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An ergonomic, reliable 12 gauge bullpup is one of those elusive targets lots of gun companies have shot at, but few have hit. There’s the Kel-Tec KSG, the UTS-15, and new for this year, the unique IWI Tavor TS12.

Now comes TriStar, who’s importing the new TriStar Compact is gas operated semi-auto with a 10-round capacity and removable chokes. And they’ll have one you can fondle at the NRAAAM next week if you’re planning to be in Dallas.

Here’s their press release . . .

TriStar Arms, importer of popular quality shotguns and pistols, is pleased to announce the arrival of the new TriStar Compact. This 12-gauge bullpup packs a 20″ barrel into a shotgun with an overall length of just 30″.  Increased velocity and muzzle energy cycles with AK-like reliability and feeds from box magazines to facilitate quick reloads and easy load-type changes. Compatibility with popular Saiga-type 12ga magazines means a variety of sources and capacities are readily available.

General Description: The Compact 12ga is equipped with a 20″ barrel, 30″ Overall Length and is chambered for up to 3″ shells. Gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun that can cycle from standard field loads up to 1 1/8oz slugs interchangeably.  Removable choke system uses Beretta®/Benelli® Mobile Threads, includes one extended ported cylinder-bore choke tube. Rubber Recoil pad, sling mounts, and fixed Carry handle w/ sights as well as flip-up front and rear sights, and two 5-round magazines. The Compact is backed by TriStar’s five-year warranty.


  • 30″ Overall Length
  • Full-Size Carry Handle w/ Adjustable Sights (not pictured)
  • Two 5-Round Magazines
  • Flip-up Front/Rear Sights (as pictured)
  • Forward Grip (not pictured)
  • Extended/Ported Cylinder Choke Tube (as pictured)

Action:  Gas operated Semi-automatic. If the magazine and chamber are both loaded opening action will result in ejecting shell from chamber and cycling new shell from magazine into the chamber.  A bolt hold open is located just beneath Safety Lever. To lock the bolt open, simply pull the action back and press upwards on the Bolt Lock.

Safety:  The primary safety is located on the right side of the gun, just under the ejection port.  When engaged, the safety is designed to block the trigger, hammer lever and the hammer, which makes the firing mechanism immobile.

Magazine: The Compact 12ga comes with two polymer-bodied 5-round magazines.

Item #:  25122

MSRP:  $790

Come see the TriStar Compact at the NRA Annual Meetings in booth 4908

“The KRX set the standard for what an AR-like shotgun can be.  Now with the Compact we’re raising the bar for both AK-like and bullpup shotguns,” said Ryan Bader, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TriStar Arms. “Home defense, range fun, and law enforcement can now all take advantage of increased power in a more portable package with the TriStar Compact.”


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    • EVERY shotgun I have investigated recently is being made for (insert name here) is by Kral Arms. Geez, did everyone else forget how to make shotguns? Or at least ones that cost under $1k?

  1. I’m liking this!
    I still regret getting rid of my old High Standard model 10.
    A bull pup shotty is a great tool.

  2. For anyone who’s in the market for a reliable semi-auto 12 gauge bullpup but prefers to buy American-made, check out the Standard Manufacturing SKO-Bull. Runs anything from low-brass light target loads to high-brass 3″ magnum loads all day and was designed, manufactured, and assembled in Connecticut

    • Per standard manufacturing’s own website, the sko-bull is not yet in production. Can’t buy it yet. And it will cost nearly twice as much as this shotgun.

      • The Turks usually make solid guns, but the disagreement is political. President Erdogon is generally disliked, especially after he sent his bodyguards to beat a group of protesters while visiting the US, some of whom were US citizens. Many see boycotting products, especially guns, as a form of protest against President Erdogon.
        Beyond that, many gun onwners (myself among them) prefer to purchase American made guns as a way of supporting US manufacturing. Keeping the gun industry strong helps to keep the gun culture and the second amendment strong.

        • Politics and firearms mix like oil and water. While I understand wanting to stick buying US made firearms to support our own economy, truth is, few firearms are truly American made. Also, there’s not been much in the way of innovation coming out of the American market for a very long time anyway. Another thing to consider is price. American made guns tend to cost much more than foreign made firearms. I’m sorry but my money goes to whom ever can give me the best quality product at the best price. I don’t care who makes it or where it comes from

        • Hope you don’t own a Savage rimfire, Canada or lower end Mossberg shotguns like the Silver Reserve II and SA20 are from Turkey. If you have a Weatherby Vanguard, don’t look too close it may say Japan, aka Howa. I agree with your thinking buy US to keep us from being just a nation of consumers not manufacturing, but Remington has made how many failures? Colt is a shadow of it’s former self, biggest new from either of them has been how poorly they are doing. Consider those are examples of the gun world’s Don’t ask Don’t tell rule of where it’s really made, Mossberg, US made it has to be right?

      • The possibility of sanctions on Turkish products looms large. The Turks have sided with Assad in Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. Its probably just a matter of time until Turkey, and Turkish goods are sanctioned.

        Also, I personally want nothing to do with putting money in the pockets of states which support terrorist regimes, and turn a blind eye while their neighbors massacre their own people.

  3. Nope! Won’t be owning something like that in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, Socialist Authoritarian Police-State, in the Eastern Bloc Territories…Where it has been determined by DemoCommies, and some RINOs that Massachusetts subjects *(used to be Residents)* DO NOT HAVE A 2ND Amendment right. Only a barely tolerated privilege that can be suspended, or revoked at the whim of the Paramilitarized Local/State Police *(STASI)*. Still awaiting President Trump’s 2nd Amendment Restoration and Enforcement Act that force states to comply with Constitutional Rights! Massachusetts Subjects seek “Pro2@ Sanctuary States/Cities/Townships!”

  4. I actually want this. It would be great with a Holosun ACSS reflex sight and an LER magnifier. The lack of proprietary magazines will do great things for this shotgun.

  5. I see that AK style saftey lever, your not a shotgun at all, your another EVIL Black As Salt Rifle, quick torch it before it reproduces.

  6. I think I’m gonna have to get one of these.. The fact that it’s made in Turkey makes no difference to me. Folks need to stop punishing a people simply because their political leadership is sucking wind.. Some extremely well made, reliable, and pocket book friendly firearms come out of Turkey.

  7. I just bought one , hope it is a good one , was looking at a few other ones but the sega mags sold me , I have a Cheetah that takes the sega mags so I have a few already and a couple of drums so I figured that saved me at least $200

  8. Just shot one today. the included magazines are a pain, and the bolt lock is hidden. That said, it feels good in the hands. Very smooth action.

  9. Took out for the first time. What’s up with the mag inserting into the gun is a bitch. Also could not get the gun to cycel . Any advice?

    • run faster/hotter higher recoiling ammo….

      also, justl ike a saiga, you may need to knock gasblock off and add a gas port….

      look on saiga 12 forum for saiga fixes. it is a clone, same issues are present i guess.


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