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In the run-up to the SHOT show, Marlin has introduced its new XT-series bolt-action rimfire rifles. Ignoring the specter of Remington’s Triggergate, the new Marlins feature their new XT Pro-Fire® user-adjustable trigger system (from 3 to 6 pounds). Or maybe not . . . “The XT Series rifles offer the newly designed trigger safety, preventing the trigger from being pulled until the trigger safety is fully depressed for an added level of safety and confidence and freedom from owner lawsuits.” I added that last bit. And Marlin’s added a new synthetic stock to this lineup, along with the choice of cheap calibers: 22 LR, 22 WMR and 17 HMR. And just in case you won’t buy a rifle unless it has at least three little circled “r”s . . .

Matched with Marlin’s patented Micro-Groove® rifling, the XT rifle offers the shooter the ultimate in tack-driving accuracy . . .

The newly designed XT synthetic stock is based on years [years I tell you] of consumer research and features a newly designed ergonomic stock and fore-end. The XT pistol grip has slight palm swell for a rich feel and solid grip. The improved butt stock shoulders quickly and comfortably helping to create textbook shooting form. The wood stocked versions include Monte Carlo walnut-finished hardwood, hardwood laminates, and American Black Walnut, Marlin’s Mar-Shield® clear-coat is added for that extra level of durability.

TTAG is most interested in the new youth model. Tell a lie. I’m most interested in their big bore lever-action rifles. But then, my bloodline likes things that go BOOM! So don’t mind me. ‘Cause I can’t tell you the price for all this bolt-action low-caliber goodness. Update ASAP.

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  1. Remington hasn’t used the trigger system CNBC claimed was defective for years in the civilian 700, and the current system (X-Mark Pro) is also adjustable.

  2. Wish I could FIND an XT-MTR somewhere. Marlin has been having quality control problems since Remington bought them and drove them into the dirt. I am hoping to someday find an XT-MTR tube fed .22 magnum and pray that the Remington quality control has improved….


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