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The Remington 700 is, without a doubt, the single most popular firearm in the United States. The AR-15 has it beat in terms of numbers, but that’s a platform made by many manufacturers. There’s only one Remington. It looks like Magpul has made its first new product announcement since announcing their move to Texas, and their SHOT Show surprise is a new aluminum bedded chassis for the Remington 700 platform. But wait, there’s more! They are also starting to manufacture polymer magazines compatible with the Accuracy International AICS mags. Which is a Godsend, since I hate paying $100 a pop for those babies . . .

From Jerking the Trigger:

Hunter 700, $259.95 MSRP has an anodized aluminum bedding block, uses SGA cheek riser and LOP spacers, has M-LOK slots, has dimples to add swivel studs and places to add our QD sockets, weighs 2.9 lbs, and works with factory Rem bottom metal as packaged, or….

Remove a spacer (30 seconds) and insert our hybrid steel and polymer Bolt Action Magazine Well (MSRP $69.95, includes one magazine) to use AICS compatible magazines, speaking of which…

The PMAG5 7.62 AC is an AICS compatible polymer magazine with anti-tilt follower, MSRP $34.95. The magazine holds five rounds as packaged to comply with hunting regulations, but if you clip the follower stop on a pre-scored line, it becomes a 6-round magazine, useful in competitive shooting disciplines or just for an extra round.

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    • +1 if I wanted a precision rifle in .308, I would go with an AR platform. One of these compatible with a long action in .30-06 or 300 Winmag would have been awesome though.

      • Yeah, that was my point. I was really excited to read the article until I go to the part about short action. That hissing sound was my ballon of hope deflating. Even with a decelerator pad on my stock and a shoulder cushion the rifle kicks like a mule.

        • The best part of this is using PMAGS on a 700 pattern rifle. This likely explains the short action, since I don’t know of any long action PMAGS. Remington 700’s have desperately needed a good, modestly priced detachable magazine, so this should be a home run. This first release is obviously aimed at the largest market of shooters out here, but you can bet they’re looking at left handed versions. And military application? If I were Magpul, I’d be kicking myself for waiting this long.

          I’m thinking a Remington .260 based on this, but I can sure see a bunch of .243 deer rifles built around it, too.

      • Now that silencers are becoming more common than ever before, it’s a perfect time to get a shorter .308 barrel and thread it for a can. Go magnum and you’re wasting the case capacity if you want to load subsonic rounds, go smaller bore and subsonic rounds have a bullet too small to do much good.

        Got an AAC barrel ready to go if I ever get the time to actually install it.

  1. Nick, this is hardly the first product since the Texas move.

    Mike, stay tuned, they are coming out with others too. I’m excited because the features built into this makes it the biggest bang-for-your-buck on the market.

  2. This looks neat, kinda makes me want a Rem 700, but I plan on building something of the AR-10 variety after my finishing my current build.

    ALSO: just saw on JTT that Magpul is releasing a 60 round drum.

    • As I understand it, it’s a single stack. I suppose they could do a 10 round, but a 20 would get pretty long.

      Personally I would rather wait and go MVP with the sr-25 mags and hope this stock comes for them next.

    • Press release I read today said 10 rounders in development. The steel AICS ones I have are as long as a 20 round 5.56 PMag.

  3. Please excuse me while I go pick my jaw up off the floor… wow! Best aftermarket accessory of the year, just go ahead and stop the voting now.

    The polymer AICS mags that is, the chassis is “meh” Im a wood laminate fanboy for my rifles.

  4. If I understand correctly, this puts Magpul magazines on both sides of the Ruger Gunsite Scout (AI pattern) vs. Mossberg 7.62 MVP (SR-25 pattern) competition.

    • Looks like it. Ruger has a glass-filled nylon 3,5, and 10 round magazine in the AICS pattern for their GSR at this same price point or a bit cheaper BUT their magazine does not have an anti-tilt follower and on their website they do not recommend using their magazine for any other AICS pattern rifle. I don’t know what could be different about their magazines that they are not recommended for other rifles if the GSR is also an AICS pattern rifle.

  5. Hmm, well I have been wanting a new bolt-action and didn’t know if I should do .30-06 or .308

    Looks like Magpul made up my mind for me.

  6. Hopefully the follow with 10 rd aics mags. I believe that’s kind of the standard as far as precision rifle mags go.

  7. Looks like an older Remington 700 in .308 would be a good buy for this stock. I wouldn’t use a new 700 for this stock. That would be like painting a turd gold.

  8. I was ready to buy one, and then look for a 700 action, until I read short action. Who wants a precision rifle in .308? I already have a .308 that will do what this combo does: It’s called a national match AR-10!

    I’m looking for something north of 30-06. “There is no replacement for displacement”.

  9. If they make one for the Tikka T3 it’ll sell good in the Nordic countries. I’ll get one right away then at least. 🙂

  10. Will it fit my SPS in 223/5.56 in a Bell and Carlson medalist aluminum bedded stock?
    If so, I’m in.

  11. Yeah I’m more excited about the bottom metal/floor plate magazine addition. Hard to find one for less than $200 and those don’t even come with a magazine.

  12. It looks more like a tactical stock than a hunting stock. I would like to try one, but would hope in the future that a true hunting stock,more streamline with the same aluminum chassis will be available. A hunting rifle should not be big in your hands. That’s why some hunters prefer the ADL and CDL wood stocks for hunting.

  13. I purchased one for my .223 Remington 26 inch heavy barrel and I really like it. Good price with many features. I opted for the magpul bottom “polymer” and I actually use 10rnds AI .223 magazines with mine with no problem. They actually fit better then the 308 mag that comes in the package. I target shoot for fun and I don’t hunt so i really consider this as a cool, cost effective option to some of the more expensive chassises and or stocks out there. Ergonomics are great as I also have a mossberg 500 with the Magpul stock so i like the repeatability of hand placement.

    I will get magpul hunter .223 mags when they decide to develop them but as I said the AI polymer mags that I have work fine for my purpose.

  14. Check Archangel’s new stocks this year…

    Remington long action and Howa long action Precision adjustable stocks…

    Available with a 6 round magnum magazine or a 7 round standard magazine.

    The Magnum magazine handles most belted mags.

    The standard handles most long action cartridges that are based on the 30-06 or similar.

    Both have limiters for 5 rounds.

    Also available are 10 and 15 round variants in the Magnum or standard.

  15. Just finally picked my Remington 700 magpul in 308 up took a couple weeks but well worth the wait put a vortex 6.5 x20 on it. the gun clanging 1000 yards in less than 2 weeks. just through scope on it and away I went. Haters will hate but the gun rocks

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