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Ruger’s updating their wildly popular LC9s, one of the biggest selling concealed carry guns on the market. They’ve just announced the LC9s Pro model. It’s basically the LC9s without the external safety or magazine disconnect. So if the only reason you didn’t buy one was because of that safety, your argument just went up in smoke. The other update announced today is to their Gunsite Scout Rifle. They recently added a .223/5.56 NATO version to the line. Now they’re giving buyers the option of getting the original .308 chambered model with a composite stock, saving 3/4 of a pound. So if you weren’t a fan of the looks or the heft of the original black laminate stock Ruger used for the Scout Rifle, now you can buy a version that’s sure to survive those unfortunate boating accidents.

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  1. Hmm… makes my hammer fired LC9 that I got earlier this year look like an ancient model now…

    Also, your title says LCR9s… should just be LC9s. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a striker fired 9mm revolver.

  2. I bought the original LC9 2 years ago, and I think its a great gun (still do). Love the trigger on the LC9s, haven’t bought it yet (but will). Now Ruger has a flavor for everyone.

    Ruger listens. Now make the safety optional on the SR9/9c.

    • If I didn’t live in NJ I’d probably entertain a “trade-up” for the 9s or Pro, but it’s not worth getting another permit for a slight trigger improvement on a non-range gun.

      The safety doesn’t both me that much in this or the SR9. Put it in the holster and click the safety off… ready to go.

        • Why not? I carried for over 30 years while living in 5 different states and travelling in dozens of others before the first time I carried legally. Concealed is concealed. One way or another, 3 different cops became aware of this, none had anything to say about it. “Don’t be a dick.” is always good advice, too. Oh! Just a few years ago, I was carrying in NYC, also. I guess I just forgot to unload my piece and lock it in the trunk before entering the state.

        • Several reasons… home defense (I have other HD guns as well, but variety is the spice of life)… also have a Utah CCW permit if I were to travel out of state or to somewhere that is Constitutional carry.

    • Now that Ruger has forsaken California, I would expect a version coming. I have the SR40C. The safety is easily to de/activate, and has a positive click. You can just carry with it off if you can’t handle it.

      • I have both the LC9 and SR9c (with safety), and don’t really have a problem with carrying with a safety. My 30+ years of hunting has conditioned me to first disengage the safety, acquire target and fire. Especially pheasant hunting, in which reactionary shooting occurs often, and even carrying different guns, with different types and locations of safeties, never had an instance in which this automatic thought process didn’t kick in.

        But kudos to Ruger for listening and giving the public a choice.

  3. Pretty sure its just the LC9s, not LCR9s… the LCR is their polymer framed revolver… which I think they did recently release in 9mm. Maybe THATS called the LCR9?

  4. I don’t get why they even put magazine disconnect safeties in guns marketed for CC… The whole point is a gun for the worst case scenario, why add another feature that could cause the mechanical device to fail?

    • The idea is that you may be able to hit the mag release if you and the bad guy get into a struggle for the gun, rendering it safe. I don’t like disconnect safeties either.

    • The purpose of the disconnect is to prevent negligent discharges by people who pop the mag and think the gun is unloaded. I have read about this happening on multiple occasions, and it generally involves persons who have no safety training whatsoever, and/or who don’t bother to read the manual. The LCI is supposed to do the same thing, but wasn’t too successful, because people just don’t pay attention. Which is why California requires both AND a manual safety. To protect us from ourselves. (Yes there are lots of guns that have no such features, but they were all grandfathered in as long as there were no material changes in the design, e.g., Glock Gen III, Springfield XDs, some Kahrs. And yes the results are often insane. For example, I can have a Kahr CW9, but not the almost identical (but smaller) CM9, because one was introduced prior to the regulations and one after.

  5. “heft of the original black laminate stock”? Heft? Have you picked one of these things up? These things are tiny. These are carbine light rifles. Man, are they handy.

    The word “heft” never enters my mind picking the Scout up.

    • They do have more heft than one would think. That’s what my first thought was when I picked one up. Not too heavy mind you, just not as light as they appear.

      • laminate means glue. not as light as hollow plastic.
        laminate stocks are potentially less susceptible to humidity/ temperature warp than hardwood. also when done tastefully they are my favorite looking stocks for field guns.
        the stock on the savage scout is not pretty. it is light and fairly impervious to the environment.
        and the barrel is a bit longer. unless you can find an export market ruger.

  6. Great: another Ruger rifle that I want now. Maybe I’ll go for the Scout w/composite stock in .308, and then get a Ruger American in .30-06, or .270. (I just got the M77/44, ostensibly for hunting in Indiana – though the caliber rules are slated to change next year.)

    As for the LC9s/LC9s Pro – release it in .380, please. Had to buy my wife a Glock 42, because the trigger on the LC380 sucks.

  7. Damn, I guess it doesn’t pay to be an early adopter. I love my LC9s, but I would love this one even more. I see that they are still being stingy and only selling it with one magazine…

  8. Err… anybody wanna buy an LCP with a laser sight, 2 mags, 2 holsters, a belt clip and 5 or 6 boxes of .380 for whatever this LC9s is going to cost?

  9. The LC9s trigger is very nice. The magazine disconnect ‘safety’ is removable. I like having the frame safety. It wipes off like a 1911 safety does, and provides a little bit of peace of mind while holstering.

  10. There are two other features of the new composite-stock Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle other than its 0.75 lb weight reduction that now puts the rifle within Jeff Cooper’s weight recommendation.
    One is that the new rifles have a muzzle brake instead of a flash hider.
    The other is increased handiness from shorter barrels that are 16.1″ for both the blued and stainless versions. The length of the laminated stock rifle barrels is/was falsely represented. They are longer than listed in the specifications.
    Premium sling-maker and scout rifle shottist Andy Langlois ( has gotten his hands on the new stock and enthusiastically praised it on the Facebook Scout Rifle page ( and in the forum. Time (and Andy) will tell if it will stand up to hard use.

    • In case anyone is wondering, the Ruger Scout with laminate stock and 16.1″ barrel in *stainless* has been available. I came across it by accident, i.e., I thought the FFL who was advertising it on Gunbroker was mistaken. It was listed as Model 6801.

      One call to Ruger confirmed that they do make this model and that it’s not a distributor exclusive (like the green laminate version). They could not tell me why it was not listed on Ruger’s site. Maybe a limited run.

      And that’s the Scout I own now. I really appreciate the laminate stock and the shorter, stainless barrel.

  11. I have debated buying the LC9 for years. It has such nice lines and a good track record, but those 2 pesky features killed it for me.

    Tempting as hell. There goes my tax return.

  12. I’m waiting for the Scout rifle with the option of a walnut stock, way more of a classic look if you ask me. But we are after all in the generation of plastic…everything. walnut stocks and grips are for old timers…it’s a sad time. Happy about the de-lawyered lc9s. Golf clap

  13. I would have and would buy a Gunsite Scout in .308 if they took a double stack magazine. Throw in the 18.7″ barrel without a muzzle device and a composite stock and I’d be all over that.

  14. Damnit Ruger, for the love of all that’s holy, please make a scout that takes either mini30 or mini 14 magazines.
    Oh, and hogue please make an over molded stock for the takedown…long as I’m wishing.


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