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Readers of a certain [advanced] age will remember that the super-marionettes in Thunderbirds used to say “FAB” to indicate they’d understood commands. Did you know that FAB stood for nothing whatsoever? I’m not sure what FAB stands for in FAB-Defense but the company make some ab-fab accessories for IWI’s TAVOR bullpup rifle. Like the TAR PODIUM Bipod. And other TAVOR bipods with tactical lights! Here’s the press release for the under-$100 bipod:


Farmingdale, NY – Bullpup rifles like the IWI Tavor TAR-21, are popular on the international scene, and in recent years have been gaining popularity in the U.S. Further, this trend gives all appearances of continuing.

Designed to be compact for CQB fighting, but incorporate the longer barrel to maintain accuracy, it looks different from the AR15 platform we are used to seeing. Like any weapon platform, stability when shooting prone, or off any surface is of utmost importance.

The battle-tested engineers at FAB Defense solved this problem with the creation of the TAR Podium quick deployment bipod. With the push of a button, it allows the shooter to instantly transition to a bipod for maximum stability.

The bipod replaces the grip cap and attaches with a single screw, without interfering with gripping the weapon. The sleek design is compact and does not have any protruding parts that could get caught on gear or clothing. The bipod is rapidly deployed with the simple push of a button giving the shooter stability at the moment it’s needed.

Being mindful of additional weight concerns, the TAR Podium is constructed of extremely light and durable, high-end, reinforced polymer composites. Installation is fast and easy, no gunsmith required. By attaching the bipod to the grip, the rail has room for needed accessories.

The TAR Podium from FAB Defense is available in black, olive drab green or desert tan, MSRP $92.80.

About FAB-Defense:

FAB-Defense designs, develops and tests many products that are standard-issue to the Israeli Defense Forces. In addition to Israel’s Military and Police, FAB-Defense R&D Engineers collaborate with Special Forces and SWAT Teams worldwide to design and manufacture superior products needed to overcome challenges met in the field.

For more information, visit:


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  1. I’m not sure what FAB stands for in FAB-Defense

    Stands for FABulous. I heard it’s the rage among the Pink Pistols.

  2. Prone?

    How on earth does anyone get “prone” with a rifle that now has a buttstock that is 15″ off of the ground?

    I’ve got a Tavor and I think this is dumb.

    • It can be done, if your boobs hold your shoulders up off the ground far enough.

      Watch the video. She shows you how.

  3. Breaking news! Moose-lim runs over a bunch of French folks in Nice,France. I guess you don’t need a gun. Well it’s reported he shot some after he jumped out…FAB gun part.

  4. Bipods are supposed to add stability. With a typical precision rifle, they do this is by setting the pivot point close to the muzzle and farther from the factor introducing the instability (the shooter’s shoulder). With a traditional bipod near the muzzle, a movement at the stock is reduced by a factor of x at the muzzle (where x is the ratio of the distance between the stock and bipod to the distance between the bipod and muzzle). Given that shooters are more likely to put pressure on the grip of a MSR than a precision rifle shooter, the grip becomes the point of instability. And because the grip is so much closer to the pivot point, small movements at the grip translate into big movements at the muzzle.

    • Yeah I really wonder about that…

      I need as much compensation for my shaky hands as possible (caffeine addiction), and the only way I could make this work is if I tried to keep my hands at the bipod area or behind it.

  5. I loves me some Tavor. I’ve got just about everything available for one on mine. This part is not one of them. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Also, I believe I read somewhere that Gerry Anderson was trying to be “hip” by introducing “FAB” to mean “A-OK” and it was a reference to the Beatles… AKA The Fab Four.

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