Samson Carry Series
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Samson is well-known for their quality AR-15 handguards and other accessories. They’re branching out, introducing a compact magwell, magazine extension, and small compensator for their “Carry Series Package” for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and Shield 2.0. Add a little race gun performance to your EDC? Why not?

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  1. Doesn’t Smith&Wesson make a compensated model of the shield already? Performance Center model?

    • Yup, and they also make the M&P Compact. Although, I don’t think they have a performance center version of the M&P C.

  2. “Add a little race gun performance to your EDC? Why not.”

    Because if you wanted a bigger, longer, heavier gun with a compensator, you would have bought one.

    The Shield is popular because it’s small, light, concealable, and it goes bang.

    • Pretty much this, if I wanted a bigger EDC gun I would have bought one to begin with. As a matter of fact if you want a bigger EDC why would you stick with only 8 rounds? I like my XDM compact with 10 rounds of .45 ACP goodness.

    • I was talking about this on an unrelated article, but there’s really not much available (A couple Kahr options, Sig P220) that’s available in a single-stack width but with slightly larger overall ergonomics. The muzzle brake is useless (if I’m getting a longer effective slide, I want a longer sight radius to go with it) but an extra round’s worth of capacity, and a more stable part of the grip for your pinky would not go awry for me.

      There are purposes for guns that are neither .22 short derringers nor 20mm anti-tank rifles.

        • Unfortunately, my subcompact 9mm at the moment is something other than a Shield, but that doesn’t diminish what I was trying to say.

          The mag extensions with pinky grips are flawed in themselves, as they’re just not that stable when shooting. Sure, it might only be 50 thousandths or so of play, but a magwell attached to the frame (as opposed to floating within it) should feel much more secure. And if you’re going to be using the extended mags anyway… you’re really giving up nothing (except maybe having to haul around an additional 1-2oz) to by putting it on.

  3. Yeah I think everyone shares the same thought that to add weight, bulk to the shield defeats the point of the shield. Plus that whole set up runs you well over $100. I have a shield and find it to be a good shooting gun for the size. Never thought, this would make a good race gun

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