Non-Lethal Shotgun. Huh?

Military Intelligence. Service Station. Efficient Government. Honest Politician. Non-Lethal Shotgun. What’s wrong with this picture? I’m not sure why anybody would want a non-lethal shotgun. When I point a gun at somebody (if I ever have to) it will be with the intent to stop them, i.e. kill them. Terminate them with extreme prejudice. Help […]

New Ammo Promises to Render Targets Unconscious, Not Kill

German ammunition manufacturer Scheiße AG has announced the availability of a “revolutionary” cartridge designed to wound – but not fatally injure – a human target. Designated the Scheiße Ich Lüge, the bullet itself is designed to break the skin, but not penetrate through muscle tissue, organs, or bone, dissipating the kinetic energy throughout the body to render the target unconscious.