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Sandy Hook memorial (courtesy

The families of some of the Newtown, CT victims are back in Washington, D.C. Days after the latest mass shooting, six months after the Sandy Hook spree killings, they’re pressuring congress to revive their civilian disarmament agenda. According to MSNBC the anti-gun agitprop will find fertile ground in the halls of power—despite the resounding defeat that greeted the Senate’s “expanded background checks” bill. Is MSNBC engaging in wishful thinking, or are we, hoping this latest push will peter-out? Well . . .

The story currently dominating the headlines: the Obama administration’s domestic spying program. The scandal has impacted the public opinion’s of the President’s efficacy. Some 51% of Americans now disapprove of the way President Obama is running the country. At the same time, the numbers for Congress, traditionally lower than a grasshopper’s knees, continue to plummet.

As far as media coverage is concerned, gun control has been a safe harbor for the President and Congressional Democrats. Aside from Fox, the mainstream media has been a reliable cheering section for the left’s civilian disarmament agenda. A bruised and battered Obama might fancy his chances for a new gun control bill, considering it a welcome the distraction from the IRS, Benghazi, Rosengate and NSA scandals.

Gun control is a political arena where Obama Boyz have a defined enemy (the NRA) and an attainable goal (“universal background checks”). They’ve already laid the groundwork for the background check bill; it can be brought to the Senate floor at a moment’s notice. After a fresh atrocity, the gun grabbers will not have the same procedural delay that [thankfully] hobbled the post-Newtown push.

A summertime anti-gun jihad is not without its dangers, for both gun owners and its proponents . . .

The recent push for increased gun control on the federal and state level has awoken a sleeping giant. The political power of pro-gun groups is increasingly evident. Two Colorado politicians who voted for gun control regulations now face recall. The results of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s “do you want gun control or not” phone poll leave little doubt that The People of the Gun are mad, motivated and mobilized.

Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats are displaying a certain level of war weariness. Beating their heads against the gun control wall without legislative results has left them demoralized. Anti-gun Democratic leaders talk about votes they’ve swayed to their side. But if they had the votes Harry Reid would have already brought the background check bill back up for discussion.

In short, in the current political climate, gun control on a national level appears dead.

And then there’s the visuals. The public now knows that the Administration has been pissing on the First and Fourth amendments. If Obama and his crew go after another civil right it will give ammunition to the Republicans raising the red flag against government over-reach.

The most likely scenario: Obama and Congressional Democrats will pay lip service to gun control while focusing on the immigration reform package. The President will keep his powder dry and deal with current scandals, or scandals yet to come.

As Ralph pronounced in that stunned silence between the Newtown murders and the [ultimately failed] federal push for civilian disarmament, events will determine the fate of our Constitutional rights. A nation of gun owners holds it breath.

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  1. My guess is they’ll let the issue rest and rely on their favorite slave-states to push anti-gun legislation that they can later use as a “model for America.” They’ll happily point out that the citizens of said states are “okay” with additional gun control

    Nick… Lots of typos and awkward sentences in this article. The first paragraph split in half for the jump confused the hell out of me too.

  2. My heart bleeds for these families. Its unimaginable to loose a child. Having said that, trying to leverage this tragedy to eradicate personal freedoms of American people, is just sad

  3. The American people have already spoken due to the firearm and ammo shortages from the past months, “From our cold dead hands.”

    • Sad thing is… “from our cold dead hands” leaves that person from being able to actually do more against tyrany, thugs, etc.

      There is wisdom in knowing WHEN to retreat and WHEN to move forward or hold your ground. The key is finding that wisdom and acting appropriately.

  4. The next time some drunk driver in a Mustang plows into a crowd of people and kills a bunch of them I am going to kickstart a campaign to hold Ford Motor Company accountable. Then I am going to demand a ban of the Mustang vehicles and/or propose a gas tank limit of only 10 gallons to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again. What else can we do?

    • I’ve used the sports car analogy before when discussing the issue of “assault weapons” with leftists, and on occasion one of them will be honest enough to admit that they would like to make sports cars illegal and put a mechanical limiter of 55 mph on all cars.

      At least they’re consistent….

    • It’s for the children!

      Can you believe that some people buy their children electric cars so they can practice driving through crowds? It’s horrific.


      • more scarcasm…
        I am sorry but a few bad apples are going to ruin it for all you other decent Mustang owners. It does not matter that 97% are not used as murder weapons. 3% are used in murders and so we should ban ALL Mustangs. Do not even try to form a Right To Keep and Drive Mustangs lobby group.

        And the UAW is a terrorist group.

  5. “Or keep his powder dry for the other scandals, or scandals yet to come.”
    From what I understand Snowden gave the Guardian UK more documents that haven’t been released yet. I’m sure the documents released so far are the cream of the crop. But the new documents will be enough to keep this in the 24 hour news cycle for a while to come. This could be one of those gifts that keep on giving.

  6. Let’s not forget the push here by the Senate. Their main goal, in understanding that the House will vote down any gun bill passed, is to pass a bill and look “compassionate” for the 2014 mid-term elections. Democrats have a majority in the Senate, and Republicans have a majority in the House. Any gun bill would have to pass via both instruments and is currently very hard to pass in the House.

    So why was Obama so angry and frustrated last April 17th? He knew the House was not going to pass the background check bill. So his motive becomes clear. Obama and democrats want to show their “compassion” for anti-gun constituents by passing a Senate bill, only to have it killed by the Republican House. This tactic will play well in the 2014 elections (to gain more democratic seats.)

    Except, that was then. With all the current scandals, it’s hard to judge if anything will be put forward related to gun control. They will try to drumbeat the issue, but I don’t think anything will come up until August, when Obama signs the UN Arms Trade Treaty while Congress is in recess.

  7. Whenever the antis start crying about how “enhanced” background checks failed due to procedural rules, I like to remind them that national concealed carry reciprocity was also prevented from being instituted by the same rule. AND it had 3 more votes for it.

  8. I find it laughable that Obama thinks he can take back the House. He will have a harder time simply keeping Democratic control of the Senate. If Obama really believes he has a shot of taking back the House, he is truly isolated and out-of-touch. I cannot imagine him honestly believing the Democrats will win big in 2014.

  9. f^ck them

    I mean it.

    Im sick and tired of these families using their children as crutches to try and make my children defenseless victims.

    They can go to hell.

    • A lot of them I don’t think know any better and are being used as props by the gun control folk. For example, the father in the Congressional testimonies who kept asking why does anyone “need” one of these “assault-style weapons?” No one seems to have explained to him that there is no such thing and the AR-15 is not any weapon of mass destruction or anything.

      • Agreed, Kyle. But fvck ’em anyway. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I’m all out of compassion.

      • I’m with WLCE. Doesn’t matter, Kyle. They’re still jackholes and need to STFU. Their personal tragedy does not grant them a special right to distort rational risk analysis for the rest of the human race.

        If they were lobbying for mental health resources, even (gasp!) some kind of aggressive-intervention program for potential violent offenders but with checks and balances to prevent abuse, then I’d support their efforts.

        But they’re not. They’re being permitted, nay, encouraged to turn their personal grief into a rallying cry for further restrictions on our rights. The fact that they’re going along with it tells me all I need to know.

      • “A lot of them I don’t think know any better and are being used as props by the gun control folk”

        Not lashing out at you, but this is f^cking bullshit.

        maybe if they stop with the victim mentality and actually take action to address violence in this country, then i would take them seriously.

        not one of these chuckleheads has brought up the source of violence in our country: the breakdown of the family, poverty, unemployment, and lack of opportunity. Our own president hasnt even brought up the root of the problem, instead, choosing the position that f^cks people out of their constitutional rights.

        Im fed up with these morons. Done. Once they try and f^ck myself and my children out of constitutional rights, then we are not friends.

        • “maybe if they stop with the victim mentality and actually take action to address violence in this country, then i would take them seriously.

          not one of them has brought up the source of violence in our country: the breakdown of the family, poverty, unemployment, and lack of opportunity. Our own president hasnt even brought up the root of the problem, instead, choosing the position that f^cks people out of their constitutional rights.”


      • We all at every opportunity need to simply ask the question, “would your proposed gun control laws have done anything to prevent the Newtown massacre?” Since as we all know the answer is a definitive no the way is open to further question exactly why they insist on using this and other similar tragedies in an effort to impose laws on us that have nothing to do with preventing those truly tragic events.
        If they haven’t stuck their fingers in their ears or run away, then ask them how well truly strict gun control, say like Great Britain has, works. You know, that country where a couple of Muslim fanatics hacked a British soldier to death while a helpless public watched in horror.
        I have found that it works much better to simply ask questions and meet emotion with facts. It won’t sway the true believer, but wins those on the fence over to a more reasonable position.

      • I’m with Kyle. “F*ck em” isn’t any better an argument than “gun control now!”

        And by the way, at least one of the Sandy Hook parents agrees with us; that gun control would have done nothing.

        Chances are good, based on the neighborhood these people come from, that most of them were anti-gun before this happened. That said, it still isn’t abnormal to act irrationally in the aftermath of something as traumatic as losing a child.

        Attack irrationality. Not the person.

  10. As the Obama regime continues to spiral down the porcelain convenience with one scandal after another, POTUS himself is becoming more and more isolated, arrogant and irrelevant. He just spent a few hours bl0wing a bunch of “journalists,” using his diminishing charm to defuse the volatile situation that he created with his domestic spying campaigns.

    Right now, George W. Bush’s approval ratings are higher than Obama’s. But that doesn’t mean that gun confiscation is dead. Oh, no. What matters most is whether the next transformative event will be another Newtown, or another Ruby Ridge. In other words, what counts is who’s children are killed, and by whom.

    Schools seem to be paying more attention to the safety of their students. But with this regime on power, it’s just a matter of time before American children are murdered not by a lone psychopath, but by the big psychopath in DC.

  11. I am sick of these Sandy Hook parents quite frankly. They can all kiss my backside. They are phonies and hypocrites. They get all butt hurt about civilians owning AR-15s but are strangely silent when it comes out in the news that IRS agents are training with AR-15s. If this rifle is only meant to kill large numbers of people as the gun banners and Sandy Hook exploiters say, then why should the IRS be allowed to have ARs? Are they planning to shoot large numbers of delinquent taxpayers?

  12. “They’ve already laid the groundwork for the background check bill; it can be brought to the Senate floor at a moment’s notice”
    Yup, call this the Dance on the Grave method. NY and Conn rammed theirs through this way.

  13. You know that almost 5 years ago we had an administration that did in fact protect us from BS for 8 years, President Bush did things that kept the threat of terrorism in check, at least he stood by his actions as a man, what did Obama do, IRS, Bengahzi, warrantless searches of media and civillian personal records of all Americans, Syrian civil war involment thats to late for us with Al Qeada already involved with the rebels, destroying the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Obamacare, what kind of man is Obama????

    As sad as Newtown is with our future children being murdered by the mentally ill, I am starting not to be so warm to the incident any more because my Rights are starting to become involved and violated by over zealous Liberal Democrats with their political agendas here at my state! Bloomberg, Cuomo, Biden, Obama, DiFi, we have a US Constitution and a Bill of Rights for Reason, we are a Free Nation, something these Liberal Democratic so called Political leaders of the free have forgotten….? Yes I Am a Conservative and former Reagan supporter…? Yes I was audited by the IRS……?


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