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Need to see what you’re shooting at? Crazy, sure, but if you do, Hot Shot Tactical has a new way to pop a light on your Picatinny. Their new P-Rail Light Mount is an ABS plastic job that allows you to snap on just about any 1-inch barrel light including…their new HS900 Flashlight Illumination Tool! Press release after the jump . . .

SAN ANTONIO, TX (October 2013) – Hot Shot Tactical proudly announces the new P-Rail Light Mount and the new HS900 Illumination Tool. The P-Rail Light Mount is a universal fit system that allows the quick and easy placement of a light on any MIL-SPEC Picatinny rail.

The mount adjusts in seconds.  A ball knob and screw secures the mount to the rail. The mount is just as quickly removed by the removal of the screw and sliding the mount off the rail. A heavy-duty, round ball knob makes gripping on installation and removal easy, even while wearing gloves. No tools are used in either installation or removal of the mount. The P-Rail Light Mount body is made using ABS material, allowing it to endure countless years of rugged use.

The P-Rail Light Mount’s universal fit system allows the user to snap most 1″ barrel flashlights into the mount in a second or snap it back out for handheld use just as quickly, and works optimally with Hot Shot Tactical’s new HS900 Illumination Tool.

The HS900 offers a single-mode high output operation that delivers 900 lumens of light to a large area on Flood, orzooms to Spot an object hundreds of yards away. The HS900 body is made from high quality 6061-T6 grade aluminum and coated with a durable black anodized finish. The light is 5.10″ long and 1″ in diameter and weighs 5.12ounces. The HS900 is O-ring sealed for weatherproof operation. It operates on two CR123 batteries (included) and runs for 2 hours on maximum output. A remote pressure switch is also available.

Both the P-Rail Light Mount and the HS900 Illumination Tool feature a lifetime warranty by Hot Shot Tactical. Find a dealer near you at Hot Shot Tactical. MSRP for the P-Rail Light Mount is $24.99 and the HS900 Illumination Tool is $73.99.

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      • Hmmm ok, “essentially” the same thing. Didn’t read their description too closely. But that makes it even dumber. If your tactical plan involves trying to quickly attach a flashlight to a pistol or rifle while you’re trying to use it, IMO seems like an ideal situation for a colossal fvck up.

    • This went through my head as well. Turn the corner while clearing your home, bump the light, and now you have a spotlight on you for the intruder.

  1. “…the HS900 Illumination Tool is $73.99.”

    Uhhhh, the ‘flashlight’? I keep my “illumination tool” in my pants.

  2. Well as usual a bunch of people (posers) that don’t really know much about the products they comment on.
    I have tested product and it does work very well. MADE IN USA, Designed and tested by professionals!
    The light (Flashlight) is a tool for the professional and this one is one of the best I have used, very bright, well made and can reach out a great distance.


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