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Mossberg had some new products to show off at the NRA show this year, including the FLEX system for Mossberg and Maverick shotguns. Easily and quickly swap adjustable stocks, grips, recoil pads, forends, and more. They also showed off a non-NFA shorty shotty and a new line of AR-15s . . .

In the lead photo, the stock is shown extended, while in the photo above it’s collapsed. Now a shotgun can quickly and easily fit the whole family without having to go with an AR-15 stock adapter (which often results in weird cheek rest height, angle, grip situations, etc).

Push out one pin and the stock pops right off of the receiver, ready to be swapped for any number of other options.

Recoil pads also swap quickly and easily by pushing a release button on the bottom, rear of the stock.

Better yet, this extends over to the new AR-15 stocks, which employ the same QD recoil pad system plus a plethora of QD sling sockets.

Stainless steel barrels, suppressor-ready brakes, new handguards, grips, charging handles, and Mossberg’s new drop-in AR-15 trigger round out changes to their new AR platform (depending on model). MMR Pro seen in the first photo.

Next up is the 590 Shockwave, a non-NFA “firearm” with a birds head pistol grip and a 14″ barrel. Perhaps the coolest part is the availability of inserts — I think for the lifter — that ensure smooth cycling of 12 gauge Aguila Minishells.

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  1. No. No it is not new. Flex has existed for years, and you already covered the collaboration with shockwave.

  2. Okay, that adjustable stock is kind of neat. I’d be all over one of those on for 870s.

    • Check out the ATI Akita. Very similar design, and it’s available for Remingtons, Winchesters, and Mossbergs.

  3. I could get to like that webbing loop on the pump. And the inserts for the mini-shells.

    If the grip had a bit of a ‘hilt’ on it to stop you hand from riding up on the receiver when fired that would be even better.

    It’s got a lot of the makings for a good home-defense weapon…

    • I have one on a longer barrel. Your hand doesn’t ride up if you have a proper grip.

    • The webbing grip works, I have one on a breachers shotgun model.
      Is a forward pistol grip allowed on the Shockwave?

  4. I have one of the Cruiser, 500’s with the heat shield and extended magazines. The Raptor grip is the way to go. The pistol style is just brutal on the hand. The Raptor just rocks gently and makes it much much easier to run the gun. I also put the web on the fore end to enhance the grip on racking.
    With the reduced recoil loads, (8 pellots @1100fps), it’s more than viable for defense. Good luck finding the mini-shells. Also even with the adaptor for them, seems as if the users still have to deal with Uh-oh’s. With the standard length shells it’s never a problem. The Hornady TAP (tactical application police) are excellent.

  5. The Shockwave would be a hell of an anti car jacking gun; put it in a scabbard right by your leg.

  6. So whats the law on 14 inch shotty, can u put a vfg ? Can you add a full or folding stock? Is it about the same length as a keltec ksg?

  7. I’m digging these little shotguns, Shockwave and the Stakeout. Seems like the perfect thing for store clerks to have right behind the counter or next to you while driving plus points for post-apocalyptic badassery. Might have to get one this year.

    • I’m not denying these are cool, but it seems like it would be a lot easier to deploy a pistol while seated in a car instead of a two-foot-long pump shotgun.

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