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Redfield is the down-market┬ámore affordable brand for Leupold’s scopes, and they’ve been expanding the line pretty comprehensively in the last few years. Their latest addition to the family is a high magnification scope designed for benchrest and long range shooting with a 6-18x magnification range. The scope features a parallax adjustment ring, 1/4 MoA elevation and windage adjustments and a MIL reticle . . .


It’s still a second focal plane scope, which for me is frustrating, but makes sense at this price point. The scope will run you about $299.

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    • I claim no expert status, but I bought a Redfield Revolution (4×12) two years ago and put it on my 91. It was made in the Oregon factory along side of the Leupolds.

      It’s probably the best money I ever spent on optics. (next to my El Paso T-10)

  1. Just looks funny on that carbine, with the optic taking up the entire top all the way to the end of the handguard, but for 18x I guess you gotta have that much glass.

    So Im totally a layman and will openly admit it, but I had to look up for a second focal plane optic was, interesting read though.

    • The mil could still be used for ranging on a second focal plane scope at a set magnification level, I suppose. That information would have to be clearly marked on the scope prior to being useful. I suppose a savvy shooter could set up a 1/2 meter target at 500 meters or (1 meter at 1000, etc.) and obtain mil values of the reticle that way.

      The scope looks pretty big for an AR but could be right at home on a bolt 6.5 mm / 7 mm, .308, etc.

      Are the adjustments in mils or MOA? Any word on recoil testing?

      • Oops. Article says MOA. I got excited when I saw mil. This would be awesome if it had mil adjustments.

        • MOA would be quicker for ‘in your head’ quick dope calculations. 1″ at 100 yards, 2″ for 200 yards, etc. If you are using a load that is flatter than 5.56 or 7.62 your rangefinder should give you what you need for elevation calculations and you should be well equipped with the optic advantage if you are inside of MPBR.

          Try this. If your holdover is 31 inches (about right for a 600 yard shot with a 7mm mag Rem zeroed at MPBR for a 6″ target), you simply hold over 4 clicks on the scope reticle. Why won’t that work? It’s fast and dependable, leaving you to the real problem in long range shooting, the wind.

  2. I may get a .300 Mag in a trade. I doubt the rifle is going to be worth expensive glass but I may want to see what it can do and this would probably get the job done without breaking the bank. Not a bad idea, just not for serious competition is my guess.

  3. I’ve got one of the Revenge 6-18 scopes on a Savage 308. I don’t claim to be a great or even good shooter. Sub MOA groups with this set up. (On a rainy, low light day) Scope cost me less than $250. This is a GREAT scope value.

  4. I am a long range shooter who shoots sub moa at 1000 yds with a Savage .308 and high dollar Vortex scope. I have examined this scope to put on my 6.5 grendal. It far exceeds what I expected in this price range. Clear as a bell with very clean click adjustments.

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