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Earlier this week, a Third Circuit three-judge panel ruled that New Jersey’s new law prohibiting possession of magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds is constitutional. That means New Jersey gun owners who own standard capacity magazines have until Monday to destroy them, alter them, or turn them in.

The question then becomes…what happens after Monday? New Jersey has upwards of a million gun owners. That means there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of magazines in the state that will be illegal after the deadline. We’re all the way down here in Texas, but if there were lines of gun owners wanting to turn in their prohibited magazines forming around every Garden State police station, that would probably be all over the news right now.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Steven Gutowski tried to get some answers as to how the hoplophobic powers that be in New Jersey plan to enforce their new law. Let’s just say they weren’t particularly forthcoming.

Neither the state police nor the attorney general’s office elaborated on how they plan to enforce the law. Nor did they provide any guidance for those currently in possession of the magazines. . . .

State police told the Washington Free Beacon the effort to enforce the law will be a statewide endeavor directed by the attorney general’s office. They would not comment other than to say they will enforce New Jersey’s laws.

“We will enforce the law of the state,” Lieutenant Theodore Schafer of the New Jersey State Police said. “That’s our plan.”

Schafer would not give any details on the agency’s plan to enforce the law and referred the Free Beacon to the attorney general’s office for further questions.

Surely the AG’s office has some guidance, since Attorney General Gurbir Grewal has been such a fan and outspoken supporter of the new magazine capacity limit law.

Leland Moore, a public information officer for the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, refused to answer any questions on how the state planned to deal with gun owners who did not comply with the new law. He would not say if the attorney general has any guidance at all for those who currently own the magazines being targeted, which gun-rights activists have estimated to be up to a million New Jersey residents, or provide any insight about how the state will deal with those who don’t turn in, modify, or destroy their magazines.

“We have no comment,” Moore said to multiple inquiries.

It’s almost as if they don’t really have a plan at all for how to enforce their shiny new confiscation law. That’s because, in all likelihood, they don’t. Just look at New York’s SAFE Act registration requirement as an example of how an unenforceable gun control law works in practice.

Under the SAFE Act, New Yorkers were required to register their “assault weapons” by a date certain. But the mandate was met by civil disobedience and wide spread non-compliance from the state’s gun owners. Only a fraction of the estimated number of “assault rifles” in the state were ever registered.

The response by Governor Soprano and his minions was…silence. They’ve chosen to ignore it, having no desire to stir up a hornet’s nest by proactively enforcing the law. If someone is discovered with an un-registered firearm as part of a traffic stop, domestic disturbance call, burglary…whatever…then they’ll prosecute. Otherwise, the unspoken approach seems to be, in effect, don’t ask, don’t tell. And the Governor will continue to trumpet the law’s “success” in making the Empire State safer. Allegedly.

Look for the same approach in New Jersey. Neither Governor Phil Murphy or AG Grewal has any interest in going door-to-door looking for 15-round magazines. And when the State Police’s Lt. Schafer says, “We will enforce the law of the state,” that means they’ll charge you if they happen find +10-round magazines in your car during a traffic stop. Or if someone breaks into your home and they happen to see an offending magazine when they investigate.

So look for New Jersey’s gun owners to respond to their state’s latest Second Amendment infringement much as New Yorkers did. By flipping an invisible bird at the Governor and legislature and claiming all of their standard capacity magazines had been lost in an unfortunate series of tragic boating accidents.

In the mean time, the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, have pledged to appeal the decision. And New Jersey’s gun owners will bide their time, hoping for a favorable ruling.


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    • and do NOT consent to a search…demand a warrant…even if you believe you have “nothing to hide”…
      and this advice is from multiple LEOs and other sources…

      • Say no words to law enforcement other than “Good day, officer.” Even that can be a problem. “He encouraged a consensual conversation.” Cops are not there to help you, much less serve and protect you. They have performance indicators that require they are there to arrest you and, in the case of higher ranks and prosecutors, put you in prison.

    • In New Jersey the authoritys can pretty much do whatever the hell they want, knowing that the majority of citizens are just whiney sheep and will allow it. Either move, vote them out of office, or do as you usually do and just whine about it.

      • When non-consent produces to “STOP RESISTING” then being beaten about the head, shoulders (and other orifices)…all followed on by your wonderful public servants ‘finding’ drugs in your car.

    • Weeeellll except for the fact that based on precedent, NJ has determined that if a cop sees anything gun related such as a gun case, that constitutes probable cause.

      • I can tell you how to get rid of them, should you decide to go that way! Remember that gun-hater up the street? Toss a 30-round on his porch and then drop a dime on the awful criminal.

    • They will manufacture ‘probable cause’ out of thin air. “I observed the defendant’s left, rear tail lamp was burned out and upon addressing him/her I smelled marijuana and saw a rolling paper on the floor”.
      About a year ago an out of state car was stopped. The officer was at once verbally aggressive – loud, fast questions, etc. He asked if he was a concealed carry holder. Thinking that this was an odd question, he stated, “Yes”. When asked to produce the firearm the driver stated that he was traveling and it was too much trouble to carry it. The car was completely unpacked and the luggage was extensively rummaged through. They questioned him more (his wife as well) while others went over the vehicle and the luggage, again. And again, they found nothing. Total waste of time was 2 or 2.5 hrs.
      The point is that the cops knew that he was a CCW permit holder and that as well as the out of state tags, gave them probable cause.
      Anyone out there with a clear account of this outrageousness incident in MD kindly feel free to elucidate us on the real facts.

    • Technically correct but practically misleading. Probable cause (or a warrant) is required for a “search” but not for, say an inventory incident to tow or a weapon frisk of a vehicle, the latter of which only requires reasonable suspicion (of an illegal weapon).

    • Probably cause can be anything. I had my vehicle searched once when I was younger because I had a bat in the car and no baseball glove. (POS air shocks broke and was only way to hold open hood/trunk) Officer said since I had no glove the bat was considered a weapon and therefore reason to search my car.

  1. N.R.A. gave up on states like N.J long ago. the result being that the gun grabbers now use those states as ” incubators ” for obviously unconstitutional laws.
    They know they will not be opposed as they should be at every turn.

    N.J. will eventually use it’s pistol registration forms to build a database to determine who owns weapons that ” MAY ” have a greater than 10 round capacity.

    That information ALONE will be called ‘ Probable Cause ‘ to issue a search warrant at any time , or to allow police to search without warrant if called for any other reason , in the name of ” Officer Safety .”

    ( But , it ‘ can’t ‘ happen here , right ? )

    • The NRA gave up for good reason. Y’all keep electing the same sleezeballs over and over expecting things to change. It’s all your fault, you made your beds now sleep in them. Or get off your lazy sheep asses and vote them out of office. No whining allowed!

      • As someone who lives in NJ, it does not really matter who you vote for here. All NJ politicians are slimeballs regardless of party. The few Rep politicians we had like old Cristie the Hutt were far from being pro gun, and there are plenty of turncoat Rep in other states who will throw gun rights under the bus just as surely as Dems.

        • Agreed.

          But think what you will, we wouldn’t even be talking about a ‘Second Amendment Right’ if it weren’t for the NRA.

          That is why I am a life member.

        • “But think what you will, we wouldn’t even be talking about a ‘Second Amendment Right’ if it weren’t for the NRA.

          That is why I am a life member.”

          Yeah, if it weren’t for the NRA, the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms would be understood as the natural right that it is instead of a government privilege “granted” by the Constitution that the NRA thinks it is.

          That is why I am not an N(egotiating) R(ights) A(way) member.

        • Yeah, if it weren’t for the NRA, the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms would be understood as the natural right that it is instead of a government privilege “granted” by the Constitution that the NRA thinks it is

          Nope, if not for the NRA it would be gone completely. Just admit you are a whiny free rider on other people’s effort and money.

          Do you know what public support for total bans of handguns was in the 1970’s and 1980s? It was LARGE majorities. Even revolvers would have been banned if not for the NRA. And if not for the NRA the 1990’s assault rifle ban which had a very large majority support in ALL polling would have been permanent instead of sunset-ed

        • Precisely, the NRA is a Civil Rights organization and not an trade group for gun shows and swap meets as simpleton politicians try to frame the argument.

        • “Precisely, the NRA is a Civil Rights organization”

          NRA would have agitated and demonstrated for the right of black people to sit in the middle of the bus.

        • “Even revolvers would have been banned if not for the NRA.”

          I accept all the citations you present as being true. However….

          One cannot be sorta political. Either you play in the arena, or you don’t, at all. Curiously, there is nothing any more that is not political.

          Politics is a matter of “what have you done for me lately?”. In a political world where one cannot pretend to be “squishy” regarding constitutional rights, NRA needs to either be a staunch, absolute defender of the Second Amendment, or go back to being strictly a gun safety organization, letting politics determine how long a gun safety organization can survive.

      • “It’s all your fault, you made your beds now sleep in them. Or get off your lazy sheep asses and vote them out of office. No whining allowed!”

        It’s not the fault of gun owners, it’s the fault of liberals infesting the urban areas who are greater in number than gun owners. Same goes for places like New York and California. You can vote against them, but you’re hopelessly outnumbered and the candidates you vote for probably won’t win. Until the NRA can magically produce a few millions extra pro-gun voters out of thin air, then places like New Jersey, New York, and California remain a lost cause to them.

  2. A few high profile cases of Jack Booted smiling Storm Troopers burning down a house with the hapless gun owners still inside will cause an avalanche of verboten magazines to be thrown out into the streets or turned in with no compensation. And large collections of magazines could be worth a lot of money but no matter no one will get a dime in compensation. Given the long anti-gun history of the courts, even conservative courts, don’t be surprised if the Supreme Court as usual just refuses to hear the appeals. Remember what happened when the Branch Davidians did not have a BATF approved church. The BATF just had a human barbecue of 80 women and children. And the Main Stream News Media being anti-religious and anti-gun simply danced in the blood of the victims.

    • You’re right. And all those incidents cost the .gov a mountain of political capital and moral authority. California has had a 10-round mag ban since 1994 as a felony. Someone, somewhere realized it was completely unenforceable and only motivated people in to civil disobedience. There are MORE +10 round magazines in the state today than there were in 1994, because of the law which prohibited it. After 25 years, the state’s anti gun pols reduced the mag limit law from a state prison felony to a citable infraction. I hate the comparison, but mag limit laws are like marijuana laws. Its odd seeing Colorado and New Jersey go down this road when California (and even the 9th Circus court) is actually backing away from it.

  3. Why would they bother actively enforce it? They’ll just do it piecemeal like anywhere else. They sure as hell aren’t going to go door to door searching every address searching for them. They will just prosecute and fine everyone they catch with one. Seems like a no brainer to me.

    • Re: my post above…. the NJ law, like California’s 1994 magazine law, will backfire and only promote civil disobedience. 25 years from now, like California, there will be MORE >10 round mags in NJ and they’ll have to quietly back off or risk looking like useless hacks. High profile enforcement will only encourage people to be more careful and build resentment against the by otherwise productive/law abiding people.

  4. Like anything else…charges only good AFTER you catch them…just like like drug laws…
    owners will keep their regular-capacity magazines…just won’t use them in public
    real criminals don’t care now…won’t care in the future, either…

        • They don’t call it NO-jersey for nothing, just like NO-yech! Sure, You can trust the government, just ask Crazy Horse,Geronimo, Sitting Bull,Red Cloud,& any political prisoners!🐺🦅🇸🇴🏴‍☠️☠️ Thank GOD I live in the Gun friendly South!🇸🇴 Unless the commie socialist dummycrats carpetbaggers get their perverted way!

        • The Californiafication of the south is underway full steam in the Trans-Mississippi region (Texas, Nevada, and the New Mexico Territory) and the border regions (Illinois, Virginia, and Florida). Once the Yankees cut The South in two, then the Heart of the South is ripe for invasion…..

          For those of you who want to run away to “gun friendly” states, I would recommend that you stay and fight in your home states. If we give up the embattled states, then there wont be any “gun friendly” states left to influence the congress and courts, and keep our whack job states in check.

      • part of “end-game” for them…they want to turn us all into convicted felons…no jail time…but no guns either…

        • No guns = no sheet metal, pipes, and springs. Laws have become so invasive that the average American commits 2x felonies a day. So felons are easy to make, assuming you have enough .gov money and political will to arrest, charge, and prosecute huge swathes of the productive, voting, tax paying public. But, guns are easy to make too.

          A law abiding citizen who believes in justice and his government may be disuaded from possessing an illagal supressed submachinegun, because he has something to lose. But a criminal who has no faith in the system and sees only injustice has no such concerns.

      • Out of those one million gun owners, how many of them even know that their magazines are even illegal now? Maybe 200,000? That’s the crux of the plan though – ignorance of the law is no excuse – make an example out of a few law abiding gun owners.

      • The southern half of NJ is mostly rednecks, hillbillies, lakes, and deep woods, plus the nice beaches and shoretowns. Plenty of houses there fly stars and bars. There are also a few neat historic battle sites, amusement parks, and gardens. Prroblem is the northern half near NYC rules the rest of the state with an iron fist. Similar to how NYC bullies upstate NY and how LA and SF bully inland CA. Powerful city states are a bad thing.

        Something to remember is that if you keep givingbup on a state and run to another one, eventually you are going to run out of states to run to.

  5. ” New Jersey gun owners who own standard capacity magazines have until Monday to destroy them, alter them, or turn them in.”

    And If their turned In the person will be fairly compensated for the loss of his personal property ….RIGHT….(sound of cricks)…..I don’t think there’s going to be mass bon fires of people destroying them or lines around the block of people waiting to turn them In.
    I believe I smell mass re-call votes a coming to New Jersey…..real soon.
    I mean you can only Ignore stupid people who think they have power for so long before you need to remove them.

  6. Playing devil’s advocate…the 2nd does not cover magazines…magazines are not arms…right?
    Plenty of guns that have no removable magazines.
    Imagine if an attached/integral magazine/well held 30 rounds…is that covered in the laws as well? Just curious.

    • You would have to put a permanent plug in the receiver making it hold a smaller legal capisity. Sort of like a plug in a shotgun. They do it in socialist California with their AR-15’s.

    • Reading the bill, it appears to cover rifles with fixed magazines and firearms in general with a magazine defined as: “a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm.”

      I honestly do not know if that covers internal\fixed mags as well. .22 tubes are specifically exempted.

    • According to the anti2A, “what are magazines? Oh, you mean clips,” crowd, they are not firearms for 2A rights purposes. But, according to the judicial system, magazines are firearms for restricted persons.

    • “An unenforceable law is no law at all.”
      I’m sure cops will be glad to hear that when they happen to catch you breaking it. And judge too, later on.

  7. Yes I’m curious to see what if anything happens…coming soon to a certain midwest state with a new guvner Prickster.

  8. On the surface, it seems the lack of details of how enforcement of the magazine ban (NY or NJ) will be pursued. However, if I were writing laws, I would make as much of it opaque as possible. If people know your offense, they can plan a defense. Therefore, it is to State advantage to put gun owners in complete doubt as to the breadth and depth of enforcement actions; fear factor. If gun owners are afraid that they will be jailed at any random point, they will effectively self-police, and not use contraband magazines (or “assault weapons”. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Worked/s well for Microsoft. If you can gain compliance by making people fearful of non-compliance, you save a ton of money, while achieving the goal. The threat of force can be more power than the application.

  9. I think having magazines in NJ would be an Add-On charge as they arrest you for other offenses.

    Cop to their plea deal… or the DA/Prosecutor takes you to trial and labels you as a Terrorist/Mass Shooter/No-good SOB with EBRs bent on world domination.

    Dunno….I stay away from that part of the NE.

  10. What if you file the number “15” off your 15-round magazine? LE will have to have 15 rounds of every caliber with them in order to see how many rounds a suspected magazine will hold.

  11. To those of you who think police and military will be on our side when The Great Gun Buyback happens: “State police told the Washington Free Beacon the effort to enforce the law will be a statewide endeavor directed by the attorney general’s office.”
    Also know that Congressman Eric Swalwell, he of nuke gun owners who fail to comply with “buybacks” fame, is the son of a cop and the sibling of cops. Note to NRA: Cops are not necessarily our friends. Correction: …probably not…

  12. “We will enforce the law of the state,” Lieutenant Theodore Schafer of the New Jersey State Police said.
    Sieg Heil! Spoken like a true Nazi. Teddy-boy, those flimsy excuses didn’t work at Nuremberg and they won’t work in the United States of America either.

  13. Most people do not have the guts to pack up and move to a different state. They just make excuses. So sit back and enjoy toxic New Jersey!

  14. NJ, in typical government fashion, created a law without determining its Constitutionality, how much it will cost to enact and maintain enforcement, who and how will it be implemented and enforced, how do they know or how will they determine who has 10+ rd magazines and who will process the turn in.
    Grandstanding legislation which does nothing but muddy the waters of the real problem.
    What has NJ done to remove illegal weapons from their state, how many prosecutions have been completed for those who falsified info on the form when applying to purchase a weapon?

    The Politicians of NJ are useless and not serving the voters.

  15. We should get a gofundme going. Raise money for hordes of regular capacity magazines (30rds). Then air drop them over residential areas of New Jersey, with little paper parachutes. They will fall in the back yards of the regular people, who will then take them into their house and keep them for a rainy day.

    • “How does such a law make it past Article 1, section 9, clause 3, the no ex post facto law clause?”

      Am I the only one shocked and disappointed that so many people claiming to defend the constitution appear to be no different from gun-grabber media people who do not know anything about guns? If we claim to be constitutionalists, we should understand the terms. Is it not curious that we too often throw up “shall not be infringed”, “RTKBA” etcetera, as if those defenses have not been tried…and failed?

      The concept of “ex post facto” law does not constitutionally preclude making illegal today, what was legal yesterday. Law can change.

      Here it is: an “ex post facto” law is one that makes an activity or entity illegal today, and also makes it illegal yesterday, when it was legal yesterday. The upshot is easily illustrated in laws concerning bans of certain items (books, booze, bullets, etc.).

      If a ban on something states that as of passage of the law, anyone in violation henceforth, or known to have committed the now illegal act some time in the past shall be arrested and tried for violating the new law, that law is “ex post facto”. So, an “ex post facto” law regarding bans on magazine limits would make it a crime to have bought the now illegal magazine last year – as evidenced by your possession today. In effect, you would be guilty of two counts of violation of the magazine law; one for having bought the magazine before the ban took effect, and the second violation for possession after the law took effect.

      A law that designates an item/activity illegal after the passage of the law now places that item/activity in the category of “contraband”. Confiscation of contraband, and prosecution for contraband items/activities is perfectly legal, and definitely, unequivocally not an example of “ex post facto law”.

      All this was eighth grade civics when I was growing up. I sympathize that education is so poor after 1960.

      • I second that. Shit, the next thing they’ll be crying out that ordering contraband destroyed or turned in is a “taking.” Legal words (thankfully) have specific definitions and are not used in the way we sloppily toss english at each other on the day to day.

        • t”he next thing they’ll be crying out that ordering contraband destroyed or turned in is a “taking.” ”

          Not an uncommon misunderstanding on the blog.

      • Is there such a class as “civics” any more? If so, I think I need to get ahold of a textbook, see what they are teaching!

        • I got a glimpse as you suggested, among other things schools no longer teach writing, probably not teaching reading either. Civics, hygiene, woodshop, calligraphy, geography, history,…, all gone as predicted by Orwell.

        • There is a reason to teach children to use “print” characters when writing – slows down the interconnection between brain and hand, resulting is loss of mental focus.

  16. That’s some tough luck there New Jersey residents. Y’all want that I should drive up there and gather up all them large clipazines and give them a good home?

    I figger a Walmart bag ought to just about hold the ones not lost in boating accidents.

  17. There could be a Whole lot of warrants issued, a state martial law. And a bunch of riots..
    Dont see the HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHERE.. for the state and its angles of approach to this.

  18. Maybe mag owners should line up to turn in their mags and collect their checks, if the state wants you (high cap) mags they should have to pay for them. Once it starts costing the state some cash they may rethink their plans.

    • Don’t bet on it. It isn’t their personal money that would be paid for those scary magazines. Since when do leftists care about public money? They will just raise tax rates again. And when to their surprise higher tax rates bring even lower revenue, they will increase the deficits…again.

  19. A million high-capacity magazines going unaccounted for is one hell of an insurrection. Bear that in mind Dear Overlords.

  20. Just another reason to stay out of NJ. If you’re not a resident and you carry and travel a lot, 3 states you should stay out of if possible. NJ, NY, and CA. To top it off with DC. Its been said that if you have to go through DC, don’t stop, even for gas. If you’re stopped for any reason or approached even at a convenience store ands and they suspect for any reason that you may be carrying or even transporting a gun and they find it, even legally. You’re going to jail. No if ands or buts. DC recognizes no out of state permits. NY is almost as bad.

  21. So just pass a feels good law without any thought of unintended consequences, sounds like the typical anti-gun advocate.

    • “So just pass a feels good law without any thought of unintended consequences, sounds like the typical anti-gun advocate.”

      Actually, I cannot find any “unintended consequences” related to the proposed bill.

  22. These American hating idiots fail to realize that We The People keep lists, too, and it won’t be long before we see our very own little “Yellow Jacket” uprising.

  23. It is time to start contacting the Supreme Court directly. We need to tell the Conservatives on the court that they are failing to protect their own rulings on the 2nd Amendment and that the Rights of Americans are being taken away by these lower courts and state governments….I know the court is supposed to be isolated from public opinion…but they are people…and they need to be addressed directly…..these attacks on a fundamental Right need to be stopped…..the law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights is on our side…facts, truth and reality are on our is time to tell the court, directly, to do their job….

    Contact Us

    General Contact Information:

    U.S. Mail:
    Supreme Court of the United States
    1 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20543

    Telephone: 202-479-3000
    TTY: 202-479-3472
    (Available M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern)

    • Someone, anyone needs to take it to the state court, and then the Supreme Court. As I expect no agreement from the Nazis on the state court. The second says nothing about the type of weapon, or number of bullets.
      On top of this, we can show many guys and gals who can reload a mag in less then half a second, so anyone can carry 6 mags. This is nonsense because their own FBI stats show 50% of all bullets fired are misses, and it takes 3-4 rounds to stop a perp. So the first time a innocent gets gunned down, a smart attorney will sue the shit out of the Gov, and all who put this bill together, it’s just unsafe.
      also what’s preventing someone from having 3 guns on them.
      Makes a lot of sense, lock up the innocent licensed gun owner and allow thousands of refugees to step on the soil of our country and be pampered for life. This keeps up, a civil disruption is coming. Unfortunately few give a darn, unless it’s them or theirs, “coming soon”

  24. fore every +10 magazine found, it can be up to 18-months in prison……so right now I’m looking at 4.5 years in prison as of midnight.

  25. Someone needs the difference between carrying 3 – 10 round magazines and carrying 2 – 15 round magazines. Same total number of rounds, except one carry is legal, the other is not.

    • “Someone needs the difference between carrying 3 – 10 round magazines and carrying 2 – 15 round magazines. Same total number of rounds, except one carry is legal, the other is not.”

      Reload time. With fewer bullets available with a restricted magazine, the shooter must reload more often. Reloads are, like, uuuuhhhmmm, you know, totally difficult. So, while the shooter is trying to figure out how to load a new magazine, whole bunches of people can get away. If you read the right websites, you would know that it is settled science that mass shooters do not know how their gun works, and making one do a bunch of reloads means even more people can escape. With, like, 30 bullets in a magazine, it takes longer to get them all out of the barrel, which means less time to run away. Don’t you see how short magazines are protecting people and making places safer?

  26. Your article completely glosses over the crucial point that in NJ the only permitted usage of a firearm is at the firing range. One must drive to get to the firing range. If you are stopped, and have illegal (over 15 round mags) mags in your vehicle, then you are in danger of law enforcement charging you and possibly confiscating your firearms. I am not willing to risk a police arrest, police record, and loss of my firearms just so that I can keep illegal 15 round mags. I’d rather keep my legal 10 round mags. All of my 15 round mags have been surrendered to my local police.

    • This is not a criticism of you, but an object lesson in how anti-gun laws are designed to work – FUD. Wrap gun owners in so many regulations that owning a gun is just pointless.

  27. Of course they know how to enforce that law.

    They just do not want to publicly admit that it would consist of targeting the black community.

    Anyone think that the police will go to the Jersey Shore instead of Camden to search for illegal magazines?

    • This is the most likely course of action. All laws aimed at “public safety” largely ignore white violators and use stereotypes and fear mongering to target blacks and hispanics (yeah, even the ones who vote GOP).


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