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Define “toy.” And am I the only one who’s all zombied-out? Brownell’s Center for Zombie Awareness? I know it’s the run up to Halloween and all, but as they say in New York, geddowdaheah. Meanwhile, here’s the rundown:

HORN Z-Max “Zombie Max” 12ga 00              10pk   86247
HORN Z-Max “Zombie Max” 223 55gr             20pk 83271
HORN Z-Max “Zombie Max” 7.62×39 123gr    20pk 80782
HORN Z-Max “Zombie Max” 308Win 168gr   20pk 80962
HORN Z-Max “Zombie Max” 9mm  115gr         25pk 90288
HORN Z-Max “Zombie Max” 40S&W  165gr    20pk 91342
HORN Z-Max “Zombie Max” 45ACP  185gr     20pk 90902

MSRP-wise, I’ve got $22.62 on the 9mm, $25.91 on the 40 and $27.15 on the 45acp.

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  1. Soo… what exactly makes it “certified zombie ammunition”? Or is it just a limited run marketing gimmic type thing? Either way, I’m buying a few boxes. 😈

  2. I actually thought the whole Zombie gimmick was entertaining in the mass email they sent out today. It’s the first one I’ve opened and then clicked through in many months.

  3. Meh.

    Hey, if it gets more people who play Call Of Honor Zombie Apocalypse 4.0: The Zombies Strike Back on the X-Stations to actually, you know, go out to the range rather than sit on their collective @$$3$, that’s a good thing.

  4. I think that Zombie ammo belongs in the same category as a custom Devil face image placed onto your exotic wood handgun grips: Do not use in self-defense as it will help the prosecutor portray you as a trigger-happy nutcase.

  5. This makes me long for the days when vampires were all the rage. Male vampires waltzed around in rented formalwear speaking Romanian, the females wore corsets with low cut, revealing bodices, and they were hot even though they were cold. If a vampire got frisky with you, you got to walk around every night for eternity seducing all the girls or boys who never gave you the time of day before you were undead. It was the gift that kept on giving.

    Zombies, on the other hand, are slow, stupid, gross, smell bad and they don’t just drink your blood, they eat your liver. Yuck!

    • Vampires are for teenagers. Juvenile psychosexual fantasies and all that. Us adults have definitely outgrown them and moved on to zombies. Look how cool they are. You get to blow their heads off, and it’s legal (assuming they’re real zombies!). Teenage girls fantasize about vampires at slumber parties. Grow up, man!

      Besides, zombies and guns go together like peanut butter and jelly. What do you use for vampires? Wooden stakes and garlic. There’s fun for you. Not!

  6. The first time I ever really thought about buying a gun was when I was 13 and played Resident Evil. I thought shooting zombies with an 870 would be pretty cool. That was back when zombies were simply for geeks. No one else found them entertaining or cared about Dawn of the Dead.

    It’s just like every other geek interest the mainstream has clamped onto and run with in the last ten odd years. It hasn’t been cool for a long, long time.

    Still, if I could pick an apocalypse, I’d go with zombies. Infrastructure will remain largely intact. There won’t be any massive climatic change like you’d get with a large scale nuclear exchange or comet/asteroid impact. I live in low population density, so they’re not horribly dangerous. It’s not one zombie, or even ten, that kills you. It’s a hundred zombies.

  7. I calculate that 500 rounds of .45 ACP will run you $678.75. Yikes! I usually pay less than 1/3 of that for .45 ACP FMJ. I think I will pass.

  8. just bought some for my 1911 cost $20.00 a box seem to be similar to hornadys’ critical defense. probably buy some for my 9mm &.40 also .thought the box was pretty cool guess you got to have a sense of humor

  9. Just bought some Zombie Ammo. Perhaps the ammo will work assist in helping to eliminate our “Prawn” Problem here in District 9 🙂


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