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AR and AK pistols aren’t the only guns that can benefit from the addition of a good pseudo stock stabilizing brace. IWI US has just announced two new UZI pistol models. The UZI PRO (MSRP $1,109) is a standard semi-auto nine. But the real news is a second model — the UZI PRO SB (MSRP $1,309) — featuring a side-folding stabilizing brace made by SB Tactical. They’re the same people who make the SIG SB15. Just don’t tell the ATF, OK? Press release after the jump . . .


Harrisburg, PA (December 2014) – IWI US, Inc. a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., announces the return to the USA of the long-awaited UZI® PRO Pistol for the American consumer market. The UZI® brand is world renowned with sales of over 2 million carbines and pistols worldwide since 1963. Visitors to the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January 2015 will get the first look at these new IWI handguns.

The UZI® sub-machine gun (SMG) was designed and patented by Uziel Gal who gave the production rights to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. After initial testing by the IDF, the Ordnance Corps ordered 8,000 units and the love affair with the world’s most iconic 9mm platform began.

The UZI® PRO Pistol and UZI® PRO Pistol SB are the latest evolution of that storied design, now featuring the most advanced firearms technologies. Based on the famous UZI® SMG, the UZI® PRO is purpose-built with only one goal – uncompromising performance and reliability on a robust design. This 9mm Luger Parabellum version for the American public sports an advanced polymer pistol grip that reduces weight and incorporates an integrated magazine release button for fast and easy magazine changes. The cocking handle is located on the receiver side allowing for a full-length Picatinny rail on the top receiver cover. A short Picatinny rail is also incorporated into the polymer body, mounted below the barrel, perfect for additional accessory placement.

Two versions of the UZI® PRO Pistol will be available in the US. The first is the basic pistol pictured above. But perhaps the most exciting news is that the UZI® PRO Pistol will also be offered with a side-folding Stabilizing Brace, the UZI® PRO SB, produced exclusively for IWI US by SB Tactical LLC, designers and manufacturers of the original SB15 and SB47 Pistol Stabilizing Braces that have reinvigorated the market for large frame pistols in the US.

IWI US UZI PRO Pistol with Stabliizing Brace
IWI US UZI PRO Pistol with Stabliizing Brace

Originally designed as a means for persons with limited mobility to operate and fire the AR-15 pistol, it soon became clear to shooters across the USA that by adding a Stabilizing Brace to their large frame pistols, they could achieve greater accuracy while enjoying an enhanced shooting experience through improved firearm stabilization and control.

The custom adaptation of the Stabilizing Brace to the UZI® PRO SB takes the application of large frame pistol control and stabilization to a new level. With the IWI brace’s unique side-folding feature, the UZI® PRO SB can be fired with or without the brace extended depending on the shooters need. With the brace in the folded position, storage space required in your safe or range bag is minimized.

The new UZI® PRO and UZI® PRO SB feature three safety mechanisms; a conventional manual thumb safety, a firing pin block and a proven grip safety that must be fully depressed before the gun can be cocked and fired.

IWI US UZI PRO Pistol SB folded
IWI US UZI PRO Pistol SB folded
Simple maintenance on the UZI® PRO requires no special tools for quick and easy field stripping. Each UZI® PRO Pistol comes with one 20-round and one 25-round magazine.

The UZI® PRO Pistol (Part Number: UPP9S) has a MSRP of $1,109.00.

The UZI® PRO SB (Part Number: UPP9SB) has a MSRP of $1,309.00.

UZI® PRO Pistol Specifications:
Part No: UPP9S
Caliber: 9mm Para
Operation: Blowback operation from closed bolt
Barrel: Cold-Hammer forged CrMoV barrel, 4 groove 1:10 RH twist
Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
Overall Length: 9.5 inches
Weight: 3.66 lbs.
Magazines: 1-20 & 1-25 round
MSRP: $1,109.00

UZI® PRO SB Specifications:
Part No: UPP9SB
Caliber: 9mm Para
Operation: Blowback operation from closed bolt
Barrel: Cold-Hammer forged CrMoV barrel, 4 groove 1:10 RH twist
Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
Overall Length: 9.5 inches
Weight: 3.66 lbs.
Magazines: 1-20 & 1-25 round
MSRP: $1,309.00

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  1. I don’t understand the purpose of this gun in semi-auto. A 4.5″ barrel gives nothing more than any standard 9mm duty pistol, especially at that price. That is, unless the plan is to “misuse” the SB-15 stock…er…arm brace.

    • I noted as much on my blog. $1050 is enough to get you a cheap G17 G3, a KPOS, and a stamp. OK, so engraving will cost a few bucks, but you’ve got a real SBR at that point.

      If you wanted to SBR the UPP w/ brace, it’s $1050, plus a stock, plus the stamp… that’s at least $1350, depending on whether you can just stuff a Galil ACE stock on it. Plus it still won’t look like a “real” Uzi Pro, because those have a longer barrel and a more complex lower. Still better than trying to make a semi-auto Micro Uzi, but still a fair chunk of change.

      IWI-US really needs to think about doing factory SBRs, given all these pistols they’re introducing.

  2. What does a semi-auto Micro-Uzi, or a semi-auto Steyr SPP, or semi-auto MAC clone do that a Glock 17L, or Glock 34 with a 33-round extended magazine doesn’t? They are larger, bulkier, and heavier which can mitigate recoil in a full-auto, but is not necessary in a semi. Some of them have shorter barells too for less velocity. That only leaves cool factor which is pointless, or imtimidation factor if you want someone on the other side of a conflict to believe that you are armed with a machine pistol. (Heaven forbid if law enforcement sees one in your hand, even if you are justified it seems like a great way to get shot.)… I just don’t see the point because at $1309 I can have two Glock 17Ls or two Glock 34’s and a bunch of ammo to shoot.

    • Or for $1300 you could buy a Glock 19 to conceal and a Sub2000 to keep in a case. Both will accept Glock 17 mags (17 rounds) or Glock 18 mags (33 rounds). And you’ll still have a bunch of money left over for some range ammo and some hollowpoints.

  3. I wasn’t interested before but with that brace now this has become way more interesting.

    I think what people are missing here is its ability to use 32 rd. surplus mags which are fairly cheap and plentiful in a compact package to use those 32 rounds effectively makes this a possibility in my future. Yea the Glock can use 33 round mags but look at how pricey the mags are and how ungainly trying to use one looks. At least the Uzi provides better stability and balance in using those larger mags.

    Am I saying it is for everyone? No. But that brace makes it better, more practical, than the original PRO.

    • In what real world applications would this yield preferred, or even desirable, results relative to a standard full size 9mm handgun, rendering this thing “practical”, in your view?

      • The ability to use 30+ mags effectively meaning less reloads and more rounds down range. Ever try using those same mags in a normal handgun even a Glock? Awkward and clumsy and apart from Glock mags they are unreliable. At least the Uzi makes it easier to use these mags.

        Better stability with using the “brace” leading to better accuracy and like above more rounds down range in the BG.

        Cheap mags. Handgun mags are expensive. Surplus Uzi mags are cheap, widespread, durable, and reliable.

        Uzi reliability. Proven combat weapon for over 60 years.

        The rails on top to mount a red dot easier than most pistols for better target acquisition. I bet the iron sites are better to use as well.

        But I see you don’t like it. Fine. Don’t buy it. I was not in to it either but the brace made it more viable to me plus I wanted an Uzi but everything on the market up to this point on Uzi’s has been bleh.

        I already have a bunch of guns I don’t NEED this and it is not even on my short list since I have other guns that I want that rank much higher on the priority list but I would still like to get it because I can this is America afterall I don’t need justification for every purchase.

        • Wow. Lot of anger and defensiveness there, for what reason, I do not know.

          I never said I didn’t like it, nor did I challenge you to justify your interest in it.
          You’re the one who said this was practical.
          I only asked how so, since it didn’t appear so to me.

          You still haven’t provided an answer to the question of real world applicability, despite your lengthy and presumably breathless tirade. About all I can glean from your response is that it’s kinda sorta cute and could be fun at the range. That’s fine, that’s a toy, but it’s not “practical” as you claimed and have failed to support.

          I don’t care wtf you waste your money on, pal. I only gave you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you knew something I didn’t, when you said it was practical. Turns out, you don’t know jack squat. And that swipe at Glock 33rd mags, which are fine, fun and reliable in the G17, 19 and even the 26 (which I’ve been using for years and as recently as Saturday), further proves it.

          Geez, now go get some sleep and come back when you’re sober.

        • Look, there’s some problems with your rant:
          1. This doesn’t use surplus Uzi mags. It uses Colt mags, much like the 9mm Tavor. Metalforms aren’t cheap. I _wish_ they were releasing it with the original lower, which did take Uzi mags.
          2. This weapon has a known history of problems. IWI announced it a couple years ago, but had to send back the samples because they were accidentally firing more than one shot per pull.
          3. It weighs 3.6lbs. That’s hugely friggin’ heavy compared to a Glock 17.
          4. The grip on the Uzi is huge, and I personally find it rather uncomfortable. It’s not a super-easy gun to holster.

          If MD allows me to buy one, I’ll probably buy one, but this thing is a range toy in pistol form. It is moderately useful as a very small SMG, but us civvies aren’t getting those.

        • It has a stock. A gun that has a stock is inherently more accurate and more controllable than the one that does not. That’s all the applicability that is necessary.

      • Since TTAG won’t let me reply further down which they need to fix.

        @JQP- That is your anecdotal experience. My anecdotal experience with 30+ round Glock mags in a handgun have been awkward and ungainly. Yea they are reliable but also very awkward and not practical either. The Uzi makes them easier to use with the brace.

        @Jonathan- It seems to be you with the anger. I never insulted you once yet you throw on the insults at me. Hypocritical much? I gave you practical uses and you chose to ignore them since the way you worded the question you already made up your mind to begin with. I am not going to repeat them here since I already gave them above you can go back to read them if you like. I also told JQP my experiences in the Glock handgun which in itself is not a stable platform by itself to shoot from and using the Glock 33 rd. mags, which by the way I never questioned their reliability, are indeed awkward to use. Then again I don’t like Glocks anyway.

      • The practical real world applications of this are the same as any other fake SBR: the stability of the brace and the availability of rails for optics.

        I think this would make the optimal HD gun actually. It’s very short, stable and shoots a caliber that is quieter than 223 out of similar length barrels. Since the magazine is in the grip about 6″ of overall length is cut off vs an AR.

        Glocks are made to be carried and fit a in holster nicely. For a home defense guns it doesn’t matter what shape it is or if its heavier since most likely it will only be carried around for short periods of time.

  4. If I wanted to reenact a scene from a 80s action flick I’d think 2 M&P 9 s or Glock 17 s and 300$ for ammo would be more fun, then there would be a practical use for my purchases later

  5. Why buy it…….. well just because comes to mind. I have lots of guns that I bought just because. Either I liked how it looked, it was different or just the plain old cool factor.

    • Really? That might be an interesting “question of the day”, and may actually have been before, now that I think about it:

      What factors/considerations/motivations drive your particular firearms purchases?

      Not posed to you personally or to put you on the spot, you understand. Your post just made me think of it.

      • Hm.

        Question Of The Day: What’s the weirdest excuse you have ever made concerning a firearm purchase?

        That would have some legs…

  6. Reading some of the comments here, it seems people have forgotten one of the reasons people own guns.

    Guns are fun. Guns are cool. We see them in movies and games and we want to own the gun we saw in movies or games.

    “I’m super cereal about guns and this gun sucks compared to an all plastic gun that holds more and costs less.”

    Then sell your 1911s gramps and buy glock 21s


    • I would hope they use surplus mags. Otherwise I am no longer interested since I like being able to stock up on cheap, widely available mags which I know there are lots of Uzi mags out there.

      • Original uzi mags have to be modified to work in the pro. There needs to be a small cut out on the side of the mag for the new pro mag catch. you can do it your self with a dremel or send them in to IWI for modification.

        • So… no, they don’t. What kills me is that the original Uzi Pro _did_ have a lower that could take Uzi mags. I suspect that compatibility with the Tavor’s 9mm mags is what led them away from that.

  7. I have to agree that I don’t really see a benefit to this over a G17 (with a 30 rounder, if you really want to get all Al Pacino and shit)

  8. “But perhaps the most exciting news is that the UZI® PRO Pistol will also be offered with a side-folding Stabilizing Brace,”

    I would say not so exciting with the current ATF letter.

    • The letter applies from converting a rifle that was BUILT from the get-go as a rifle then turning it into a SBR then using the brace as a loophole to get around it.

      The uzi is a pistol and always was a pistol so nothing had changed.

  9. 1. Does it come with a threaded barrel?
    2. I can see some interest in the tavor 9mm and the uzi sharing mags.
    3. Interesting that this is coming out at the same time as the Scorpion, also with a sig brace.
    4. In general, I’d rather have a tavor in 9mm. Practically speaking, the overall length of the bullpup means I can still shoot it onehanded, but I have 4 times the barrel length and it uses the same magazines. This looks like a fun gun for recreational shooting. Too bad MD hates the UZI and has all variants on its AWB last time I checked.

  10. More Uzi-envy. Every darned place you go. You all should go back to your plastic Austrian toys, and suffer with them as they are proved to be accurate, effective, durable, reliable, affordable, lightweight, ergonomic, comfortable, versatile, and just ugly-beautiful. You’ll get by.

  11. Of coursethis uzi is cool as hell! The only nay sayers here are glock fanboys. We get it, you like your black tupperware. Listen, glocks are the toyota camrys of the gun world. They are a safe but bland choice. They are not the best of anything but more of a standard tool. There are much better firearms so stop telling us we need to NOT buy a 69 chevelle or a 2016 wrangler cause its not your 2002 camry that just wont quit and gold 4 comfortably… Get it? We like it cause we like it. Now go fondle you glock…

  12. I would like to test one of these Uzi machine pistols out so if you could send one to p.o. Box 2012 bethal. island .ca thank you


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