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Throw a stick at SHOT Show and you are sure to hit a Turkish made shotgun. The first stick I threw landed by a Derya Arms MK-12. It’s a bullpup 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun. I must have thrown an ugly stick, cause the MK-12 sure is ugly. That said . . .

The IWI Bullpup is the belle of the SHOT Show ball. And Derya sells its high[er] capacity shotguns to a lot of countries — not to say s’holes — where aesthetics aren’t valued very highly.

Specifically, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Ukraine. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In case you thought there was, their tumblr page will set you straight . . .

Derya Arms respects human life and environment, complies with laws of countries, is aware of ethical values, cares about fairness and appreciates the sensitivity of a business related partnership.

Situational awareness is a great starting point for any venture. Right?

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  1. If that magazine is reliable I’ll take one, but if this thing turns out to be less or of equal reliability to the Saiga 12s then they can keep it.

  2. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Since when does a gun need to be “sexy” to be a reliable firearm. The next thing we’ll be seeing is a petition being circulated requesting Gucci to start making guns. Enough!

  3. Fostech Origin 12 in my view is the most modern interpretation of an saiga 12 whit the best quality but the price is extrem and no 3 magnum fit inside …………

    But good to see theres an movement on semi mag feedet shotgungs

  4. The iwi bullpup shotgun looks complicated and wide with the multiple shell tubes. I don’t love bullpups but this gun looks a lot thinner and easier to carry. Can’t speak to the fit and finish or reliability.

  5. How about this, Mr Farnam; Let’s teach soldiers how to shoot before we replace every rifle and bullet in the inventory. The fact is the Army has not taught basic marksmanship (despite having a program of that name) for decades. Shooting fundamentals that will get you reliably on target out to 500m are not black magic, and are easily absorbed. Also PRACTICE that is not annual qualification would be a good idea (something else the Army does not do).

  6. Yeah… Because when I go gun shopping, I definitely want to support a country that’s the mortal enemy of all western civilization. Next up, guns from North Korea.

  7. I’m not purchasing anything named “Derpa”. Oh, it’s “Derya”? Still…

    On that note, I’m not buying Turkish anything.

  8. I think I will give this one a try, its different, and as a broad rule, Turkish firearm quality is a very high.

  9. If anyone is interested in a bullpup semi-auto mag-fed shotgun but prefers to buy American, check out the Standard Manufacturing SKO-BULL. All the features you want, currently available on the market, superb reliability (at least from what I’ve seen in reviews so far), and 100% made in the USA

    • The SKO-BULL is most certainly not on the market yet, and there are no real reviews of it, just previews by fawning gun rags.

  10. Instead of simply calling it ugly, you could elaborate on the details of the gun a bit more. Just saying.

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