New York Files Federal, State Lawsuits Against ‘Ghost Gun’ Parts Distributors

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The city and state of New York have filed separate federal and state lawsuits against a total of 15 distributors of “ghost gun” kits and parts. New York claims that selling firearm parts that allow individuals to build non-serialized firearms creates a public nuisance and is the reason for the spike in violent crime in the last two years.

From Reuters . . .

“We must meet this, head on,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said. “We are not going to let gun companies turn New York into a city of mail-order murder.”

It isn’t clear whether the phrase “mail-order murder” was dreamed up by one of the marketing geniuses in Hizzoner’s office or was a contribution from someone in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex.

Eric Adams Met Gala End Gun Violence
Tracey Collins, right, and New York City mayor Eric Adams, wearing a tuxedo with the words “End Gun Violence,” attend The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute benefit gala. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

According to Bloomberg the targets of the lawsuits are different in the two lawsuits . . .

In a complaint filed in US District Court for the Southern District of New York, the city sued Arm or Ally, Rainier Arms, 80P Builder, Rock Slide USA and Indie Guns. The state sued Brownells, Inc., Blackhawk Manufacturing Group, Salvo Technologies, Inc. , G.S. Performance, LLC , Indie Guns, LLC , Primary Arms, LLC , Arm or Ally, LLC , Rainier Arms, LLC, KM Tactical LLC, and Rock Slide USA, LLC. 

You can read the lawsuit filed by the Attorney General in state court here.


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    • Am I the only one who’s getting a “deja vu” vibe from this whole “New York sues ghost gun companies” thing?

      • “Am I the only one who’s getting a “deja vu” vibe from this whole “New York sues ghost gun companies” thing?”

        Not at all.

    • Seems to me Americans have been building guns at home since they were colonists, 250+ years back.

      And none of them had “serial numbers” on them.

      As per ‘Bruen’, they can go pound sand… 🙂

  1. Ok.. here we go. The first gun related cases against ‘manufacturers’ filed after the Bruen case decision.

    Popcorn stock – check
    Drink stock – check
    Comfy place to watch from – check

  2. “We are not going to let gun companies turn New York into a city of mail-order murder.”

    Your city of murder is not mail order.

    Your city of murder is because of city government inspired and facilitated criminals.

  3. I hope these companies can collect damages from New York state. After the Bruen decision these lawsuits are frivolous.

    • “At least Brownells has the money to fight this.”

      Could any of the TTAG Legal Corps comment on if the ‘Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act’ (PLCAA) offers any protection for those companies?

      And would the ‘Bruen’ decision offer any additional protection against this kind of legal harassment, since building guns at home was common in the earliest days of this republic?

      • I could make an argument that gun parts are arms, and PLCAA and Bruen would cover them. The 80% receivers are not guns or gun parts (hence not being covered by GCA), so a court could say they’re not protected by PLCAA

    • The morons have not heard of Midway, NotCheaperThanDirt, Palmetto, etc/etc/etc

      Perhaps Gofundme will help raise $ for a defense of these fine LEGAL businesses.

      Damn progs are idiots.

      • GoFundMe would never allow it. And you should never trust it anyways. GoFundMe is a scammers paradise. If one of these companies wants to ask for donations their best bet would be on their website.

  4. They need to change the opening of the TV show Law and Order that takes place in New York city. Its needs to start out…In the criminal justice system, … wait.. New York City doesn’t have a criminal just system, just criminals using their own system”

  5. It may become a good show, but we’re going to be paying for it from both sides–production and tickets to watch. Tax money funds the lawsuits, and insurance payouts or company funds pay for the defense and any settlements, resulting in a rise in costs for the products and/or insurance policies we buy. Can we cancel this show and watch something else?

  6. Got me some mail order murder machines, they’re great! About to start a P80 G20L as soon as my slide comes in.

  7. Will this require the city and state to provide solid numbers on just how many of the “ghost” guns are 80% finishes and how many have had the serial number removed in some manner?

    • Hopefully one or more of the attorneys for the defendants includes that in the discovery phase – make the state demonstrate just how many “untraceable” guns started out that way and how many didn’t.

  8. I know 80percentarms and Polymer80 include a warning on its 80% lowers/frames saying they’re restricted from shipping those to NY and other totalitarian states, so unless they goofed somehow this is a case of NY-ers buying parts where they’re legal and bringing them back where they’re illegal. A respectable enforcement action would go after those people, not manufacturers – but of course this is all about the chilling effect on manufacturers.

  9. What percent of guns are ghost guns?
    Image result for how many ghost guns have been used in crimes
    Just five years prior in 2016, ghost guns made up less than 1% of total gun seizures. The city’s police department also reported that nearly half of the firearms recovered in homicide cases in 2020 were ghost guns.” “The city of San Mateo reported 16 ghost guns recovered in 2021, an increase of 166% since 2019.”

  10. The late Col Jeff Cooper commented in 1958, “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.”

    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
    They only control the good guys, which is their true intent.


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