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“The NFL announced Saturday that it will have ‘an increased security and law enforcement presence’ at games this weekend,” reports, “a response to terrorist attacks in Paris that included explosions outside France’s national soccer stadium. The league said in a statement that it has been in communication with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI since Friday’s attacks and ‘that there are no known threats against NFL stadiums.'” The article makes no mention of the NFL’s ban on concealed carry, so we can assume that it remains unchanged. Not that it concealed carry would do much good if . .

terrorists attacked in the same manner as they did in Paris.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a terrorist tried to enter Paris’ Stade de France during the France v Germany soccer match. Although the terrorist had a ticket, security “turned him away” wen they discovered  he was wearing an explosive vest. He detonated the vest while fleeing security.

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  1. They haven’t truly “beefed up security” unless and until they’re no longer a so-called “Gun-Free” Zone. Simple as that.

  2. I assume they’re not really ‘Gun Free Zones’, more like ‘defenseless victim zones’. Or did they beef up security by hiring more pikesmen?

  3. “I’m sorry Monsieur, you can’t enter the stadium with that suicide vest. You’ll have to go stow it in your car”

  4. In Texas, professional sporting events are off limits to CHL by statute regardless of what the NFL says. Even if that wasn’t the case, I think I would be avoiding large events for a while. The last time I went to a Cowboys game last year, the scanned me with a handheld metal detector which alarmed due to my belt buckle and large pocket knife. The security idiot ignored the alarm and moved on to the next guy. The security theater at major events these days serves no purpose at all.

    • Once again, we see that Texas isn’t really that gun friendly after all. It’s certainly better than NY-NJ etc. but it isn’t like MT-UT etc.

  5. Concealed carriers could make a huge difference. If even one out of fifty fans had a pistol, then you could easily have 1000 armed people present. A thousand people with J-frames, Shields, Glocks, etc. could easily kill 5 guys with AKs.

    This action of the NFL is nothing more than security theater. They want people to feel safe, not to be safe.

    • The quantity has a quality of it’s own argument. But you are going to have to be in the guys the face in order to have a reasonable shot at hitting him with your Shields, LC380s and J-Frames. You will most certainly go down with the terrorist when he self detonates. To have a real effect you will need people armed with G-17s, 1911s, Hi Powers and full sized XDs to have a real chance of hitting the bad guy who is spraying the crowd with his AK from a sufficient distance that you will survive the suicide vest when it goes off.

  6. NFL and all other gun-free zones are convinced it won’t happen to them. Paris got very lucky as the stadium was supposed to resemble the concert. Terrorists won’t make same mistake twice. Same old story, self protection is easily excused, until you need it.

    • Too right. Next time instead of trying to slip through the security theater portal they will simply shoot the guards and walk right in during the confusion.

      Security checkpoints at the entrances are just like padlocks – they only stop people who are not determined to enter anyway.

  7. Same as the Patriot Act: won’t do shit except infringe on normal folks rights. False security, those who are willing to give up privacy for liberty for security, etc, etc, etc. Why do ‘they’ keep shoveling this tripe down normal people’s throats and why do so many keep drinking the Kool Aid?

    • Because they place little value in liberty misunderstanding liberty offers them far greater safety than any security measure conjured up.

    • Do you think the billionaire team owners want armed citizens anywhere near their skyboxes? As long as their armed security can escort them to the private exits, they’re perfectly safe.

  8. I don’t spend my hard earned money watching millionaires play a game. Not at home and sure as shit not in a stadium full of targets.

    • +1,000,000 to this! Who gives a fvck about millionaires running around playing a game. Although it would be pretty entertaining to see billionaires play hockey! And Gates checks Bloomturd into the boards!!! Lol

    • I don’t particularly object to a bunch of millionaires beating the heck out of each other; I grant you it might be more entertaining if they wore three-piece suits and dress shoes instead of helmets and padding.

      But that said, I don’t feel any need to make them richer by attending the game in person.

  9. I’ve never been dumb enough to go into a crowd that big.


    Concealed carry wouldn’t help? Well, if you don’t understand the concept of upgrading o the weapon of the guy you shot. Take the victim’s attitude, and you’ll probably be a victim. Dudes bust into a stadium with AKs, my concealed handgun is just a way to get one of their AKs…

    Maybe I’ll fail, but that’s my plan. Sure beats crying about it.

      • Well Bob, and your plan would be? Beg for mercy, from one that is merciless?

        In the Mumbai massacres, lone muslim terrorists wandered for days, killing as they went. One person, from a distance, could have waited until the terrorist was reloading, or when his back was turned, shot him in the back of his head, and taken his AK-47, and used it against other terrorists.

        But that would depend on someone with the gumption to do more than just run and hide, or to beg on one’s knees for their life.

        But wait, that would mean a citizen, not a paid agent of the state would risk, and probably give their life, defending their community from a terrorist(s) committing an act of war.

        What was I thinking? That only happens in a video game, or from citizens from over two hundred years ago, when they fought against one of the greatest military powers in the world, in the shot heard round the world. Not from the current crop of subjects that look to thier master for protection and succor.

        • Brilliantly and eloquently stated, Thomas R. Unfortunately those in power to make the type of changes you and I recognize need made never do so until after the citizens revolt either literally or through the ballot box. Nobama as a son of the Chicago political machine as well as Hitlary, a daughter of the same, know full well the extent to which they’ll exercise every means to ensure their election. It’s going to undoubtedly take some of that blood on the tree of liberty,true courage, and the ultimate sacrifice of untold brave souls before we see the type of results that guarantees the safety and security of our nation no matter how un-PC or expedient it will appear to the rest of the world.

        • I would get myself and my family to the nearest exit, and only engage if necessary. I have no intention of getting into a firefight with a pistol if the other guy has a rifle. But go for it Rambo.

        • When saying the “Call of Duty” I am specifically referring to the video game where foolhardy concepts such as the one that you laid out actually happen. As for the Call of Duty in the patriotic sense, I got my fill of that while fulfilling my 2 tours in Iraq.

    • The concept beats the hell out of cringing with a bunch of other terrified people in a small side room with no exit and just waiting for the AK rounds to rip through the door.

      Better to die on your feet returning fire than on your knees praying to the wrong God to spare you. (As in NOT Allah.)

  10. So what do you expect them to say? They don’t trust us peasants…haven’t been to a big game in years-I have been to fireworks at Grant Park in Chicago. THAT’S scary…

  11. So they already have armed guards including local police hired at significant expense, they already wand people with metal detectors, they already search bags, they already have a list of prohibited items that probably included AK47s and bombs…

    And their strongly worded statement doesn’t really say what they’re going to change in all that, except that it’s more of it, plus now it’s strongly worded.

    Sounds like security theater.

  12. Coming to a venue near you in the U.S., “Paris Attacks, part ll.” As for the mega rich and/or billionaires advocating open borders for all practical purposes our southern border is already open. There are over 100 countries, not just Mexico’s “refugees” (illegals) entering or attempting entry. Fastest growing terrorist group…oh I’m sorry…forgot my P.C. filter…”religion”(everyone’s religion of peace) in Mexico is islam. And yeah the lack of capitalization was intentional.

  13. “Not that it concealed carry would do much good if terrorists attacked in the same manner as they did in Paris.”

    Can’t throw a grenade or fire an AK if you’re dead.

  14. Reminds me of the “herd mentality” defense: You travel in a big, tight group so that if an attack occurs you MAY be protected by the presence of so many targets reducing the possibility that you will be one of the victims. A very callous system of self-defense, if you ask me, and hardly a guarantee of success.

    • Callousness aside, I think the logic is fundamentally flawed.

      As a defense mechanism, it works fairly well in nature for herd animals, at least as far as the herd is concerned. Individuals, well, sometimes life sucks; and predators rarely kill more than they can eat on a regular basis.

      But this isn’t nature. The bad guys don’t want dinner, they want extermination. So a herd-type defense is only going to make them look for ways to be able to wipe out a densely packed herd effectively and quickly.

    • Herds only work if you’re limited to attacking one target at a time.

      How many people will a 7.62×39 124 grain FMJ go through before it stops?

      • Lolwut?

        A herd re-defines the matter and makes a bomb more sensible than an AK… If leopards could build bombs maybe you’d see that on the Discovery Channel…

        But, dumb herd animals won’t see it coming and will ask “how could this happen?”

        The target is still dumb herd animals (people). The predator is not equally limited in this case (fanatical mass murderers).

  15. Here’s the thing about this “tightened security”: it leads to long lines of people waiting to get searched so they can enter the stadium. So the new plan is, strap on the bomb vest, get in the huge, slow moving line outside the stadium, and when there’s a good crowd around you, detonate. No need to worry about being searched or cops or anything like that. Those are all doing the job of assembling people for you into one big, easily accessible group in a totally exposed environment.

  16. Concealed carriers do so everyday everywhere without hurting innocents, what’s the difference at a game? I would feel safer if at every game their was 1000 faceless others willing to defend their lives and their fellow countrymen.

  17. I thought Tennessee passed a law that force locations like the Titans Stadium to allow permit holders to carry. So that’s one NFL stadium that isn’t a gun free zone.

  18. I hate gun free zones. Terrorists know they’ll meet no armed resistance in a DVZ…asking for trouble. Inside a football stadium, I have strongly mixed feelings concerning 1000 CHL holders shooting at 2-6 terrorists holding AKs. Obviously, not all 1000 will not be in mag dump mode. When terrorists start shooting, everyone else will hit the booze soaked concrete between the seating, making it easy to spot the AK wielding terrorists -I don’t know what to expect regarding the sound of rifle shots inside a venue with a concrete floor covered by a steel dome. The upshot is the terrorists will be standing waist, torso, shoulders and head above the seating, making them vulnerable. The downside is the bowl shaped nature of the venue will put sheltering citizens in upper or lower levels directly behind the terrorist wherever they are. Identifying the target should be easy enough, but you got to know whats behind it too. Even if a CHL shoots through a terrorist…The terrorists would have to be 8 inches directly in front of me for me to take that shot and even then what to do about downrange collateral damage? CHLs will get no immunity. BTW, no way am I going to pickup a terrorist’s AK to go hunting for terrorists. Besides over penetration, there would be 999 CHLs looking for the guy with the AK.

  19. We keep saying that a gun isn’t a magic talisman yet here is the collective treating guns like a magic talisnan. Terrorists adapt their tactics to the situation. Lot’s of guns at the stadium? Use bombs. Never bring a gun to a bomb fight.

    As I said above, most of you will be carrying the wrong tool anyway. A terrorist with an AK is not a mugger who you will be fighting at short range with your little pocket pistol. It is a combat situation which requires a combat pistol for you to have a good chance to stop him and most of you snowflakes think a 30 oz G-17 is too big and heavy to carry. The right tool for the job folks.

    • Yeah, that “combat pistol” with an inch longer barrel and slightly bigger caliber is going to make all the difference. You’ll be droppin them from 100 yards, by golly.

    • When the bad guys show up with AKs, and all you have is a P-3AT in your pocket… The game changes. You don’t hang onto that concealed carry gun like it’s all you’ve got. You need to upgrade. Carry an AK pistol? Or… You now have a different goal; kill one of them and take their AK.

      Yes, that’s a steeper hill to climb. But it’s your hill. Man up.

      • We’ll said Dustin…we’ll said. The disarmers and gun free zone advocates=idiots don’t get it and won’t until much like the former anti-gun young lady who was present at the Lubys cafeteria massacre years ago in Texas is now a staunch supporter of the 2ND Amendment and concealed carry.

        • Steve, you’re painfully and embarrassingly misinformed. The lady you speak of, Dr. Suzanna Gratia Hupp, was NEVER anti gun. On the contrary, she was in fact a gun owner. In 1991, Texas was a may-issue state, thanks primarily to the efforts of their loathsome and despicable Governor at the time, democrat Anne Richards, who was as anti-gun as Chuck Schumer or Dianne Feinstein.

          Dr Gratia, back then was just a pretty blonde 31 year old chiropractor, and like most otherwise law abiding Texas gun owners, when she carried her gun, it was done illegally. She stopped carrying it because she didn’t want to lose her chiropractic license if she was caught carrying it without a permit. That day at Luby’s, taking her Mom and Dad to lunch, she decided to leave it in her truck, and when George Hennard drove his truck through a floor to ceiling window, and started shooting people at will, she reached into her purse, and realized her gun wasn’t there. Her parent’s died, ironically her Dad charged Hennard bare handed and was shot for hiis efforts, and her Mom refused to leave him, when they had a chance to escape. She thought her Mom was right behind her, and when she got out and looked back her Mom was cradling her dying husband when Hennard walked up and shot her in the head.

          Suzanna Gratia used her outrage to help get Anne Richards defeated in her re-election effort, ran for the Texas House of Representatives, won election to office and used her clout and notoriety to push for better fairer gun laws. While she wasn’t yet in office when the new Governor, George W. Bush, signed the shall issue law, she’s widely credited with helping getting it passed.

          She testified before Congress, and there’s a great video of her dressing down Chuck Schumer as he sits there and squirms. You should watch it, and educate yourself…

          She served for 10 years, and wrote a book, “From Luby’s to the Legislature: One Woman’s Fight Against Gun Control”. You should read it, and educate yourself…

  20. Let’s see:
    Is there ever any rational reason to ever be in a large crowd?
    Do you really need to cheer ‘your’ team in person?
    Do you really need to hear some aging rock band, in person?
    These are inherently indefensible situations for the individual.
    If you, by some miracle, manage to shoot the terrorist with your handgun,
    he’ll simply pull the pin on his vest – You still lose.

    Except for Texas Firearms Festival in Austin,
    situational awareness should tell you to avoid large crowds.

    If there’s no reason to be there – Don’t be there.

    • Have bomber A detonate at the security gate. Bomber B, at a safe distance, then sprints into the gap left by A and meets the panic stricken herd fleeing the stadium head on.

  21. When we have a Paris style attack the left will call for increased gun control laws because there are to many guns in America. Feelgoodism is way of life for them.

  22. Anyone who has ever worked in a NFL stadium will tell you the security theater on game day is worthless. They show up the day before a game and announce a lock down at 2. This means nobody goes in for a couple of hours while they take the bomb dogs around. Once that’s finished the police stay and search every vehicle going into the stadium. This search is actually a search. They will get inside your van or truck and actually look inside containers, let the dogs in and around etc.
    Ok so the day before and day of there is fairly tight security. What about the other 5 days of the week? Well on those days you have rent a cops taking names, checking ID, and running mirrors under any vehicles going into the stadium. They usually don’t check inside the vehicles and they don’t search anyone. They also NEVER look at any equipment going in. They never check on top of the concession stands which are right under the supports of the bleachers. They don’t check the multiple dead spaces where entire arsenal’s could be stashed during the week, They don’t check the thousands of beer kegs, soft drink containers, CO2 tanks etc, being brought in and placed in indoor coolers throughout the building. If someone or a group of someone’s wants to do something there is no way they will be stopped by doing half assed checks of fans on game day. The weapons will already be inside.
    Then again why would a terrorist bother going inside? A small plane loaded with home brewed explosives and flown in during a game would make for better TV and exposure. Acting like sheep and forfeiting your rights to watch a game in person just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

  23. “Although you used a couple multiple syllable words and I’m not sure that bigot could read them let alone understand them without an interpreter.”

    He’s not necessarily a bigot. Could be a race realist (look it up). Or maybe he follows HBD (look it up).

    OR! Maybe, as he says, he just doesn’t want to idolize blacks, That doesn’t make him a bigot…or unintelligent. He has an option, you have yours.

    By the way, your PhD is in what field? Mine is astrophysics.

    Deal with it.


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