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No one who’s been paying attention will be surprised to learn that the editorial board of the New York Times is calling for confiscation of “weapons of war,” guns that are “barely modified and deliberately marketed as tools of macho vigilantism and even insurrection.” The small penis, violent insurrectionist epithets have been applied to America’s gun owners by the more avant-garde members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex for quite a while now. The difference is that, with a dedicated anti-gunner in the White House and Hillary feeling the Bern and tacking ever more to port, the bien pensants at the Times finally feel they have the political cover to toss their masks aside in their first front page editorial since 1920 . . .

What about the Constitutional hurdles that prevent grabbing Americans’ firearms? Mere inconveniences on the path to government-mandated gun safety.

It is not necessary to debate the peculiar wording of the Second Amendment. No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation.

From their Eighth Avenue perch, “eliminating some large categories of weapons and ammunition” is what now passes for reasonable regulation. You have to break a few enumerated eggs to make a gun-free omelet.

Certain kinds of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in California, and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.

So this is really just a public-spirited, communitarian sacrifice that all right-thinking Americans should be happy to make. It takes a village, after all, to raise an elite-dominated society of modern men. And besides, we’re only talking about confiscating the scariest weapons. Right?

For now, maybe. But gun control has always been a long game. Textbook incrementalism. The vast majority of “gun violence” has nothing to do with ARs or AKs. As awful as it is to contemplate, there will be another Seung-Hui Cho, someone who doesn’t use a long gun at all. If you think the Times and those who slavishly worship at their alter will be satisfied with eliminating only modern sporting rifles, we have a financially failing dead tree daily we’d like to sell you.

Never mind that California already had the strictest anti-gun laws in the nation. Never mind that the guns used in the Friday the 13th and Charlie Hebdo massacres had been illegal in France for decades.

(Gun right supporters) point out that determined killers obtained weapons illegally in places like France, England and Norway that have strict gun laws. Yes, they did. But at least those countries are trying. The United States is not.

Obviously, something must be done.

What better time than during a presidential election to show, at long last, that our nation has retained its sense of decency?

So the gloves are off, which is probably for the best. While readers of this and similar sites have always known where those who would deprive us of our rights stand, by splashing it across their front page, the New York Times has done us a favor. They’ve put it out there, for all to see, literally in black and white.

As a reader recently wrote, the Second Amendment has never been more important to the security of our free society than it is now. San Bernardino (and Chattanooga, Boston, Ft. Hood…) has made that abundantly clear to all but those who refuse to see it. Make no mistake, the efforts of those who would degrade or destroy our right to defend ourselves with the best tools available will never stop. But as America’s gun owners have shown, time and again, we’re a pretty resilient lot, too. May it ever be thus.

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  1. The gloves are off. Good. This has been a loser for leftist pols for years. Only those on park ave or in dem controlled blocks vote for fun control any more.

    I want the left to run on gun control. Run big. Take out ads. Scream about it in debates. Unmask these people and really show who they are.

    Oh when they lose the nyt will cry about the NRA… But they will get the message. Just like the dems got the message after the last awb.

    Bring it on! Tides are changing. Attitudes towards firearms and government are changing. This ain’t the 80s any more where gun control was a tough on crime thing. Now it’s seen as the opposite.

    Bring. It. On.

    • Agree with you in general. But understand that, In Obama’s bubble, this means that he has overwhelming public support to act without Congress. After all, everyone worthy of having an opinion and participating in the nations governance agrees with him. That could also feed backlash coming into 2016, but we actually have to get there first.

      • then we fight in the courts also. I dont care about Obama’s bubble.

        For decades we played around trying to not “make the wrong people mad”… It kept us OUT of court (remember the NRA for years trying to keep 2A cases from going to court?) it kept votes from coming to the floor. It kept people from having to actually put a stake in the ground and defend it.

        Obama will do, what he is going to do. Has he not shown that? Whether we fight or not, or if there is a front page oped or not. This is a goo thing. Let him act on EO. Lets get into court. Lets start some civil defiance.

        Tell me you are going to try to pass law that makes the law abiding turn in certain types of firearms! I want it. This is a perfect time (during an election cycle) to have a loud, and very specific fight. Its about time.

        • Absolutely fight in the courts. Though, that takes years, and he could easily put millions of people on the prohibited list in the mean time, with no way to get off. If Hilary gets elected, it sticks, at least for a few years. I’m not taking anything away from what you said, but what I’m saying is that it could get very, very nasty in the mean time. Potentially (though hopefully not very likely), martial law nasty if newly prohibited people (think three percenters, oath keepers, recent vets) refuse to comply and fight back.

      • Obama’s bubble would be funny if he wasn’t serious when he says what he does sometimes. Remember after last years elections he didn’t admit the public wanted Republicans, it’s just that the majority of Americans want Dems and forgot to vote. I wish I was joking when he said that, obviously I am paraphrasing, but not diverting from his sentiments.

        • “Obama’s bubble would be funny if he wasn’t serious when he says what he does sometimes.”

          I’m not laughing. I think most Americans either don’t understand or don’t want to believe that we are dealing with the modern equivalent of Bolsheviks here.

      • Yes, good luck with that NYT Editorial Board. The 1st amendment isn’t subject to the will of the mob, and neither is the 2nd.

    • Be careful what you wish for. Hillary has been very clear about her views on gun rights. If she wins the nomination (likely), then she is in an excellent position to win the presidency. Given what the Republicans are offering, I’d say her chances are better than 50-50. Once in power she will move against guns. Republicans may very well lose the majority in the next election as loads of lefty Hillary supporters will be voting. This will make her job that much easier.

      Furthermore, a Hillary presidency almost guarantees replacement of existing SCOTUS conservatives with liberals who will go to work to redefine Heller.

      Once that’s done, expect NY or CT style gun registration laws from the Feds. Also expect similar levels of non-compliance from the population. What worries me though is that Hillary is egotistical to lack the good sense not to enforce those laws. She will and the door kicking will begin.

      Dark days may be ahead for the Republic if this comes to pass.

    • Be careful on this one. I have not been able to find compelling evidence that he actually said or wrote that. Also, even if he did, it was likely “a lamb” rather than “a sheep”.

      • Funny how all the quotes that make the founding fathers sound like they had balls have that disclaimer. Of course people will stir up all sorts of records to back up any quote that makes them sound like good little socialists. We must ask ourselves who is it that claims these quotes don’t exist? Well the answer might be found by picking up the novel 1984 and seeing exactly how much power there is in rewriting history.

        • I am going to have to go ahead and disagree with you here. What evidence that we have for something being true is far more important than who says it is not. Getting caught unable to back up an assertion with sufficient evidence diminishes one’s credibility. I would very much like to see this quote backed up with evidence, because I like it very much. It is also a pretty good metaphor even if it can’t be certainly attributed to Franklin.

        • If one cannot point to concrete source that attributes the quote, then there is no (zero) evidence that they ever said it. Simple.

          We undermine our own credibility going around with fake quotes on our lips (or truck bumpers)

      • Okay the author is in dispute. So what. I like the quote regardless of the author. Quote nazi are just as full of themselves as grammar nazi.

        • “Quote nazi are just as full of themselves as grammar nazi.”
          – Joseph Goebbels

          Stop stealing other people’s quotes LJohn.

      • The Founding Founders were all learned and well-read, Franklin especially. In the course of publishing The Farmer’s Almanac he was the recipient of many sayings, quotes and proverbs for inclusion in that periodical.

        To say that just because a Founding Father may have been paraphrasing, rewording or quoting something they may have read or heard elsewhere does NOT change the fact that they are known to have said it, and believed it. Sourcing a version of the quotation to an earlier writer does not change the opinion of the man who repeated the sentiment later.

        You can quote me on that.

        • Did I miss someone saying he had a appropriated it from elsewhere? For my part, the problem is that I can’t find any good evidence that he ever said or wrote it at all. The only evidence I can find is that some people have been attributing it to him over the last twenty years or so.

        • W O W – If you’re distracted from the main point of the OP at least divert to a point that is more end-game, end of the argument.

          The NYT is sh_t paper that would leave you dirtier if you wiped with it. They have completely abdicated their 1st Amendment duties to protect us from a secret and a tyrannical government (THE SOLE PURPOSE OF FREEDOM OF THE PRESS). They have used their 1st Amendment tool as a megaphone for their own free speech to shout-down others free speech. They have abandoned TRUTH and every remaining right to stand up for, or complain about anything.

          FUNYT – quit causing global warning, it is only fueling jihadiism throughout the world. Just ask the president.

    • Grey Lady Down is one of my favorite movie titles. Yea, there is a spelling difference there, but it’s close enough for me.

    • Grey Lady Down is one of my favorite movie titles. Yeah, there is a spelling difference there, but it’s close enough for me.

    • Chip,

      Don’t forget pillows and panty hose … violent criminals have used both to kill people. (Suffocation with pillows and strangulation with panty hose.)

      Come to think of it, violent criminals have used just about everything on Earth to kill their victims. Ban everything!

      • There was a movie some time ago in which Sean Penn (ugh) in prison placed several cans of Coke in a pillow case and proceeded to beat the crap out of numerous other inmates. Enjoyable to see, scary to contemplate. That must have been one tough pillow case! People have also been know to place bars of sop inside a sock and use it as a Billy club.

        So much for denying the right to keep and bear arms to people in prison. Can’t get a gun – improvise.

        • Charles Bronson’s character in Death Wish used a couple rolls of quarters in his first encounter with a mugger.

          Then he got a gun…

    • The Gray Whore is only about promoting the fascist agenda. People can’t fight an oppressive government with bats and hammers. That’s all that matters to them.

  2. First front page editorial since 1920? I don’t think so. More like the first front page article with the proper disclaimer since 1920.

    I am very interested to see how my liberal coworkers in Northern New England react to this. Even people who don’t own guns get pissed when New Yorkers tell them what to do.

    • More like the first front page article with the proper disclaimer since 1920.

      Absolutely. The NY Slimes hasn’t been a real newspaper since 1964.

    • I think this shooting really pisses the liberals off because it happened in the gun control utopia of California.

      They are not pissed off at the shooters, they’re pissed off that their gun laws don’t work. So they will do what all good liberals will do: more of the same insanity, pass more gun laws…

  3. Comments by readers in all sorts of newspapers to these types of editorials have been hugely negative. Not in the NYT or HuffPo to be sure but pretty much everywhere in flyover country. Hopefully this type of editorializing will harden fence sitters comes election time. There is a huge gap between the editorial staffs/publishers and the readership of many newspapers. The DesMoines editorial and comments made that clear.

    • You put your finger right on it. This is 2016 electioneering.

      The Demos are nervous; they have a much longer time frame in mind for their Diversitopian PC fantasy than the mere past 50 years of the “great” “society.”

      They have to poke and probe the votership’s psyche to try to assemble enough traction at the polls to make Clinton’s elevation look like it fit the rules of the game. (The game they don’t believe in, when they note that rights aren’t really rights, if the NYT’s owners think otherwise.)

      And of course the Repubes have pretty much the same fantasy, just with more chest-beating about…um…what’s OK to chest-beat about in the polls lately, Modern Man PR Agency flunkies? Please tell us! Vulnerable innocent child refugees from Syria? Crops rotting in the fields because Americans won’t pick them?

      Here is a certainty handed down to me and my family, from the ancestor who served in the First Congress after serving as a militiaman and Continental (Salem County, NJ):

      We are living at one of the exact convergences of tyranny, power, and oppression that the Founding Fathers foresaw when they framed The Ten.

      In other news, one of the biggest health insurers of Washington State civil servants waited till four hours after the closing of open enrollment for 2016 to announce they were selling out to Kaiser Permanente–the Bloomberg-funded major supporter of turning your doctor’s office into an RKBA inquisition chamber, with a diagnosis of “mental illness” the potential punishment for dissent.

  4. “What better time than during a presidential election to show, at long last, that our nation has retained its sense of decency.”
    I will show my sense of decency by not voting for the lying, scheming harpy named Hillary.

    • NYT has always been the tip of the spear for liberalism. Seems to me conservatives never lost a sense of decency, liberals have done that.

    • What can one really say about people whose idea of “decency” is stripping away the natural rights and liberties of innocent people and stealing their property?

  5. Wow, editorial on the front page of the old grey whore! Big F’ing deal. I take the whore part back, whores actually make money.

    The good news is, I will now be upgrading my NRA membership and buying a few new guns for the family. Plus concealed carry training for the wife. It will be a Merry Christmas!!!!

    P.S. Hey, NYT, more people are killed each year by hands & feet than rifles of any kind. Don’t you think we should first focus on banning hands and feet. It’s for the children.

  6. “No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation.”
    I assume that includes freedom of the press, as well as free speech.

    • Actually it does, legally speaking–hence enforceable pornography laws, libel laws, decibel-limiting laws, “free-speech zone” laws…

  7. It is dangerous to live inside the bubble. You spend so much time listening to yourself that you don’t notice the disconnect between reality and your own words and don’t realize that you are using a counter example to support your narrative.

    Applies to us too.

    • “Applies to us too.”

      Indeed. Too much name calling and out-of-hand dismissal in the comments here to make me confident that we’re going to win over any outsiders.

      • Or they are smart enough to know there is no ‘winning over” or compromise with the anti gun crowd. People either take the red pill or they do not. Only cuckservatives think their verbal judo can convert people who look at you with mocking hatred.

        Trying to win people over means compromise. Compromise enables incrementalism.

  8. The publisher said he wanted to express anguish and frustration over the scourge of Guns.
    how is that not biased?

  9. “It is possible to clearly and effectively define those guns”. Another show of ignorance on the part of the NYT in particular, and gun grabbers in general. No, it isn’t, unless your aim is to confiscate what is probably the great majority of the long guns in America (which it may well be for the NYT, but for now they are trying to pretend otherwise, hence my comment). To illustrate, two words: “Ranch Rifle”; take off the barrel shroud (that infamous “shoulder thing that goes up”, for the benefit of any Dem Congresswomen out there) and it fits on no-one’s current “assault weapons” list that I know of. It was also the gun used to take out a squad of FBI agents in the Miami shootout, and less famously, to shoot up some Feds trying to arrest Gordon Kahl. OTOH, my handy sons, given enough tools, could probably figure out a way to turn my old “Ted Williams” three-round bird-hunting gun into a defined “assault weapon” by some kind of magazine modification. Once it comes to actually passing legislation, people have to deal with these realities. The NYT can just keep pissing in the wind.

    • “It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way”

      I was planning to comment on the same claim, so I’ll just piggyback here. It’s interesting to see them assert that, instead of going ahead and defining “those guns”. That is because, in fact, it is impossible to define any such thing. I got into it with friends the other day on definitions, we had particular fun with the definition of a “semi-automatic weapon”. After someone jumped right in with it fires one bullet with each pull of the trigger, I suggested that definition includes double action revolvers, and downhill we went from there.

      There is no easy route to a definition for the simple reason that it doesn’t matter! RKBA is not the government’s business, and attempted confiscation will constitute an act of war, just as it did 225-odd years ago. Look before you leap.

      • Absolutely. There will be plenty of mission creep in their precious “assault weapon” ban. Just like NYC has a ban on mag capacity greater than 5 rounds. Once AR’s are successfully targeted, the next will be “military style sniper rifles.” CA has already banned the .50 BMG. Why wouldn’t they want to ban .338? Of course a .300 Win Mag is also a sniper caliber, and therefore no good. So is the .308 / 7.62 x 51. And the .223 / 5.56. Heck, the .45-70 was a sniper caliber, and the 9mm NATO is a military caliber.

        Liberals progressives are bantastic.

        • Accur81, could you comment and ask your friends what exactly the story is with the 3rd shooter who was arrested, then they suddenly stopped covering? I’ve heard no explanation of who he is or what he did, and I really really don’t like hearing about a third guy then being told he’s not associated and nothing else.

      • “After someone jumped right in with it fires one bullet with each pull of the trigger, I suggested that definition includes double action revolvers, and downhill we went from there.”

        Hell, a single shot .22 Cricket fits that definition…

        Ban those “assault Crickets!”

  10. I love their headline story about a terrorist rampage while in their next article they demand American’s not be allowed to defend themselves. Morons. I think The Onion has some new competition.

  11. Look in the mirror today and ask yourself, “What is my level of commitment to fight this BS?”
    It IS about each one of us as individuals, and as a group, to ACT.
    I have already, for the first time in my life, been contacting my (Florida) congressmen (state & Fed) to urge support for 2A bills and measures.
    I will also, for the first time in my life, be actively involved in political campaigns for pro 2A candidates, I will do so on several levels.
    Remember the sign, ” Do something, or do nothing. You still will have acted. …And there is a consequence for either.”

  12. This paper was kept alive and defended by a Gatling gun on August 1, 1863!
    Go figure the HYPOCRISY?
    What stopped the California killers where the HEROES IN BLUE with the GUTS and GUNS willing to fight them head on shooting back.
    The main stream media and the current administration would have you believe and blame the GUN for every tragedy and that every gun owner is a murderer.
    I don’t believe every Muslim is a terrorist just because the killers claimed to be Muslims They where CRIMINALS and or CRIMINALLY INSANE! and no sector of society is immune from having at least a few NUTS running loose.

  13. What’s this insane obsession with trying things that are known to not work?
    God forbid any of these people go into the hard sciences. They’ll be injecting jello into cancer patients because they just have to try.

    From the great intellectual David Brooks yesterday on NPR:

    Any gun that makes you look like Rambo-esque, you don’t need to have it.

    So between admitting none of their proposed measures work but must be tried anyway and attacking a thing because it looks a certain way they’ve gone well beyond full-retard.
    Proposals based on ignorance are one thing but here they openly and proudly admit they know better but want it done anyway. So it’s no longer innocent well-meaning stupidity. It’s full on open hate-filled hostility.

  14. I know how we can get the NYT to demand the feds close the border. Point out that if our intrepid followers of Mohammed couldn’t get there guns in the US they could have taken the short drive to Mexico to find some.

  15. Every gun owner should purchase 1 share of The New York Times Company, Trading Symbol “NYT”. The stock is currently trading at $13 dollars and change. Have your broker order the 1 share certificate sent to you. As a shareholder you will be invited to participate in the annual shareholder meeting usually held in early May at the corporate headquarters in NYC. It should make for an interesting question and answer session.

    • Excellent suggestion, tip o’ the hat. However, I was in NYC for about half a day once, it won’t happen again.

      • Great idea, but that would mean being disarmed for at least a day for us west coasters.
        Not gonna happen.

        • This ^

          My wife’s family is from Long Island, and all her extended family still behind enemy line have asked when they’re going to be able to meet me. My wife’s reply is “probably never, he won’t go the NYC because he cannot carry his gun.”

          And, they won’t come here because, well, I can carry my gun; it’s a good arrangement. All her immediate family fled Shawshank long ago, and also, love guns.

  16. Meanwhile, the local TV News in the Los Angeles, CA area is reporting Californians have mobbed local gun stores buying new guns since the San Bernardino Islamic Terror Atrocity. { On the heels of the biggest Black Friday for gun sales on record, mind you. } NYT is trying to give Obama a run for the Best Gun Salesman in US History, or to start a Civil War…either way the Dinosurs that run that Marxist birdcage liner lose!
    Yeah, the gloves are off and Americans are Arming themselves in record numbers with GUNS!

    • We really don’t need more guns although, we’ll buy more and that’s fine. We need more gun owners. I live in the Northeast and market penetration is dismally low. It continues to baffle me why local merchants, dealers and particularly the NSSF have not done a better job of marketing guns and shooting sports to non and new gun owners. It’s a market that’s ripe, especially considering the events of the past few years.

      Anybody who doesn’t own a gun wants one. If they say they don’t, they’re lying. There’s every good reason to own a gun and no good reason not to.

      We’re probably headed for a record month and year on NICS apps and many of those will be first-timers but most will be existing owners adding to their collections. As far as I know, the FBI does not release statistics on first-time NICS applicants. That would be very interesting to see.

      • I sure wouldn’t want to see FBI stats on first-time NICS users: they’re prohibited by law from keeping the records once a transaction is finalized. If they had them, it would NOT be a good sign…

        • That’s academic when they are photocopying the bound book at your local ffl. Have a CCW permit? They have that. Live in a state that requires an FOID to purchase a firearm? They have that, too.

  17. Can’t wait to see all the gang bangers and terrorist standing in line waiting to cash in their guns.

  18. Liberalism is a mental disorder. To quote “Ma’am” Barbara Boxer, senator from the nut and flake bowl of California speaking the day after the latest shoot-’em-up” in her state, “Gun control works. We have proven it in California.”

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it will get us all killed!”
    – – Radio Host Michael Savage

  19. Wow! What a liberal rag of a newspaper if you can even call it a newspaper More like an opinion paper. And I thought the Tampa Tribune was a horrible rag of a newspaper Jiminy crickets The New York Times boy that is a horrible horrible publication!

  20. Has anybody else had problems Following stories on this website even when you choose to fall of the stories I used to get Every news story From the truth about Guns sent to my email And now even when I click To follow the stories Before I post my comment I get absolutely nothing no confirmation to follow the story nothing no truth about Guns comes to my email address anymore is there a reason? Can someone please help I’m electronically retarded a little bit. Lol

  21. I hate to be vulgar but… the size of the penis is relative to the size of its complement. And even then, small penis is still better than no balls.

  22. To the NYT editorial board:

    A great big Thank You is in order.

    The NRA fund raising programs thank you. The FFLs of America thank you. And the law abiding gun owning Republican voters of the “fly over” America you so obviously disdain thank you. Our deepest most insincere thank yous go out for your knee jerk liberal elitetist front page anti-gun rant posing editorial.

    Without a doubt, by the end of today, the NRA’s fund raising efforts will increase. Without a doubt, by the end of today, FFL’s across the country will see another up tick in firearm sales.
    And without a doubt, your unabashed gun grabbing rant masquerading as public spirited editorial will bolster the resolve of both the Republican base and Republican presidential candidates to insure that no nationwide gun confiscation program or anything like it will ever becomes national law.

    Thank you for finally and clearly showing that the liberal code words of “common sense gun control” really means requiring “Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for for the good of their fellow citizens”

    The British tried to confiscate American guns in 1775 resulting in the Battles of Lexington and Concord followed by years of war called the American revolution.

    If you and other liberal gun grabbers want to take my guns, MOLON LABE.
    But keep in mind what happened in 1775 when the British tried it.


    Marksmanship: The art and science of hitting your target every time

    • Great letter! I’d add though that if they REALLY want the crap storm to start, they need to read up on 4GW and what it means. Especially concerning themselves.

  23. “But at least those countries are trying.”

    That’s ‘tried’ the law’s didn’t do crap to stop the crime’s.

    • “No, killing Jews won’t solve all the world’s problems. But at least Germany’s trying.”

      -NYT, 1937

      Yes, an American publication praising the efforts of tyrannical governments to disarm and oppress their people. Only a leftist.

  24. (Gun right supporters) point out that determined killers obtained weapons illegally in places like France, England and Norway that have strict gun laws. Yes, they did. But at least those countries are trying.
    …and failing miserably. Things are going to get much worse for the PC Western European Countries.
    Until the Iron Curtain came down they were fairly isolated from mass immigration.
    Europe had the benefits of a homogenous population free from minorities..
    The USA provided free defense and much economic support.
    The USA provided mass markets for them to sell their goods.

  25. “It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.”

    Because it helped in Paris, right?

  26. Did anyone notice that President Coin in The Mockingjay movies is a really accurate fictionalization of Hillary Clinton?

  27. “The small penis, violent insurrectionist epithets have been applied to America’s gun owners by the more avant-garde members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex for quite a while now.”

    This is total BS! My wife, sisters, daughter, and mother are all hung like moose.

  28. Merely the two minute hate from the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

    Meanwhile, Loretta Lynch rides herd on James Comey so he won’t embarrass the Administration and then she promises to prosecute anyone who doesn’t kiss Muslim ass.

    POTUS reminds us once again of why we suspected him to be a crypto-Muslim, a supposition that now appears undeniable. And while he cowers behind his shield of Secret Service bodyguards armed with guns and hookers, he tells us that “we” won’t be intimidated.

    Harry Reid brings doomed gun control bills before the Senate, proving that his recent treadmill accident made him both blind and stupid. And he excoriates the same NRA that supported him for years.

    Strange days indeed — most peculiar, mama.

  29. They are calling for insurrection! Because the overthrow of any government which attempts what they are calling for must be a priority. Does the New York Times really want to bring on “the day of the rope”?

  30. I predict in another 30 years that I’ll have more guns than the NYTimes will have subscribers.

    In fact anybody owning one gun at that time will have more.

  31. Take that gun owners! Ummm…yeah- run on guncontrol. Sure worked out well last year. Now those newly elected Repubs need to man up. How hard would it be to put the NY slime outa’ business? I’ve said it before-threatening millions of armed folks is not smart…we’d get put on a list if we responded in kind(I’m reasonably certain some of us are….).

  32. Take that gun owners! Ummm…yeah- run on guncontrol. Sure worked out well last year. Now those newly elected Repubs need to man up. How hard would it be to put the NY slime outa’ business? I’ve said it before-threatening millions of armed folks is not smart…we’d get put on a list if we responded in kind(I’m reasonably certain some of us are….).

  33. They are right.

    One of the greatest tools that terrorists use to inflame passions against the West are compromising photographs and stories that indicate misbehavior by America’s leadership and military forces. If is for the good of American citizens that certain publications should have their presses and ability to publish to the Internet destroyed and restricted, respectively.

    I call on the New York Times to set an example for others to follow. As you and WaPo have been the standard bearers of free journalism for so long, your closets are certainly not clean of those publication skeletons. I call on you to publicly destroy your presses and reduce your internet publication to 50% of current.

    Do it for public safety. Do it for America.

  34. Well, I was galvanized to do something by this shooting, and that something was upgrade my NRA membership to Easy Pay Life. A steady $25 a month will flow to the NRA and eventually I’ll be a full Life Member. I’ve been mulling upgrading my membership for a while now, but the increasing rhetoric pushed me over the edge.

  35. I’ve made it my policy to personally belittle, humiliate, denigrate and disparage journalists since the 90’s. They’re stupid people, often congenitally so. This isn’t their biggest problem in the modern world, however.

    No, their biggest problem is that they continue to live in a little pink dream where they think they can still change the course of history, ala the Spanish-American War.

    Way back about 1995, I could see that the Internet was going to gut their industry. Here we are, 20 years later, and if it were not for the largess of Carlos Slim, the NYT would be out of business already. If not for Jeff Bezos wanting to find a new hobby, the Washington Post would be on a controlled flight into the ground even more quickly than the NYT.

    With this most recent font-page codswallop, the NYT has made it quite plain that they intend to continue catering to a smaller and smaller audience.

    Keep talking to that moose, Pinch. Sooner or later, that moose might tell you something interesting.

    • Forget just denigrating and belittling journalists, we need to do it to leftists in general. They’ve declared their unwillingness to be our countrymen, abide by the Constitution, and leave innocent people in peace. They’ve stabbed us in the back and have declared their war against our liberty, security ,and families. They don’t deserve to be treated with any consideration.

  36. Dear NYT, FOAD. I am keeping my so called assault weapons and your cronies can take them from my cold dead hands. My firearms , even with the number I own and vast amount of ammunition have never harmed anyone nor will they ever unless that person intends to harm me first.

  37. Irrelevant. We are winning. The silent majority is well aware that it’s rights and way of life are under assault.

    Worst case and somehow federally mandated gun confiscation becomes a reality. Who is going to do it?

    I truly believe that a gun confiscation and/or Hillary inauguration will spur open calls for legal secession from a number of Southern and Western states. Average, every day, law abiding people are seriously sick of the nonsense in Washington and NYC.

  38. More typical liberal logic. “We know these type of laws will have little effect, but we must pass them anyway.”

    • Nope. You’re just paranoid. The NYT said so back before they wrote this article saying they want to eliminate the 2A.

  39. When obama and the rest of the politicians give up their armed security, I may start to think about giving up my guns. Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns leaving us law abiding people in a bigger mess

  40. “it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.”

    A message to the New York Times: Better men than you have tried and failed.

    “Whereas notwithstanding the repeated Assurances of the Selectmen and others, That all the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston had, bona Fide, delivered their Fire-Arms unto the Persons appointed to receive them, though I had Advices at the same Time of the contrary; and whereas, I have since had full Proof that many have been perfidious in this Respect, and have secreted great Numbers :

    I Have thought fit to issue this Proclamation, to require of all Persons who have yet Fire-Arms in their possession, immediately to surrender them at the Court-House to such Persons as shall be authorized to receive them: and hereby to declare that all Persons in whose possession any Fire-Arms may hereafter be found, will be deemed Enemies to His Majesty’s Grovernment.”
    “Given at Boston the Nineteenth Day of June, 1775…”
    “THO’S GAGE.” (Thomas Gage)

  41. Will the NY Times be giving up its private armed guards at its office building?
    No they will not.

  42. I care less what the New York Times says. I’m on the west coast and what that rag writes is meaningless.

  43. Their argument comes down to “at least those other counties are trying.” This is the argument of a child.

  44. My dick is small, but my gun is big and guess what, I know how to uses them both, which means my wife is satisfied and my family is safe.

  45. They seek a Cultural Revolution. Interesting times, for sure. Will Obama/Hillary/Democrats finally go all-out and attempt an (unarmed?) insurrection in order to illegally disarm Americans, or are we at long last witnessing the vile death throes of the century-old Gun Control movement as it fully collapses back into the impoverished inner city ghettos too oppressed to fight back? Alcohol Temperance still exists, just not so many notice, so perhaps the same fate or irrelevance will soon befall the generations that replace Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, and the other ex-hippie fossils still haunting the Earth.

  46. “…yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.”

    My fellow citizens would never demand such a thing, since they’re Americans, just like me. If you’re a Progressive, you’re not my countryman and I don’t consider you an American citizen, so I won’t do cr4p for you. In fact, I hold you in lower regard than ISIS. You’re subhuman monsters and the only thing you deserve is eternal disdain from good, decent people.

    Let me make this abundantly clear. You’re filth. I loathe you more than any entity on this planet or beyond. I smile and take a celebratory sip of bourbon every time I see read that a leftist has died. I have more sympathy for insects. You will NEVER get my guns, my rights, or my compromise.

    But keep poking decent Americans. Keep pushing. Please.

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