New from H&K: the HK433

Things aren’t going so well for H&K when it comes to sales of their G36 rifle. More modern than the M16 design currently used by the US and other countries, the G36 has had a series of embarrassing failures that led to the German government looking for a replacement much sooner than expected. H&K wants to stay on that gravy train and their response is the HK433.

From the press materials:

The new HK433 is a Modular and compact assault rifle chambered for 5.56mm X45 which combines the strengths and outstanding features of the G36 and the HK416 families of assault rifles – both proven worldwide. It doesn’t matter at all weather you are right or left-handed or have trained on a G36 / HK416 weapon system of AR-15 platform: The HK433 is the solution for every scenario imaginable. Maximum functional reliability with intuitive handling combines with maximum modularity, accuracy and weapon safety made in Germany.

This Scar-esk type rifle has quite a few modern features – full ambi controls including a charging handle that out and can be put on the left side in about five seconds, 45 degree safety throw switch, folding and full adjustable stock, and three position gas adjuster.


  1. avatar Cruzo1981 says:

    Oh look keymod…😑

    1. avatar Maxi says:

      Ney, it is glorious HKey. Even more useless, expensive and hard to find. Because f you, f your wallet, f the public in general. We are H&K and we hate you. That’s why.

      1. avatar Kevin Coats says:

        Hahaha they just hate you Maxi. I like everything except the reciprocating charging handle. In CQB that aspect alone can cost you or someone else’s life. Seen it happen with the SCAR where a teammate was too close to a corner and it hit the corner, damn near broke his arm and needless to say the rifle was yanked out of his hands. I’ll stick with the HK 416 or my favorite HK 417 thank you…

        1. avatar John Ladd says:

          You are so right on the recip handle! Not good in tight quarters!

  2. avatar You Suck, We Hate You. says:

    Civilians need not apply.

  3. avatar silverwarloc says:

    “Maximum functional reliability …” with maximum price, I bet.

    1. avatar SurfGW says:

      HK reliability is a big myth. Take the 416 or the M27 IAR – both AR platforms that work great with expensive & heavy HK steel mags and are very finicky with P-Mags or GI mags; M-4s or M-16A4s work well with all of those mags.

      1. avatar Tom Foolery says:

        Putting Fuzions on a Ferarri just should not be done in the first place.

  4. avatar Eric Lawrence says:

    It will be like a CZ805 Bren, that you can’t afford, and cant buy.

  5. avatar Roman of Texas says:

    I really wish they’d bring the SL8 back, or maybe start making a pistol version for the US market. I don’t care that people say it isn’t good or whatever, I want one. Sometimes, that’s enough.

    1. avatar Maxi says:

      The 243 does exist, you know? And they sold like 3 of them to civilians in germany. But they are H&K and will not sell them to you? Why? Because they don’t need your pleb money, they have the big government money.

      1. avatar California Richard says:

        … and H&K hates you…

  6. avatar Connie says:

    Freudian slip?

    “It doesn’t matter at all WEATHER you are right or left-handed or have trained on a G36 / HK416 weapon system…”


  7. avatar Removed_californian says:

    Lemme guess, US civilian market getting shafted out of this one too?

    Might as well not have brought it to shot.

    Any more word on their US facility?

  8. avatar Maxi says:

    To be fair, the G36 was not bad. They won the legal battle, the scandal was made up.
    They delivered a lightweight and cheap yet reliable gun in 1997. Made for slow rates of fire in weather down to -30 degree celsius. Basicaly a nice and light package to fight russia during winter. And the G36 lived up to those tests.
    Not their fault that it was used as a machinegun in the desert. They warned them and offered a upgrade program. Pencil barrel and spray’n’pray all day long don’t work together, who would’ve thought…

    1. avatar SurfGW says:

      The complaints came from deployments to Mazar E Sharif in northern Afghanistan in the mountains – far from a desert and with brutal winters. They had problems on normal tactical shooting CMP style courses with nothing but semi-Auto Fire – not quite machine gun style. The G36 is fine Schutzensnur target style shooting.

  9. avatar BlakeW83 says:

    They should probably spell-check their material before releasing it….

  10. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Mauser 98, sand, mud, cold, hot, wet, dry or on the moon. And a cartridge that works from men to moose.

    1. avatar California Richard says:

      … and then they invented and fielded assault rifles and the world was never the same again.

      1. avatar ironicatbest says:

        Them damned Germans, always improving stuff….. But true, they did change the world, Hitler’s scientist and engineers had so many inventions. One I wish would have never happened was the A bomb.

  11. avatar Hank says:


    1. avatar JS says:

      Are you freakin kidding!!!!

  12. avatar Mmmtacos says:

    I mean it’s nice to see reporting on the HK433 but it’s not exactly news; we have known about this rifle for almost a year now. How about some pictures? How are the controls? How does it feel? What do they say when we ask them if they’ll be nice and ever let us be able to buy one as a civilian in the US (and I know the answer, but still)?

    1. avatar Ton E says:

      Quit using logic Clint Eastwood and put the HK fan boy goggles on!!!

  13. avatar Scott Wardwell says:

    “It doesn’t matter at all WEATHER you are right or left-handed……”??? Uh, note to HK’s public-relations department: English much?

  14. avatar Tom Moscone says:

    I couldn’t care less about H&K news since they blacklisted Israel alongside African and Arab warlords. I don’t need to buy anything from people who cave to pro-Islamist terrorism apologists.

    1. avatar Frank Munoz says:

      And yet here you are posting about it on the internet as if anyone is going to care about what you do or don’t care about.

  15. avatar DoubbleD says:

    Thank goodness! A gun manufacturer with the courage to produce yet another .223 carbine! Our long wait is finally over!

    1. avatar Fernando Jim Sanchez says:

      I agree, nothing new. But did we expect a HK 30-06 carbine?

  16. avatar Tom Foolery says:

    As for the “not for the USA” pains, it may as well be blamed on the Obama-era Communist Bureau of Asses, Twits and F***s; if they can’t ban weapons, they will do the next best thing and tax, tariff and/or tech-spech them out of availability… which happens to be California’s approach right now. And it is difficult to blame a company for not wanting to go through the huge bureaucracy if the customer market will be limited in the beginning. But if it takes off in the Gov sectors, that may enable the costs to come down enough to make it feasible.

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