reports. Mr. Purvis is North Carolina Governor Cooper’s cuz. And, but this account, a duck hunter who’s lucky to be alive . . .

Umphlett [above] boarded the boat, hit Purvis in the back of the head with his fist, also hit him on the shoulder and yelled racial slurs multiple times, the report said. All three men are white. The report says Umphlett threatened to “crush your skull in this lake.”

Purvis told deputies he pointed his shotgun at Umphlett to get him to stop his attack. The report said Purvis was bruised and had a bump on his head but was not seriously injured.

The men also said as they were leaving the lake that Umphlett told them he would kill them if they came back, according to the report.

The cause of the kerfuffle? Umphlett accused the pair of hunting in his duck blind.

Never mess with another man’s duck blind! That said, there is such a thing as civility and regard for your own life. When the man you’re accusing of trespass is holding a shotgun it pays to remember that an armed society is — or should be — a polite society.

It’s not known if Umphlett has an attorney. Deputies said when they went to his home to question him, Umphlett used the racial slurs multiple times again to refer to the men, whom he also called “rich pretty white boys.” He also told authorities he got no closer than 15 feet to the other boat and that the men were trying to run away when he saw them . . .

The sheriff’s office said Umphlett was also charged in a similar incident Dec. 27 when he and another man confronted a man and his son on the same lake. The report on that incident said Umphlett again used racial slurs even though the man and his son were white. The man said the harassment continued until he and his son left to hunt at a different location.

For his latest “get off my lawn” moment, the racist slur slinging Mr. Umphlett faces multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

For our part, it pays to remember that two-legged creatures can be just as territorial as animals with four legs. Know your hunting ground and who owns it.

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  1. Unless this is a private lake (and it appears it is not), I think someone needs to lose his hunting license, and maybe get some anger management counseling.

  2. One key thing is missing from this report. Is the lake actually owned by Umphlett.

    A lot of hunters get possessive about blinds they build or maintain. But the truth of the matter is that on public land, its first come first served. I’ve had guys come up after first light looking for me to leave “their” blind.

    I’ve heard of people getting pretty angry about this.

    However, if its actually Umphlett’s land, its a whole different kind of story. In fact a COMPLETELY different kind of story. One is of an idiot who thinks he has a right to a blind on public property. The other is of a landowner protecting his rights.

    So come-on TTAG. Figure it out. Let us know.

    • If Purvis’ account of the incident is factual, then Umphlett is an idiot, regardless of whether or not he owned the lake.

    • I don’t see a member of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission going on a private lake or land to go hunting with out permission. Unless they are a “do as I say, not as I do” person.

      So, I think it would be fair to say that Umphlett is just a prick that can’t stand others being somewhere before he is. He’s lucky he didn’t come down with steel poisoning.

    • It was.

      “Purvis told deputies he pointed his shotgun at Umphlett to get him to stop his attack.”

      DGU doesn’t mean you had to fire.

  3. There are some “hunters” who hunt on land that they do not own, view other people as intruders/trespassers, and go to great lengths to drive them away.

    Those scumbag “hunters” are banking on the fact that decent people will not respond violently to such criminal behavior.

  4. The Republican politician should have just pulled trigger and did the world a favor….Crazy people need to be put down like “Old Yella…” Unfortunately, like Liberals…This miscreant will continue to attack and harass other people…Until someone hits him with enough lead to dissuade him of futher hostile actions…

    • Um… Edwards was appointed by Governor Bev Purdue (AKA The Chicken Woman), a Democrat, during her term. It’s better than even odds that Commissioner Edwards is also a Democrat.
      Mr. Purvis Sr., who was the guy getting punched, is cousin of Governor Roy Cooper, who is a Democrat. It’s at least good odds that Mr. Purvis is also a Democrat.

  5. To big of an obsession with the DUCK BANDS, the horns of the duck hunters. Next year I’m buying a box of them, make a suit of chain mail out of them, and fear lightning strikes.

    • Your not cooking it right, marinate the duck in vodka ( take a sip)and salad dressing for two days, sipping vodka,wrap the duck with bacon, drink some vodka, let it soak, drink vodka overnite, remdlem dux vodka n a sschtoven , vodka mor drinks, cook duck ducks until I gets back from beer run, mmmmmm ducks


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