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Maxpedition makes packs, bags, cases, organizers, holsters, knives, and much more for the concealed carry, travel, and tactical markets. If you’ve been seeking that tactical CCW functionality without the tactical aesthetic, though, you’ve noticed your options are all too limited. Enter Maxpedition’s ENTITY Series, designed around their NTT concept. What’s that? Find out in the press release and video below . . .

Introducing the 2018 Maxpedition ENTITY™ Series

Maxpedition is proud to introduce the new ENTITY™ Series! Designed around out Non-Tactical/Tactical (NTT) concept, the new Entity line focuses on discreet concealed carry for covert operators and prepared citizens who choose to be unnoticed. A sleek, modern exterior devoid of characteristics typically associated with the “tactical look” masks an interior optimized for organization and situational readiness.

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  1. Neat. I’m always in the market for nice backpacks that don’t scream bugout bag / military wannabe.

  2. This would be much better if you could fit a taken-down ar-15 (assuming standard 16″ barrel with standard birdcage) in it. But it seems that even the largest one does not have sufficient room in the main compartment for that.

  3. Hmmm… 27L for $219?

    Pass. There have been better “low pro” bags out there for years and at better price points. I’ve had, and beat the fuck out of, a number I would recommend long before these.

  4. FWIW: I got a very nice used top quality baby diaper bag at a garage sale for almost nothing. You know people with money and mall moms like nice bags. It has all the pockets and hidden compartments a man could need to use as a very very nice strong range bag. And …….black……..!

  5. I like it. I’m pretty sick of the tacticool FDE MOLLE style crappola. Though there are far cheaper options than this. I highly recommend either dad-style diaper backpacks or emergency responder backpacks. The one I keep in my car is stocked with supplies for wilderness emergency response, but it would be perfect as a range bag.

  6. It has its place but nothing screams look at me, like a molle backpack in military or operator colors

  7. Too late.

    Walking around a Big 10 campus I see LOTS of packs and sling bags with MOLLE nowadays. To the hoi-polloi MOLLE is just as mysterious, and useless, as the attachments for crampons and ice axe that are seen on some of the other high-end choices; all they want is a bag that will last a year and doesn’t look like what their little sister gets on the bus with back home.

    Years back I looked hard for a “non tactical” bag, and then gave up. I put a flashing red strobe like a cyclist might use, and a peace sign pin from a local head shop on my black tactical bag and nobody gives me a second look. (It might help that I come by a certain “old hippy” look fairly honestly.)

    Black and MOLLE is fairly normalized these days as long as you avoid hanging your big ol’ Bowie knife on the outside.

  8. All these big name manufacturers are missing the boat. My 16 y/o daughter has gone through 4 backpacks in the last 2.5 years. I’ve tried to convince her to try maxpedition, hazard 4, 5:11, etc, etc, as they are built tougher than off the shelf generic bags. But not a single one produces ANYTHING with feminine appeal. And yes, I’m serious. She would bought one had someone offered a simple, tough as nails backpack in pink. Or any color not black, grey or FDE. I’m sure there’s some market for this, as there are plenty of ladies out there who would buy a bag if it wasn’t trying so hard to be the unofficial backpack of the Navy SEALS.

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