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Drop a dime on your neighbor (or someone you just don’t like) and collect a grand.


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    • After so many f^ckups, I’m beginning to suspect that he doesn’t mean well, or that he’s incompetent, or both.

      Hmmm. Upon further review, I’m leaning toward both, and I look forward to the day that he’s escorted out of city hall wearing steel bracelets.

    • You are right, another well meaning fool. Imagine the horror, there are people walking around the streets thinking they can carry a gun! You’d think their was a 2nd amendment or something.

  1. He reminds me of San Francisco’s politicians smearing make-up on urban problems that need dynamite.

  2. I am carrying a gun. Yet miraculously it has somehow not “gone off” despite a lack of cash incentives from my local political leaders.

  3. Why not pick up a few JA .25’s or .32’s, file down the serial numbers, plant them in some undesireables’ house or car? Just make the call, and, wham… a cool profit for you and a better Newark for all. (end sarcasm)

    • Yeah, over 80% profit and the elimination of an enemy or two. How sweet is that? Just make sure that you wipe your finger prints. It would lead to some awkward questions otherwise.

      • Better idea… leave the serials intact and report them stolen. Then, when/if they’re returned, you got the guns and some cash.

        • The disadvantage there is that you could only realistically do this once. Otherwise it would start getting suspicious that everyone you know and hate is always stealing your guns.

          • Unless it happened to all of them at the same time. Might get them a bonus conspiracy charge.

      • I think the Afghans and Iraqis play this same game on their enemies with the US military and drone strikes. In Newark, you just say your enemy has illegal guns and the Gestapo..err..I mean Police swoop in and rough up the owners and take them to Kozentrationlager…er…jail house and send them to the showers…well at least for a good hosing.

  4. Hmm…so an anonymous phone call is enough “evidence” these days?

    What if the caller states the “illegal gun” is in a house? Is that anonymous phone call enough to get a warrant to enter said house?

    If only there were some ammendment that gave us some sort of heads up on how search and seizure is to be accomplished…you know, probable cause or something, Oath or affirmation…

    *shrugh* I duuno.

    • There is no amendment/s anymore, thanks to the Bush and Obama administrations the PO PO or any organization with initials for their name can bust down your door and basically do anything they want! Not to mention lower courts and even the SCOTUS allowing “authorities” carte blanche.

    • Completely true, and the program is designed so that they don’t need convictions, just arrests. They can get an anonymous tip, swoop in, rough someone up and steal their property and then set them free on bail without ever even seeking out a conviction. All at the expense of John Q Tax Payer… awesome. What a dumb state.

    • I remember reading about a dissident in the former South Vitnam. Under the Constitution imposed by the North no one could be arrested without a warrant. This caused a problem when the police showed up at the dissident’s house to find his wife had just given birth; there was no baby on the warrant. So the police captain in charge sat down and wrote a new warrant that included the baby. Voila! No one was arrested without a warrant.
      BTW the dissident was never heard from again, his wife eventually made it out of the country which is how we know about the incident.

  5. I’m waiting for the news posts stating that open, armed rebellion has broken out in New Jersey and several high ranking public officials have been found dead. Any day now….

  6. So if your ex finds out that your new girlfriend is half her age (and twice as hot) she can call the popo and say you are carrying a gun. This sh^t happens all the time with anonymous calls about child abuse, drugs, etc. Especially during child custody battles. Sadly, all these calls have to be investigated because some are true.

    • Hence why you should also make sure to dispose of the body with thermite after a break up. 😉

      • Thermite’s too high tech for most people in Jersey. Use the tried and true method of putting the body in a 55 gallon drum (leave some sort of opening in it) & dumping into the harbor, it won’t look out of place & the local aquatic live will get rid of a lot of the evidence.

  7. Truly frightening that this is happening in the U.S.A. Holy crap.

    Would this be ripe for a class action type lawsuit (to stop it before it even gets started)?

    • No chance of a class action against the govt. Also, you wouldnt have standing to file the suit until you were wronged. A whole group must be wronged for a class action. Maybe an injunction to prevent them from executing the program.

      Or better yet, elect new, less douchey lawmakers.

      • I stand corrected… and I guess that’s what I meant… an injunction… some sort of legal effort to stop the law. Thanks!

        “Less douchey lawmakers” – is there such a thing? 😉

  8. Mayor Booker is proudly joining the ranks of Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and Kim Jong Il, who built their careers on denunciations and midnight raids. But the observation that Corey Booker is

    On a more practical note, uncorroborated anonymous phone tips can rarely be the legal basis to arrest someone. Under the Aguillar-Spinelli rule, tips from anonymous informants cannot provide probable cause for an arrest or a search warrant unless the police have independent reasons to know that the anonymous tipster is truthful and reliable. When the anonymous tip in question just says “I saw

    Criminal defense attorneys will have a field day with these bogus busts, and the city of Newark will be out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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