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“Two days after 26 people were massacred in a Texas church, the incident — one of the worst mass shootings in American history — had nearly vanished from the major cable news networks,” thetrace.org reports, wistfully. “The sharp drop-off in the number of ‘mentions’ of the Sutherland Springs shooting on the networks . . . is the latest indication that rampage gun attacks aren’t generating the kind of sustained news coverage they once did.” And this is a problem because . . .

the antis want to dance in the blood of innocents — to promote civilian disarmament — for long as humanly possible. A fact that a Demanding Mom freely acknowledges.

One gun-reform advocate, concerned by the fact that mass shootings slip from the news cycle so quickly, had hoped that the particularly tragic details of the massacre would ensure that Sutherland Springs was discussed longer than other mass shootings that featured an element of domestic violence.

“Up until now, the media would lose interest in a shooting once they found out it was a domestic violence incident and not a ‘real’ crime,” Amanda Johnson, a member of the Dallas chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, told the Associated Press a week after the massacre. “Sutherland Springs is a game changer.”

The Trace’s Jennifer Mascia disagrees: “Judging by an analysis of the cable news coverage, it wasn’t.” #imwithjennifer. In terms of gun control, specifically the lack of new legislation, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

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  1. Gun control is mostly a dead issue now. It sank hillary and gave us Trump. And once Trump finishes loading the scotus and federal benchs it will be dead for generations to come.

    Nationwide constitutional carry is very close.

    • I think you mean “IF Trump get to load the SCOTUS and the federal benches”. He’ll have no problem pakcing the lower courts over the next 3 years. But SCOTUS might be a different matter. As of right now Trump’s, and by association the Republican parties, electoral chances over the next 2 – 3 years don’t look as bright as most of us here would like them to be. The very realistic possibility of a Democrat unseating Trump in 2020 might well be enough to inspire Ginsburg and / or Kennedy to hang out until after the next presidential election despite how much both of them are probably desiring retirement at this point in their lives.

      Right now we have a more pro-gun government then this country has seen since before the start of the 1900’s, but that situation can change very quickly. The worst thing that we can do for our cause at this point is to grow complacent while basking in the glow of victory because victory is a fleeting thing that can be lost with little to no warning.

      • I’m not being complacent. I said Trump would get the office when he announced his intent. I don’t like Trump. Never have. But i sure as shit voted for him.

        How did Trump win? The left and their media freaked right the fuck out as soon as he announced. They, and they alone made his campaign a success. And they learned nothing and continue to double down on the stupid.

        I’ve thanked several of our regular trolls for helping to put him in office and they still don’t get it. If Trump wants a second term he’ll get it. Cause the left is still going full retard and shows no sign of slacking up.

        2 solid justices for scotus and it’s a done deal. Remember when Illinois got smacked down by a lower fed court. Either go shall issue or we’ll make you constitutional carry.

        Wait and see.

        • Don’t be so sure about Trump’s chances in 2020. Whatever Democrat he faces won’t be weighed down by decades of scandals the way Hillary Clinton was. Though if he does win in 2020 I would agree with you that he will almost certainly get to put two, maybe even three, more justices on the Supreme Court. Given that they are both already in their early to mid-80’s it is highly doubtful either Ginsburg or Kennedy will try to continue on until the 2024 election if Trump does win, and Breyer is 79 years old so he will probably also be stepping down regardless of within the next 7 years regardless of who wins in 2020.

        • Don’t be so sure about Trump’s chances in 2020. Whatever Democrat he faces won’t be weighed down by decades of scandals the way Hillary Clinton was. Though if he does win in 2020 I would agree with you that he will almost certainly get to put two, maybe even three, more justices on the Supreme Court. Given that they are both already in their early to mid-80’s it is highly doubtful either Ginsburg or Kennedy will try to continue on until the 2024 election if Trump does win, and Breyer is 79 years old so he will probably also be stepping down within the next 7 years regardless of who wins in 2020.

        • Maybe they won’t be weighed down by scandal. But unless moderate dems oust the lunatic left they will scare Mr. and Mrs. America into the Trump camp just like the last election.

          So long as the loonie left has sway amongst the dems they will continue to hug the 3rd rail of gun control, and they’ve really doubled down on it in spite of the damage it does them, and they likely will send another bernie style soft core commie up against Trump.

          • Bernie Sanders is not a soft core commie. He is a hard core commie. He praised bread lines in the Soviet Union.

        • @TX_Lawyer — He also honeymooned with his wife in Moscow. Y’know, when they were still Soviet. And still “disappearing” people by the hundreds of thousands, if not up over a million, every year into their gulags.

          Yeah, real “democratic” of him. That dense motherfucker.

          • Yeah. There are plenty of examples to choose from. He’s been a dyed in the wool commie for longer than most people have been alive.

            • He was a couch-surfing, neo-Marxist NEET before that, too.

              Never held a real job. Never ran a business. Never produced anything of value. Still doesn’t, and never will. He is, in the (horribly paraphrased) words of Michael Ironside in Starship Troopers, “…in it ’til he’s dead or they find someone (else.)”

  2. I guess I don’t understand why this is a gun problem, rather than a news media problem.

    Today, for instance, I watched the house session talk about tax reform, concealed carry reciprocity, and even a surreal set of articles of impeachment against Trump. At the same time, the senate was doing it’s thing, Trump was acknowldging the capital of Israel, and people being surprised that the ex-SNL actor was in fact a bit grabby back in the day.

    Front page of CNN right now? A bunch of while ladies who will step in to argue racial issues on Facebook for you.

    Seriously. Go look.

      • I did honestly think that was made up….but it isn’t. Wow, I remember way back when CNN was a somewhat reputable news agency (I know, its been a LONG time). I guess those days are NEVER coming back

        • A long way for the apple to roll from Ted Turner/Jane Fonda’s tree, I’m sure…it’s always been Communist News Network (literally; like firing the rice-paddy dudes’ anti-aircraft guns literal Communist)

        • Became the Clinton News Network circa 1990 and hasn’t pulled out since.

          Unlike Bill.
          The nickname “Slick Willy” has nothing to do with his name being William.

        • I would love to be in the CNN boardroom when the day comes (and it has to, eventually) and someone says “listen, we have to stop lying and reporting crazy shit or we’re going to go out of business.”

          And they do it.

          It will be epic.

      • I made the mistake of trying to read that article……

        “Tillman, 40, is a leader in the vegan hip-hop movement” is where my brain locked up and refused to turn over.

        Vegan. Hip. Hop. Movement.

        I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  3. The gun grabbers need spree killings, not only to further their agenda, but to keep them employed. If it wasn’t for gun grabbing, hacks like Shannon would have to earn their keep explaining why GMO is good for you, and Round Up is a tasty treat.

  4. Didn’t fit their agenda due to being stopped by a NRA good guy with a gun that was incidentally an AR-15.

    They would have never reported it at all if they had known that initially.

    • Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding ! ! ! ! ! !

      We have a winner ! ! !

      Mainstream media dropped coverage of the Sutherland Springs church massacre like a hot potato because a plebe with a gun stopped the attack — and the gun that he used was a scary black military-style semi-automatic rifle at that!

      In case it isn’t painfully obvious, a plebe using a scary black military-style semi-automatic rifle to stop a spree killer does NOT fit the mainstream media and gun grabber (but I repeat myself) narrative.

      • A well spoken plebe that wasn’t shouting profanities or doing Joe Biden “air shotgun” gestures during interviews, too, and instead spoke of why it was important for others to be able to do what he had done.

      • The armed citizen was an NRA instructor. He was a quiet well spoken man with strong convictions and a compelling story. National media: “ Oh crap, moving on”!

        • He was a bitter clinger to the t. A white Christian man who owned an AR-15 he kept in a safe, was an NRA instructor, and credited the Holy Spirit for his clarity of thought during the attack. I don’t think I could make up someone more hated by the left.

      • Yes! My thoughts exactly. The Sutherland Springs story died out relatively early because it couldn’t be used to promote civilian disarmament. Willeford, armed with an Evil Black Rifle of all things, stopped a mass murderer and the police showed up just in time to help clean up Kelley’s brains. I don’t recall reading or hearing many statements from the press expressing gratitude for Willeford being a “good guy with a gun”.

  5. Christians were killed and the killer was stopped by a good guy with an AR-15. And the Trace wonders why the news agencies barely reported on it…..it didn’t fit their agenda. Same reason the Giffords are not touting it as a reason to disarm the public.

  6. If spree killings and mass shootings were truly “normal” and attracted no media attention, they would probably stop or be dramatically reduced if a dimwit who wants to go out in a blaze of glory won’t get his ten minutes of infamy.

  7. Well, they dropped the story like a hot potato as soon as it became obvious that they couldn’t hide the good guy with a gun. No gun control to promote here? Not fitting the narrative? No story!

  8. I don’t think I’d use Vegas as an example of the media not ignoring something…do we know how many people were actually shot, yet? You think that’d merit a mention of some sort.

  9. Oh f*** The Trace. Our society would be better off without instant world news available at every second.
    There wouldn’t be copy-cat killings if there was no news to copy-cat.
    Part of the problem with these mass murders, which The Trace seems to be willfully ignoring, is the massive amount reporting these unspeakable tragedies receive across the mainstream media. The Trace is not helping their cause, but in fact escalating it by embracing the continuation of such reporting.
    The Trace, the Washington Post, the NY Times can all just sink into a black abyss and cease to exist as far as I care. They are nothing but trash.

  10. Tell me why this does not happen in Europe, Canada, japan let alone Australia on a daily basis?

    Keeping living your delusions the world is dangerous, It’s only “dangerous” because nutbars like you want it to be. One of the reasons criminals and nutbars get guns is because people like you refuse to keep them locked up when not in use. Don’t understand how keeping them locked in a safe bolted down on a floor is considered “unconstitutional”. One of the other reasons criminals in the foreign countries get guns is that most of them came from this country. During my trip to British Columbia, Canada where spree shootings
    are rare or unheard of but still far safer then the US. Any guns that criminals were caught with were traced to have come from the US by the RCMP.

    As I plan to head to possibly head to Europe possibly Spain or Sweden or maybe Italy. I’ve been around the world many times to know your “views” are shit. The world is not the hellhole morons that believe whatever crap that comes from this website or your gun-master pimps the fascist NRA .

    The “good guy” in that 3rd world red-state Texas didn’t save anyone, 20+ innocent people are still dead which debunks your whole “good guy comes to save the day” bullshit. There were no “good guys” in vegas when a nutbar went off his rocker and shot people, It turns out the “good guys” that were there which were ccw owners RAN AWAY from the attacker which proves that you people are nothing but cowards while the unarmed stayed to risk their very lives to save others.

    Meanwhile, The rest of the world wonders why this country will never change, never evolve into something the founding fathers wanted to be. The founders weep as your worldview and your russian puppet turns our country into modern day warzone.

    Despite your lies. The rest of the civilized world counties to do fine while people like you threaten to kill others for refusing to not believe in climate change denial.

    • “As I plan to head to possibly head to Europe possibly Spain or Sweden or maybe Italy.”

      Bye, Felicia.

    • Have a safe trip. And when that dude in the truck yells ‘aloha snackbar’ just stand still. He’s just trying to sell you some snacks. He’ll bring the truck right to you.

    • Why so racist against the rest of the world? Why limit your questions to only three regions? Why not ask, “why does this not happen in places like China, South Korea, Chad, Chile, Mozambique, or Indonesia?”

      Do you hate Third World nations?

    • I’ll pass on commenting extensively on your near incoherent rant, including the bad grammar, misspellings, and garbled syntax. I’ll confine myself to the Los Vegas incident. The shooter was about 400 yards from the target victims, out of range by about 375 yards for any chance of effective counter fire from anyone in the crowd packing a pistol. I doubt most of the people in the crowd had any idea where the fire was coming from anyway. The Los Vegas incident is therefore irrelevant to whatever point you were trying to make about the failure of “good guys with guns.”

    • No one is saying other first world countries are violent hellholes, what we are saying is that homicide rates have either remained the same or increased in each of the countries you’ve mentioned after gun control laws were passed. This is a verifiable fact, and you will get the exact same results as I did if you look it up.

      What this means is that gun laws do not reduce homicides.

      The homicide rate in the U.S. is at the lowest point since the 1960s, including gun homicides. This is also a verifiable fact.

      Mass killings are not happening any more often this decade than they have in any decade dating back to the 1920s. This is also a verifiable fact.

      Rifles of all types are used in less than 2% of gun homicides, killing less than half as many people per year than knives or hammers, and only one third as many people per year as people’s bare hands. This is also a verifiable fact.

      There are about 100,000,000 legal gun owners in this country, maybe more, and about 10,000 gun related homicides per year. Of that 10,000 1,500 are legally justifiable police and civilian shootings. Of the remaining 8,500 6,500 of them are committed by prohibited persons. That means at most 0.00002% of people who legally own guns commit murder per year, which is less than half the rate of Americans as a whole at 0.000049%. These are also verifiable facts.

      Let’s also considered that you are over 16 times more likely to be killed by a preventable medical error than to be shot to death by someone, just for a little perspective.

      As for CWP holders not shooting back at the Vegas shooter? He was 400 yards away, anyone who would engage at that distance with a handgun should be charged with reckless endangerment. People in the hotel would have been violating the Mandalays no weapon policy if they were carrying. Beyond that, very few CWP holders would tell you that they carry for any other reason than to protect themselves and their families. CWP holders tend to believe that the only person responsible for your safety is you, so they wouldn’t go play hero.

      In conclusion, you are, deliberately I suspect, misrepresenting gun owners and CWP carriers and what we say or believe about other countries. Furthermore you are misrepresenting the actual crime rates of this country and the others you have mentioned. Yes, the U.S. has and always has had a higher homicide rate than England, for example, but that rate is almost entirely attributable to gang crime, and has been from the Irish in New York in the late 1700s to the outlaws of the west in the 1800s to the mobsters of the 1900s to the gang bangers of today.

      America does not have a gun problem, it has a gang problem.

  11. I haven’t read the article, and am not going to because, as MLee said, “f*** The Trace,” but if they are using only two examples and pointing to a trend, they are even dumber than I thought.


  12. 80% Mystery False Flag events, or orchestrated “Deep State” activities…(re: Collapse of the USA, Destroy US Constitutional-Bill of Rights; Especially the 2nd amendment…)

    20% Copycat incidents, or mentality deranged persons…Who have now been given a national platform to act out…become famous…and promote their delusions…Kind of like the politicians, and it’s base voters of the DNC…)

  13. Good. This is a step in the right direction. Publicity, and some form of immortality even after the shooter is dead, as they most often are, is what drives these nuts to commit mass shootings. After the circus surrounding Columbine I thought the next one would be on the head of the media, for turning the two nuts into stars. (The were dead, of course, but in their minds it apparently didn’t matter.) Mass shootings, or at least overblown media coverage of them, seem to have increased since. More and more nuts are taking this route to their 15 minutes of fame. I blame the media and it’s treatment of mass shootings.

  14. About “The Normalization of Spree Killings”.

    It’s like this –

    The Muslim mayor of London recently stated, to the effect of, “Terrorism is part and parcel to life in major cities.”

    He’s spot-on with that.

    That is the best possible argument for national reciprocal concealed carry if there ever is one.

    Occasional mass shootings are an unfortunate but inevitable part of life in a (supposedly) free society. That is *why* the tools to stop them must be at hand, whenever and wherever one may happen.

    Freedom is a messy, dangerous endeavor.

    The alternative is a draconian police state.

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ― Benjamin Franklin

    We must keep repeating that loudly…

  15. I sent that to my old statistics professor awhile back. He said it almost made him wish he was still teaching statistics.

  16. I genuinely believe the reason the Sutherland shooting passed so quickly into media obscurity is because it was stopped by a good guy with a gun, that used a “scary, black, 30 clipazine assault weapon” to stop the perpetrator. The media has shown it has no problem burying inconvenient facts that go against the narrative.

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