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U.S. Optics, Inc. is well known for making some of the highest-quality rifle scopes in the business. Their new product line, the B-Series, is in production now and replaces their existing MR, LR, and ER series of scopes with shorter, lighter options. The full press release and more photos follow…

U.S. Optics Inc. Announces Full Production of the new
B-Series Long Range Rifle Scopes

Brea, California– 11/11/2017 – U.S. Optics Inc., an international riflescope and optics manufacturer, proudly announced today a completely redesigned product line to replace the current commercial off the shelf MR, LR, and ER series of scopes. The development of the new B-Series is a direct result of U.S. Optics Inc.’s dedication to satisfy the ever changing needs of its consumers.

The new B-Series has been developed based upon the requests of military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters. The needs of these professionals were at the forefront of our design and engineering process that produced a lighter, shorter, and more streamline rifle optic.

“As a company, we take pride in listening to our customers’ needs and delivering. Our Legacy optics have proven that we excel in quality and durability, so we took those strengths and developed our optics into an all-encompassing product. We’re very excited to announce the B-Series and know that our customers will be more than happy with the results.”– Jason Kyle (General Manager for U.S. Optics)

The Bravo Series boasts a variety of new features that were engineered into the design of the new scope without compromising its durability and clarity. Some of these new features include:

• Shorter overall length to better accommodate night vision
• 34mm tube across the entire B-Series line
• Compact turret section for compatibility with commonly used mounts
• Locking Elevation and Windage Knobs
• Elevation Revolution counter
• Zero Stop
• Integrated Parallax and Illumination Control
• New MIL and MOA reticle options

All of these enhancements come together in a refined package that transmits a sharp image with maximum clarity, all packaged in a rugged housing that will performs flawlessly across all environmental conditions.

B-Series optics starting at $1699.00

For more information please visit or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

U.S. Optics Inc. has been building custom riflescopes and optics for more than 26 years. In this span of time the functionality, durability and clarity of our optics has evolved through research and development efforts, invaluable end user feedback, design innovation and proven engineering principles. A family of core products has emerged from U.S. Optics Inc. as a result of our dedication and perseverance to build the best optics available for the precision shooter.

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  1. Did we break the time barrier? The article has a date 11/11/17.

    But that is cool that now I can get a slightly affordable US Optic scope

    • I think there might be a bug in WordPress. Yesterday about noon I came across a published article (not on TTAG) with today’s date. Threw me for a loop.

      • Nah, just a typo in the press release. They wrote 11/11 instead of 1/11 or 01/11 or whatever. I didn’t see that, but we don’t edit press releases anyway — direct copy-and-paste.

  2. Ahhh, years after they start to lose relevance and have finally lost it they come out with an upgrade to make them competitive against companies they didn’t compete against in the first place. Yep. This is exactly why I sold my 3 US Optics scopes and went to Vortex Razor II’s. That and USO’s scopes vignette and tunnel like an emmer effer and their most expensive scope is only useful when you’ve got 25 mils already dialed in. Until then it’s optical garbage. They can keep their B-models and continue to spiral down the drain of wasted opportunities. Vortex/NF/Steiner/Leup/S&B/etc… are all light years ahead with superior products that outperform USO scopes in every way. Why pay more for less?

    • The SR-6 I have is absolutely crystal clear edge to edge. Granted, it’s only a 6x but it’s every single bit as bright and clear around the edge of the picture as in the center, which is to say about as bright and as clear as it gets.

  3. Well, so much for US Optics. They can keep those new ugly B models. I’ll NEVER buy form US Optics again.
    They used to have some nice durable, hand crafted scopes. Now, they’re just like all the other mass produced garbage out there. I’m finished with US Optics, never again. I’m moving to Schmidt and Bender or Nightforce.

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