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Press release: WASHINGTON D.C. January 2, 2018 – RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey announces that it plans to debut its brand new Inertia Plus ™ semi automatic shotgun action at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada . . .

Engineers at RETAY Arms have been developing and testing The Inertia Plus ™ system since 2015 with the goal of improving the functionality of the traditional inertia rotating bolt head designed by Bruno Civolani in 1967.

The Retay Arms Inertia Plus ™ system uses a specially adapted torsion mechanism built into the body of the system’s bolt head. The mechanism is charged with the kinetic energy produced as the floating bolt-head rotates backward out of battery during the initial phase of recoil cycle.

This kinetic energy is stored momentarily within the bolt body as the bolt body moves backward in the second phase of recoil cycle. During the bolt body’s recovery phase the torsion mechanism releases the stored kinetic energy to apply additional forward rotational force that assists the forward movement of the bolt-head ensuring that it locks securely into battery with the barrel chamber, making the action ready for the next shot under all conditions.

Retay Arms Interia Plus system

The system eliminates the bolt-head lock up issues that can be experienced with a traditional inertia system when cycling lightweight or lower velocity shotgun shells. The Retay Inertia Plus ™ system also eliminates the need to fully spring slam or manually “click” the bolt into the battery during initial chambering.

RETAY expects their new Inertia Plus ™ system to benefit consumers by offering a single platform that provides a higher level of performance across the entire spectrum of shotgun ammunition types.

Retay Arms Interia Plus bolt

By improving cycling performance with low recoil loads and without sacrificing the virtues of lightweight, low maintenance and all weather reliability that the inertia action is known for, Retay is prepared to offer shooters an action that will provide greater confidence in any hunting, shooting or defense scenario.

RETAY currently holds PATENT PENDING status for various aspects of the Inertia Plus ™ mechanism in TR and the EU and has filed patent applications for the same with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Retay Arms Masai Mara shotgun

RETAY expects that the Inertia Plus ™ system will be available in the United States later this year in limited release in a designated model variation based on its highly acclaimed Masai Mara shotgun platform.

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  1. So did Benelli’s patent just expire? Anyone can republish a press release, where’s the reporting?

    • The Benelli patent expired in 2006. That is how Browning was able to introduce its new inertia shotgun without a license from Benelli.

  2. I don’t know, this looks like a solution looking for a problem. If a Benelli is properly functioning it cycles low power loads fine. If the problem is considered to be the rotating bolt head, well then why not just eliminate it like Beretta did with its Pintail? The rotating bolt head, despite what a lot of people believe, is not part of the inertia system.

  3. I’ve seen the rotating head problem in a beretta 391. Closing the bolt slowly and quietly you have to nudge it closed or it won’t be in battery. Haven’t see this problem on my benelli or stoeger.

    It’s most likely going to be a very expensive solution for only a few models. I think I’ll just nudge the bolt forward when hunting.

    • The Benelli won’t go into battery if you very slowly ease the bolt home. Some talk about the infamous Benelli click when this happens. As you said it can happen to any gun with a rotating bolt. I have never found it to be a problem and my chukar gun is a Benelli Cordoba. Chukar guns get banged around a lot hunting and I have never had it go out of battery due to a hit. I have even tried countless times bouncing the gun on the butt. If the jolt is enough to make the bolt go out it is enough to force to let go back in. That has been my experience anyway. Of course it is possible for it to happen. It is just very unlikely.

      Still if a person is a road hunter that wants to be quiet chambering a shell, a Benelli isn’t the gun for him. There is no way I can figure out how to chamber a round without making a racket.

  4. Retay Inertia Plus, its the solution of Benelli Click problem in inertia operating systems.

    Benelli İnertia is expired and now using Inertia Driven as patented but the problem still goes on.

    Inertia plus works properly with all light ammunition and closes the bolt with lightest pushing. No click just Bang Bang!

  5. retay dünyanın en iyi av silahıdır.ben baretta ve benelide kullandım.evet ikiside çok iyi tüfek ama retay çok daha iyi ve ucuz.türkiyede baretta 12.00 tl ama masai mara 3000 tl.
    kaliteyi daha ucuza almak buudur.dünyanın en iyi cevizi türk cevizidir.retay namlusu son derece kaliteli malzemeden yapılmıştır.ben domuz avcısıyım slug modelini kullanıyorum.250 metre rahat menzili var 120 metreden sonra sapması artıyor yerçekiminden dolayı.herkese tavsiye ederim.masai mara tüfekse diğerleri nedir.?

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