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        • I can recall getting one with a “burst”…of course it was at long range…about 285 yards…and the deer was already seriously wounded and I didn’t want to see it die a slow death…so I “walked” the fire into him until he went down…not sure how many rds I fired but i had a 10 rd mag in the gun…[Rem. 760]….

  1. I run a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The latest model is the Note 20. It seems I am not keeping up.

    I did install a Glock 19 app; it accommodates 15 rounds and does not need a suppressor, even when fired indoors.

  2. Someone mentioned before but it’s worth repeating not only is Grace a terrific journalist but she is quite the artist and meme maker too!

    • but shes a girl. Girls ain’t supposed to like gunms. Only guys like gunms. Girls like flowers and new pots and pans and cooking and doing dishes, and vacuum cleaners and mops, maybe a dog or cat. But not gunms.
      It’s an age old tradition.

        • that chicken-ass possum dun turnt tail an run…. an run…. an run…. Okay, there, his tail finally dun caught up.

        • @LS

          Pretty sure she has a truck and can scope out a possum crossing the highway. “Nothing to see here Folks…just another random act of possumcide.”

      • Let us turn now to the Holy Bible for the Word of God…

        1 Timothy 2
        11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

        12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

        • So, now you out yourself as a misogynist, in addition to your racism, anti-scientism, and general f***tardery??? You Leftist/fascists have never met a line you wouldn’t cross (except “wokery”, and there you just keep moving the lines, as convenient for the narrative).

      • To the Lamp that went out in his head.

        Reading comprehension you moron, reading comprehension.

        And you claim to be a Lawyer with 4 law degrees and has written numerous books, none of which you can seem to remember the titles to.

        Minor49’r was simply using sarcasm when he quoted the bible showing how misogynistic that ancient religious scribes were who wrote the Christian Bible. Of course to legitimize their biblical entries they attributed them to the Apostles who were most likely totally illiterate as most fisherman were in those days.

        • @dacian

          You mistake stupid for sarcasm, trolling for sincerity, and now you climb upon your soap box to rattle off what you don’t know, and of course this all seems reasonable to you.

  3. Just went to the range with friends this morning. I brought my trusty “factory OEM” EDCs for more practice drawing from holster, while my two buddies brought their latest Glock builds with more gadgets-n-goodies attached. Lights, RMRs, custom slides, extended controls, etc. Same as their previous builds they already have, but with new colors. Seriously…pretty much identical, but new colors. And I’m not talking “one gun is all black, one is FDE, one is green” kind of different, but red anodized controls + sparkle grip wrap + copper WML + silver slide + FDE RMR + green magwell type of colors. Like an adult gun version of a street racing meetup in Thailand kind of color frenzy. Guns like this across the bench in an array. Fun to look at, but good grief Charlie Brown…

    TEHO. We welcome all. As long as you don’t muzzle me.

    • The modern fancy glocks make me feel old. Used to be, the difference between a regular glock and a fancy glock was the fancy one had night sights. Now? You can hardly tell it’s a glock any more.

    • Haz,

      Sounds like you need new range partners, bro. Per my second instructor, I practice with iron sights and no lights. “What the hell are you going to do if your light fails? Or the battery in your red dot dies??”.

      Sure, you have to practice enough with your ‘enhancements’ to get comfortable using them, but . . . if you can hit your target with iron sights and no lights, you can sure as hell hit it with your red dot and/or gun light.

  4. Totally SIG, pistol they’ve been making for two years? Press release to announce different color grips and additional $100 added to the price? Yup! Six months later the same pistol with night sights? New designation and $250 added to the price! Then they break the ground with another NEW pistol same as old but with both the sights AND the grips. Each time always a new designation and announced NEW PISTOL!!

  5. Part of what we call freedom is being able to buy and have what you want. If you want a new phone every year then fine. If you want six of every gun well that’s fine too.

    There is the law of diminishing returns though. Many people will get a new car every two years. Where as that can be done; doing so also means never living life without making a car payment. Keeping a vehicle past the point of paying it off means having something you don’t have to keep paying on every month. That means having money for other things. It’s no different with phones, computers, guns, homes, or anything else in life. If your confused about why there is never money for things, well, take a good hard look at what your paying for. 99 cents a pop might not seem like much for something but it all adds up. There is a point reached where your actually paying more for entertainment that you were when you have a full cable bill.

    Change for the sake of change is crazy.

  6. That made me think, I wanted to ask the opinion of everyone here, what’s a good option for a night vision or thermal scope, that doesn’t have wi fi or an app to go along with it?

    I’m in the market for one and it seems all the night vision scopes are “smart scopes” and use freakin wi fi and apps. I don’t want nor need that shit for the same reason I don’t want a smart gun. Is there anyone that makes good night vision without that shit?

    • I’d take a look at I’ve never seen a ‘night scope’ with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth that isn’t garbage. Thermal scopes are a different animal though. Many at least have USB ports. Night vision that actually works from a reputable dealer/manufacturer starts at around $3k for a green phosphor PVS-14 and goes up from there. A PVS-14 can be weapon mounted on a 5.56, but they aren’t rated for heavy recoil. It would be more versatile to wear it on your head and either passive aim through a quality red dot or EOTECH that has night vision settings, or using an IR laser / illumination. Plan on spending at least $5k for everything you’d need (nvg monocular, bump helmet, mount, red dot, IR laser/illumination). Clip on night vision that goes in front of a scope is two to three times more expensive. Thermal weapon sights are also much more expensive for a good one.

    • STANLEY Rechargeable Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight
      $60 Home Depot or Amazon ………lights up the night !!!!!
      It’s not even as smart as a Possum and NO WiFi.

  7. Increased capacity, easier to rack slide, ability to accept a red dot, better trigger, better sights. These are the technological upgrades we see from 2015 onwards.

    In FDE/all-Black/Stainless, engraved, with a slightly more textured grip. These are the upgrades from 1998 – 2015.

    They are not the same.

  8. I must be missing out, the only thing have ever changed on any of my Glocks has been to put tritium night sights on them, IF they didn’t already have them. Maybe I ought to put some reflective racing stripes on the slides (or something).


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