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Nick was a big fan of Tac-Con’s 241 drop-in trigger for ARs when he gave it a going over last fall. He liked that it gives the shooter the ability to switch between single-stage and two-stage operation in the middle of a (3-gun or other) match. Tac-Con’s getting ready to roll the new bangswitch out to the public and to celebrate, they’re giving one away. Free! All you have to do to enter is like and share their MyFace page. What have you got to lose? . . .

Tac-Con™ USA is proud to release the 241 Trigger for the AR-15.

We’ve heard the needs of our customers and Tac-Con has combined its blazing-fast 3MR assisted-reset technology with a precision two-stage trigger, providing you the ultimate all in one, simple, drop-in replacement system.

Now shooters can quickly transition from rapid fire to ultra-precise long range shot placement with the simple switch of the 3-mode selector. The 241 trigger system utilizes the standard “Fire” position for its 4.5lb assisted-reset mode, while the 180 degree, “full auto,” position activates the two-stage mode.

The two-stage mode features a controllable 3.5lb take up with a clean, crisp 1lb break for the ultimate in precision shot placement.


  • Drop-In Trigger
  • 2 Stage Precision Modes
  • Positive Reset in 3rd Mode
  • Semi-auto is a Match Grade
  • Pull Rate 4 ½ Pounds
  • Zero-Take & No Overtravel


  • Full EDM & CNC’d in USA
  • Coated in NP3 (Nickel Teflon)


  • BATFE Compliant/Non-NFA

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    • Supposedly purchasers of the previous 3MR trigger asked that Assisted Reset be the first position and standard mode be the third position, so they have changed their selector accordingly.

  1. “All you have to do to enter is like and share their MyFace page. What have you got to lose?”


    Seriously, I like enter-for-free contests as much as the next guy, but if I have to do it via a social media conduit, I pass.

  2. The Safety is in the same old position, only the two firing modes are different. Nothing wrong with the way they did it before, but some people asked for the change. I prefer the original way as it is closer to the old M-16 setup.


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