The buckshot-level marksmanship skills on display here may be typical, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As the Brits are wont to say (when they aren’t checking their rooftops for surface-to-air missiles), start as you mean to finish. I start newbies shooting at a sheet of white paper nice and close. As they get better the paper gets farther. (Or not.) Later, a silhouette target. Bullseye? Not so much. Still, it’s good to see newbies and God knows there are lots of ’em these days. The NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) reports that NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) background checks surged by 10.5 percent in April. Sturm, Ruger & Co.reported a 49 percent jump in first-quarter sales vs. last year. The march of progress, eh?


  1. I remember when I took my first class, I was the only one that kept them in an okay sized group. Most of the other targets look like 15
    yard shotgun patterns. While I am very pro-2A, I feel the conceal carry orientations (they arent really classes) are necessary, but I also feel they typically do not teach enough. I would like to see classes that have more marksmanship, drawing and moving, mindset, and legal instruction. Just a very basic course that covers all of those topics. Let’s be real, most people won’t seek out more training with their firearms which everyone needs at first and at regular intervals.

  2. Remember people,the gun industry is in decline and hardly anyone owns a gun anyway.In other Brady Campaign news,the sun revolves around the Earth,and powered flight remains impossible.

  3. For those who may not know. “Project Appleseed is an activity of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills.” “Our rifle marksmanship program complements our history and heritage. We teach the traditional American marksmanship skills.” “The RWVA recognizes the importance of introducing a wide cross section of Americans to their marksmanship heritage.” “Click on a State to see the Appleseed locations and registration information.”

  4. It’d be nice to be able to figure out what percentage of NICS checks are for first time vs current gun owners… Its hard to know what degree increased NICS checks reflects newbies vs collectors/enthusiasts. I’m the only gun owner I know who only owns one firearm, and I’m constantly battling the urge to blow money on other guns that I don’t really need and couldn’t store properly in my current dwelling, and my informal survey of “owner” friends and colleagues indicates that most folks have the same urge, but give in… I do think the firearms industry very actively convinces existing owners that their current hardware isn’t good enough to stop a threat, slowly pushing the bigger caliber, larger clip, better sight, etc… In the end, alot of folks end up with safes stocked with guns that mostly haven’t been fired in the last year. Personally, I’ve chosen to get really, really good with my current piece before I allow myself to get anything else… I suspect that very high skill with my humble 9mm will outweigh mediocre skill with a newer bigger cannon.

  5. Suspicions being what they are, I’d hazard a guess ( or two ) that most of those purchasing Fire-Arms in this particular manner; have a dwelling which they occupy for the purpose of habitation on a regular basis in addition to clothing more environmentally suitable and socially appropriate than a loincloth and/or grass skirt and—at least one pair of shoes; In addition, either possess or have readily-available access to;- water, nutritional substances, first aid supplies, battery powered lights, cutting instruments and many may also have some method of transportation in addition to their own feet. Pure speculation, or course holds that some among them may also have at least a vague idea as to where their towel’s at. …And just when the New Age Progressive Secularist Libtard movement was beginning to have some evidence to support their belief that everyone was going to accept their logically and practically indefensible positions as unarmed Victims-In-Waiting and join them in their march toward total dependency…this happens. Who’d a thunk it? Oh well, there’s still hope in their plans to enact more gun control legislation under Obamacare in the new and improved Obamanation. Once everyone is assimilated into the Great Healthcare Insurance Collective, then it’s only a matter of showing how unfair it is for people who don’t own nugs to have to pay the exorbitant and preventable cost of treating nugshot wounds. When whatever legislation is enacted proves ineffective, well then, Mr. And Mrs. America, guess you’ll just have to turn them all in, ( including those shroud thingies that go up. )

  6. “The buckshot-level marksmanship skills on display…”

    That is such a 1940’s line and an insult to today’s buckshot ammo performance.


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