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New From Unique ARs: Unique-Grips

Unique Grips

I like Unique-ARs. Their custom handguards are really cool, and I actually have one in the works right now for my .458 SOCOM hog murderin’ SBR upper suppressed with a Liberty Goliath. I also understand the cool design and utility of this über adjustable pistol grip. But damn is it ugly. Err, unique. Press release follows . . .


Unique-ARs now offers the versatile Unique-grip. The Unique-ARs Grip customizes the AR platform in a way no other does. This completely customizable Unique-Grip perfectly conforms to each shooter’s hand, regardless of size, shape, strength or dominance. This ergonomic pistol grip adjusts exactly to your hand to reduce fatigue and improves performance. The patented functionality of the grip allows it to compensate for the natural twist of every shooter’s hand. Instant fit, instant comfort. Made of space-age polymers this grip easily installs on all mil-spec AR platform rifles. Simply grip it, lock it, and fire away. The weight of the Unique-Grip is 4.2 oz.

The new UAR Unique-Grip is designed with the individual shooter in mind. This grip has a revolutionary new design which allows for a perfect fit for each and every shooter’s hand. With a simple quick adjustment, it can go from a righty to a lefty, from a large hand to small hand, to a perfect fit every time. The grip molds to the shooters hand, but can be reset quickly for a new shooter, or new hand position. The lightweight and durable material can be set and reset as many times as the shooter needs.

The Unique-Grip is available for immediate purchase at or

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  1. avatar little horn says:

    i was wondering how long it would before we saw something like this. been wanting to see this for about a year now. YAY! hopefully it will stand up to rapid fire.

  2. avatar Juice says:

    Cool idea. I do like my LaRue A-PEG a lot, though. Has a very comfortable palm swell.

  3. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:

    Wow. That takes some serious dedication to practicality to turn out something that ugly.

  4. avatar Defens says:

    Cool idea! How does the grip compensate (if it does at all) for more or less volume along its length? It looks like the grip comprises a stack of thin, rigid plates that will slide to fit the general contour of your hand grip. But what if you have short fingers, for example? The plates can slide, back and forth (or twist) but they don’t get longer or shorter do they, to make the grip more or less “full” in the hand?

    1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      If you look closely, the layers overlap front to back, so my guess is it does accommodate “fullness”. Just a guess though…

      1. avatar Defens says:

        Ah! You’re right – I looked a bit more closely and that open space between layers allows quite a bit of “fullness” adjustment.

    2. avatar Splic3r says:

      Looks kind of like they’re staggered, one out the front on a spring, one out the back, repeat, so it does this:

  5. avatar MeRp says:

    Ugly – don’t care
    Seems pretty cool… not $100 for a pistol grip cool, but pretty cool.

    1. avatar little horn says:

      yeah $50 is about all i would pay for it and i like it LOL

  6. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    this would make a nice shifter handle.

  7. avatar sound awake says:

    sorry but the pinnacle of ar-15 pistol grip designs are found here:

    theyre not cheap…about $100 but appear to be worth every penny

  8. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

    Cool idea. What’s with the porno music?

  9. avatar mary miller says:

    Demon magic

  10. avatar Ian says:

    Looks like a custom corner tool for cutting tile.

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