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It probably had to happen, right? We don’t know if the scat-obsessed brain trust at cribbed their idea from Congressman Steve Stockman or not. Whatever the inspiration, they’re now selling gun oil under the Liberal Tears name. According to the site, guns have only two enemies; rust and liberals, and Liberal Tears protects against both. And all for just a Hamilton. Such a deal!   [h/t DrVino]

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    • That’s about the only use I can see for it. I doubt seriously that they did a lot of research into the “best” gun lube; they’re relying on the label to sell this stuff.

      • Like Hornady zombie ammo. You don’t buy it to shoot. Not that I bought any of that. But I will buy a few of these.

        • Hornady Zombie ammo was nothing more than Critical Defense with a green plug instead of red. I carry CD in my XDm .40, and I picked up several boxes of Zombie a few months back for $3-4 less per box than I could buy CD for.

        • I think its a bad idea to carry even if it is good ammo – I can just hear the prosecutor now: “You had WHAT kind of ammo in your gun??”

      • I’d rather them just sell the label/sticker in a multitude of sizes for applying them on your favorite brand of lube.

    • I agree. It’d be a fun gag gift and as long as it basically works, even if it isn’t exactly top of the line, it’s fine.

      If someone wants to crack a joke and make a buck in the process, then I say rock it out. After all, it’s all about the Hamiltons.

  1. As funny as this is, I have to agree that this doesn’t help anything. We have to seem like the kind, sane ones in contrast to the illogical, mean spirited anti-gun crowd. That way people on the fence will come to us.

  2. A: this was a liberal joke about conservatives a decade ago started by the KosKids and their ilk, so late to the party as usual, and B: do you really want to be like the KosKids?

    • Libs are very good at propaganda and attacking their opposition – see “Rules for Radicals” – Saul Alinsky.

      Nations who recognize probable future enemies routinely deploy weapons that cannot be easily converted to use the enemy’s ammunition (7.62 NATO vs. 7.62 x 39R, for example).

      Since when is it not good strategy to turn your opponent’s most effective weapons and tactics back against them?

  3. I’ll stick to froglube and Break-Free, and not some product that cannot even spell “Amendment” correctly, thank you very much.

    I’m usually not stingy about grammar, but that’s for online matters. When you’re selling a physical product that is already questionable on its political standpoint (I’m not someone who enjoys ‘trolling’ the other side when what gun owners need most, is more people on their side)… at least get the spelling right. That thing looks stupid and is just more ammo for the antis to justify their array of “redneck”-related insults.

    And no, I do not agree that trolling an anti is always a worthwhile effort. It’s as much time you have wasted on not doing something useful, like talking the good talk, actually convincing people around you, or hoarding .22LR.

    • “I’m not someone who enjoys ‘trolling’ the other side when what gun owners need most, is more people on their side…”

      Karina, I am not generally a confrontational person either, but there comes a time in any political debate when you have to identify your enemies and stop appeasing them hoping they will become your friend.

      When we laugh at and support a political statement such as this “Liberal Tears” item, even if we never squirt a drop of it on any gun we own, it is a small victory that we can cherish only due to the minor anguish it might cause in the enemy camp.

      And make no mistake, the Liberal/Progressive side of our current political spectrum has made it very clear that they view gun owners and Second Amendment supporters as their ENEMIES and take every possible opportunity to minimize our impact on the political/legislative front and to erode into oblivion our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. You are not going to make them your friend or get them to see reason on this point and so long as they continue to support Liberal/Progressive political candidates and causes they will continue to undermine not just the Second Amendment, but all of our Constitutional freedoms.

      Chivalry on the battlefield died with the WW I air aces. We cannot afford to give even an inch that is not hard-fought and we must take EVERY opportunity to take the offense. Perhaps this “Liberal Tears” joke is offensive to some Liberals, and even some fence-sitting appeasers, but that is the very essence of the term “Offense,” isn’t it?

      And I don’t recall the last time I heard any Liberal discuss how they should stop offending conservatives.

  4. I want a 5 gallon barrel with a pump nozzle so I can put it on my front porch. Just for giggles I might just paint a 55 gallon drum and put it in front of my garage.

    • They do. Haven’t you been listening to them? “We’re not trying to take anyone’s guns away, but…”

      See? Don’t you feel better? ;-P

  5. Sigh.

    What a stupid product, and even worse is the mindset behind it that would say it is a good idea.

    Saying you will use liberal tears as a gun lube may make for a funny off hand comment, but to actually make and market such a product is absurd. In a battle for hearts and minds there is nothing like mocking your enemy and hoisting up the efforts to dehumanize them and see them as less than people. After all that sort of tactic never leads to anything bad, does it

      • “Liberal Tears, Progressively lubricating the Left side of those few guns the state has agreed to allow you to keep, for now.”

        “WARNING! This lubricant reacts violently when in proximity to PVC piping and/or common desiccants and will in those conditions cause severe corrosion of the hardest stainless steels and significant softening of most polymer materials.”

  6. We people of freedom need to stop calling them liberal. They’re not liberal. They’re Statists. They don’t stand for liberty. They stand for big government. We need to stop letting them get away with their language manipulation. Call them what they are. Big government Statists.

    • “Classically liberal” is the term I’ve read when discussing old school libertarians. As opposed to contemporary liberals, who are indistinguishable from fascists in most meaningful ways.

  7. my first reaction to this was “I hafta have this now!” but then reason kicked in.

    liberals cry. A LOT. and even super oil can only go so far….

  8. The one thing I have noticed, when the article first came out, I though I saw a $9.99 price
    seems to have jumped to $13.95 in just days
    I will stick with my Brand


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