New From Hogue: Ruger Mark IV G10 Grips and Aqua Blue Grips

I happen to love me some Hogue G10 grips, as seen in the review here. While TTAG hasn’t yet reviewed the new Ruger Mark IV series — something we’re looking to correct soon! — Hogue is quick on the mark and has released a line of G10 grip panel options for it. Additionally, Hogue’s popular rubber overmold grips and HandALL grip sleeves are now available in Aqua Blue color. Both press releases and more photos follow . . .


Henderson, NV – Hogue Incorporated, America’s premier manufacturer of handgun grips, has added models to fit Ruger’s Mark IV pistols to their expansive line of G10 offerings. Precision machined to the exact specifications of the Mark IV, Hogue’s G10 grips are designed for a lifetime of use.

The grips are designed for a perfect ergonomic fit with a thin yet super-strong profile. They are available in a Piranha Grip texture for an aggressive grip, a diamond checkering for a lighter textured feel, and in a smooth finish for a sleek, more subtle touch. The thumb recess is tapered for unimpeded access to the push button magazine release. Hogue’s Mark IV grips are available in G Mascus® Black/Grey, G-Mascus Green and Solid Black G10. The MSRP is $39.95 for the smooth grips or $59.95 for the textured options.

G10 is comprised from layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin pressed together under enormous pressure and heat. The resulting material is very light-weight yet incredibly strong and insusceptible to all oils and chemicals making it very suitable for handgun grips. It also possesses excellent thermal properties which make the grip impervious to temperature change. Hogue has developed their own patented G-Mascus material which mimics the visual characteristics of Damascus steel.

Hogue produces more G10 products for the firearms industry than any other manufacturer in the world. They not only offer after market options for many popular pistols but also service many OEM customers such as SIG Sauer, Wilson Combat, Tactical Solutions and others.

Hogue is celebrating fifty years of quality manufacturing in their family-owned and operated facilities under the direct supervision of the Hogue family. Hogue, Inc. supports local dealers and encourages customers to purchase Hogue products locally. For more information please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit to find a Hogue dealer near you.


Henderson, NV – Hogue, Inc., is proud to announce the expansion of several of their grip lines to include their new Aqua color. “Soft blue has been gaining quite the audience in the firearms industry so it’s time for us to adopt the color into our line,” said Hogue co-owner Neil Hogue. “We are now offering many of our grips that fit smaller handguns in our new Aqua blue.”

Included in the Aqua offerings is Hogue’s new popular line of HandALL® Beavertail Grip Sleeves designed for a precision fit on specific firearms. Four models have been produced in Aqua. The first offering is a precise fit for Smith & Wesson’s M&P 9mm and 40 Shield and Ruger’s LC9. The second sleeve fits Glock’s 42 and 43. The third sleeve specifically fits Ruger’s new LCP II while the final sleeve is designed for Smith & Wesson’s M&P 45 Shield and Kahr Arms’ P9, P40, CW9 and CW40.

Hogue’s very popular HandALL Universal Grip Sleeve has also received the Aqua treatment. This sleeve fits most .45, .40 10mm and 9mm semi-automatic pistols. In addition, the Hogue HandALL Jr. is also available in Aqua and fits most .22, .25 and .380 pocket pistols.

Hogue’s HandALL Hybrid models for Ruger’s LCP .30, with or without the Crimson Trace button, have been included in the Aqua offerings. The HandALL Hybrid is specifically built to fit the LCP and includes a molded-in element that engages the grip to the frame to prevent any unwanted movement.

Lastly, select grips in Hogue’s standard grip line have also been added to the Aqua releases: a 1911 Government grip, Ruger LCR grips, a Ruger SP101 grip, grips for Smith & Wesson J-Frame models, SIG Sauer P239 and P938 grips and a model for the Taurus 85.

Hogue’s Aqua rubber shares all the same lasting characteristics as the rest of their rubber grip line. Molded from a durable synthetic rubber that is neither spongy nor tacky, these grips provide a soft recoil absorbing feel without affecting accuracy. Molded into each grip is Hogue’s own Cobblestone™ texture that enhances the tactile feel of the grip and provides an efficient non-irritating stippling pattern to the rubber.

Hogue’s Aqua grips are now available at an MSRP range of $9.95 to $29.95. Hogue is celebrating fifty years of quality manufacturing in their family-owned and operated facilities under the direct supervision of the Hogue family. Hogue, Inc. supports local dealers and encourages customers to purchase Hogue products locally. For more information please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit to find a Hogue dealer near you.


  1. avatar Alex Waits says:


  2. avatar Cucamonga Jeff says:

    My daughter will certainly appreciate the Aqua blue on her pistol. It will complement her purple Paracord rifle sling nicely. ?

  3. avatar strych9 says:

    I’ve never really understood the slip over grips for pistols but Hogue makes some really nice revolver grips.

    Strangely, I like the colors being offered here.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      The slip-over HandALL grips are extremely popular. I see them on a huge number of sub-compact concealed carry guns in particular. A lot of those pocket 9s and .380s are hard to hold onto, and these grip sleeves resolve that in a very effective way.

      FYI — the Aqua Blue color should look like it does in the two large photos of it (the M&P .40 Shield). In the PDF Hogue sent, the other two pistol pics matched this color as well but for some reason when saving the photos from the PDF the huge changed to that brighter green look. Those should also be the sort of Tiffany Blue-esque color seen in the Shield photos.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        I understand why they exist but not why people bother with them. I’m of the opinion that if the gun is so small in your mitts that you must add something to the grip to make it work for you then it’s time to move up to a larger pistol. With revolvers I completely get why people change out the grips, I’ve done it.

        In my experience the “I can’t conceal a larger pistol” line is generally bollocks invented by people too lazy or cheap to figure out how to carry a larger gun.

        That’s just my experience and opinion though. YMMV.

      2. avatar Alan Montemayor says:

        Will this grip help me to better handle the .40 recoil without having to go to the 165 grain loads? I am an inexperienced shooter and it can be a bit to handle the small .40 when it kicks. Going to a larger gun would likely help but first I want to try and solve it with this gun.

  4. avatar BLoving says:

    That G-Mascus grip would look tasty on my MkI Target Model especially since I don’t think I’ll have enough antler left from my last project to make a new set. 🙁

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Man, that aqua blue is fuuuuuuugleeeeeeeee.

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      Beauty… eye… beholder.

  6. avatar Cody t says:

    G10 is a fantastic material! I’m a knifemaker and I almost exclusively use that as my handle material on my knives . It’s damn near indestructible and easy to work

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