Some truths just aren’t self evident enough. Especially not to an unreconstructed gun grabber like Ladd Everitt. Laddy, spox for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is having a little trouble processing the whole Fast and Furious thing. Sure, it’s been documented that US Border Patroller Brian Terry was killed by narco-traffickers using a couple of F&F guns. Oh, and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, too. Let’s also not forget the hundreds of Mexican citizens blown away on the other side of the border using Fast and Furious enabled weaponry. We thought all the reporting and testimony given by such noted gun lobby shills as the Los Angeles Times, Mexico’s Attorney General, Ken Melson and even Eric Holder would have been enough to allay any doubts about how the “botched sting operation” has the ATF, FBI and the Main Justice ankle deep in hemoglobin . . .

We thought so, but we were wrong. We obviously didn’t count on Everitt’s Baghdad Bob-like powers of denial. In fact if you were comparing Everitt’s ability to shut his eyes, plug his ears and scream loudly to that famous river in Egypt, the real deal would be but a pathetic little trickle when held up against the CSGV mouthpiece.

Laddy boy seems to have the best interests of journalism at heart when he advises the Daily Caller on its standards and practices.

Coalition spokesman Ladd Everitt argued that there was no evidence for The Daily Caller to report that “[t]here are hundreds of Mexican citizens who were murdered with weapons the Obama administration gave to cartels through Fast and Furious and two American law enforcement officers — Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata — were killed with Fast and Furious guns.”

We have to admit that relying on the public pronouncements of government officials and mainstream media reports is an iffy proposition no matter the subject. But you’d think that when they’re forced – despite their best efforts – to fess up about not only the existence of but also the death toll resulting from the Obama Administration’s biggest scandal and an all around cluster, the deadly aftermath of Fast and Furious probably isn’t a figment of anyone’s fevered imagination. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

Terry’s and Zapata’s deaths a direct result of the ATF “sting”?

Everitt argued that he didn’t think there is “actual trace and ballistics evidence to prove that conclusively.”

And when TheDC presented Everitt with video of Holder’s own admission that the death toll from Fast and Furious weapons will likely increase, he scoffed.

Prominent Mexicans (not to mention hundreds of innocents caught in the crossfire) offed using guns the ATF let walk over the border?

He also attacked the Los Angeles Times for reporting that Mexican prosecutor Patricia Gonzalez’s brother was murdered with a gun trafficked to Mexico through Operation Fast and Furious. Gonzalez, according to the LA Times, believes the “basic ineptitude” of Obama administration officials responsible for Fast and Furious “caused the death of my brother and surely thousands more victims.”

“The LA Times reporting is interesting, but it provides only circumstantial — and sometimes contradictory — evidence,” Everitt told TheDC, “because there is still no trace and ballistics data to link any Fast & Furious gun to any specific murder.”

The LA Times has also reported that Mexican congressman Humberto Benitez Trevino “said the number of people killed or wounded by the weapons [from Fast and Furious] had probably doubled to 300 since March, when he said confidential information held by Mexican security authorities put the figure at 150.”

Everitt also balked at this claim. “It’s unclear how he came to that estimate,” he told TheDC. “He does not say.”

It must be hard when the very anti-gunners in government you’d been counting on to back your cause manage to hurt the it by screwing up so monumentally. Not to mention doing so in a way that only makes the gun violence problem worse on both sides of the border. Much easier, then, to just pretend the whole thing was no biggie, fix your gaze straight ahead and keep marching on.

We can only imagine the scene at the Everitt dinner table when mom and dad broke it to little Laddy that they were, in fact, Santa Claus and that the Easter Bunny had nothing to do with all those pretty pink and green eggs. Illusions die hard sometimes.


  1. So in other word the Shif has hit the fan for them and just as the aministration tried to kill the story. You know most gun owners have plans for SHTF situations I guess the CSGV and the BATFE should put together a new plan for the next time this happens.

  2. Everitt isn’t just another pretty face, y’know. He’s also very funny. I think there’s a big future ahead of him as a Presidential spokesman, where he can make the case that the economy is great because there’s no trace evidence of unemployment.

  3. This is the anti mentality. They’re fragile grasp on the world is so irreversibly reliant on their fantasyland ideals that they simply will never admit they’re wrong. It has nothing to do with guns, nothing to do with violence, nothing to do with wanting to promote peace or any of those feel-good excuses; it has everything to do with soothing their own broken minds and ravaged emotional immaturity.

  4. They will never pay for the blood on their hands, especially with an election coming up, and its a crying damn shame.. There are parents who have had to bury their son… This should be a criminal charge of accesory to murder, plain and simple.

  5. Dan:

    You might want to fix “Furous” in the 5th paragraph and “Santa Clause” in the last paragraph–unless that’s some kind of “escape clause!”

  6. As I’ve posted here before, I am committed to engaging, befriending and educating the anti’s. There is however a difference between a reasonable person and an unreasonable person. This fellow sounds like an unreasonable person and to attempt to reason with him would be like teaching a pig to sing. We all know what that effort will get you.

  7. Y’know, ya almost start to feel bad for ’em….they’re (the anti-gun lobby) really taking an a$$ kicking these days.
    And then… don’t.

  8. No evidence? Not on MSNBC, but there’s a whole ongoing congressional investigation going there that’s being reported on through .govs and yet those whose agendas have been helped by the false BATFE statistics are pretending it’s not there.

  9. I love those live in denyle about are gun rights. Than one day realize they need gun save them self from some doing harm to them becuase cops are not show up fast enough save them end up die with out gun becuase they did have one save them selfs. True story simple not have gun when need gun not gun stop some one from harm or killing you unless have gun. Bring stun gun pepper spray threating call cops does stop alot people bent harm or killing person special if they have gun you do not.

    • “Than one day realize they need gun save them self from some doing harm” Truth is, most people will never need to defend themselves, but it is always better to have and not need than to need and not have. I have only sympathy to those who buy into the illusion of security and find themselves or their families in peril because they never took measures to ensure their own protection. As for those who would willingly blind others to that need, they are enablers for criminals and tyrants, pure and simple.

  10. Here’s where you’re wrong. And you’ve been repeating it for so long
    you don’t even notice any more. “Terry’s and Zapata’s deaths a
    direct result of the ATF “sting”?”
    At best you could say those
    deaths were an “indirect” result of the sting operation. But even
    that could be contested exactly they way you keep telling us that
    criminals will always get guns regardless of the laws. The Fast and
    Furious source of guns was not very significant in the overall
    number of guns that found their way into Mexico. Are you now
    arguing that if it weren’t for this particular source those Mexican
    shooters would have been left without weapons and Terry and Zapata
    would not have been shot?

    • Who knows what would have been, Michael. What we do know is that at
      least two of the weapons the BATFE(ASRBF) allowed to “walk” across
      the border ended up at crime scenes where U.S. agents were
      murdered. That our government routinely sells arms to a regime
      suspected to be in cahoots with the narco-terrorists does not
      change that fact.

    • It’s amazing to me the lengths that someone will go to in order to try and validate the violent deaths of all of these people. And for what? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Are you that big of a fan of Holder that you are willing to let him slide and have ZERO accountability for this bumbled mess that he created? I can see maybe if his scheme had been successful and more gun control was called for that you would defend him, but it was not. This operation was a complete failure all around. I think that in your heart you know this and you are not OK with these deaths. You won’t suddenly become an NRA member if you admit that you know.

    • I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I agree with you. In my opinion (and it’s worth what you paid for it) the entire goal of F+F was to slander American gun retailers by artificialy inflating the number of American guns found in Mexico. The Narcos get 10x the firepower from corrupt police and military in South America (not to mention the U.S.) Hammer the DOJ (and whoever else is involved) for this conspiracy? Check. Directly blame the deaths of the Narcos victims on the DOJ? Not so much. The Narcos killed those people, the .gov may have given them some weapons for an illicit purpose but, they didn’t kill those people. If you remove the Narcos from the equation, then no one gets killed. If you remove the F+F guns from the eqaution, then the Narcos just use different guns. Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel like I need a shower.

    • You post this exact comment every time Fast and Furious comes up. And you miss the point (purposely, I can only assume as you have said this multiple times now.) Knowing that someone is going to commit a crime and will get a weapon even if you don’t supply it to them does not absolve you from the guilt of aiding and abetting that person if you sell them a gun knowing they will commit a crime with it. It is not that these people would not have died without the guns channeled to them by the ATF. It is that the ATF now has culpability for the weapons they have knowingly put into the hands of these criminals.

    • … you keep telling us that criminals will always get guns
      regardless of the laws. The Fast and Furious source of guns was not
      very significant in the overall number of guns that found their way
      into Mexico. Are you now arguing that if it weren’t for this
      particular source those Mexican shooters would have been left
      without weapons and Terry and Zapata would not have been
      So with respect to criminal activities, reductio ad
      absurdum, it’s like Star Trek’s The Borg where “resistance is
      futile?” It seems fallacious to reason that any action, e.g.
      squashing Fast & Furious, which does not completely solve a
      problem is therefor completely worthless. Also it seems
      hypocritical to on one hand advocate for close nanny state
      supervision of honest folk with guns but on the other hand be
      indifferent to criminal activity with guns.

  11. The truth when need defend your self better have gun than be person who is with with out one waiting hope some come save you. I feel sorry for people spreading the illusion that becuase they have had violent encounter they do not need gun. To late in game wish for gun when violent encounter happens only way stop that violent enounter with a gun with out gun . The old seabelt argument well have crash end in body why should wear my seatbelt becuase you do not know gone crash in you becuase do not control other drives round you.

  12. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… Mr. Ladd Everitt sure sounds a LOT like
    MikeB302000. Has anyopne seen the 2 of them in the same room at the
    same time? I believe I have unmasked Mike’s true identity.

  13. OH boy… He needs to go hang out in Mexico for a while. You know
    protest against the drug cartel and all that. I am sure he will
    change his tune fast enough!


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