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Military Intelligence. Service Station. Efficient Government. Honest Politician. Non-Lethal Shotgun. What’s wrong with this picture? I’m not sure why anybody would want a non-lethal shotgun. When I point a gun at somebody (if I ever have to) it will be with the intent to stop them, i.e. kill them. Terminate them with extreme prejudice. Help them to assume room temperature. That sort of thing. I mean, I don’t EVER point a gun at ANYBODY, because I don’t want to run even the slightest risk of an accident. But if my life, property or family is threatened, I wouldn’t hesitate to aim and fire. And a shotgun is one helluva home defense weapon.

I just don’t think “saving the life of my assailant” would be high on my list of priorities. As far as law enforcement goes, I’m of the opinion that issuing them non-lethal weapons (other than a taser or nightstick) sounds like a good way to increase the casualty rate among our law enforcement ranks – a screamingly bad idea. Watch the video, and decide for yourself.

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  1. Don't think of it as a non-lethal shotgun, think of it as a extreme long range punch.*

    There are many times when conflicts occur where lethal force is not the best choice, such as an someone who wants to "commit suicide by cop". I do NOT want to kill anybody unless there is no other option. For many reasons I would prefer to have the option to "stun" someone with a greatly reduced chance of killing the attacker.

    Having said that however it is difficult to tell from the vid clip if this weapon is practical or not. From what little has been shown I would suspect not.


    * A punch can be lethal depending on the person receiving the blow, the strength of the blow, the location of a blow etc…. Less-lethal is IMHO think a better term. But that is another issue for another thread. NJ


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