MP5 Magazine Lower and Upper From New Frontier Armory

MP5 Lower

New from New Frontier Armory are their C-5 AR receivers designed to accept MP5 magazines. Personally, I think this looks far better than typical pistol magazine lowers where the magazine is raked rearwards at that pistol grip angle. They even sell it in an 80% flavor. Nice.


  1. avatar Cam says:

    Cause we all know how cheap and easily available those hk mp-5 mags are

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Exactly! WTF?

      1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

        Some people already have full-size mp5s, k, and SD, maybe even full auto, and a pile of mags to go with them, so mag commonality is nice. You can find used German mags frequently around $50, and new POF mags for $29.

        What is the msrp on this? Someone else made an aluminum AR lower for mp5 mags plus side charger recently, but I would assume this would be cheaper.

    2. avatar Chadwick says:

      Yeah because I would gladly give up my glock mag lower because I get tired of fluted chamber loving weirdos complaining about how the mag angle looks. In the words of Garth and Wayne “as if!”.

    3. avatar Ian says:

      Some people are probably close to failing Field gauges on their aging MP5s, and have plenty of mags about to lose their usefulness. Also more choices in the market are never a bad thing.

    4. avatar Tim says:

      They really aren’t that hard to find and POF brand are not totally unreasonably priced. If these lowers catch on mag mfrs could easily step up to the plate. There is nothing special about the design.

    5. avatar somethingclever says:

      ETS is close on having MP5 mags available.

  2. avatar lolwut says:

    A smart company would make one of these for CZ EVO magazines.

    1. avatar Mmmtacos says:

      That’s what I came to say.

      They’re cheap, plentiful, double-feed, reliable, lock open, etc.

      Colt stick mags are those things as well, but give us something new, magazines that can adorn the AR with it’s new technology and furniture. I, like Jeremy S, don’t like the rearward sweep of a pistol magazine on a carbine. I love-hate the Ruger PCC, cause it seems so cool but it’s still quite literally a pistol magazine. I don’t see the real benefit to having interchangeability on those platforms to be honest. Caliber interchangeability? Sure! Sign me up. But give me CZ Evo mags to do it on an AR platform and you can’t swipe my card fast enough.

      1. avatar Tim says:

        CZ mags is a great idea! I am one of those “weirdos” that hates how Glock mags look in an AR9. Doesn’t help that I don’t shoot Glock handguns either. This MP5 lower is sexy, but the cost of mags is a legit concern. A CZ version would be a perfect blend of aesthetics, function, and cost. Someone needs to get on this!

  3. avatar George from Alaska says:

    I think I’ll check out the Palmetto MP5 clone first. MSRP under $800? worth a look to me.

    1. avatar Andrew Faulkner says:

      Sales rep told me it would be 2019 before psa would be ready to release anything regarding the mp5 clone.

      1. avatar Chadwick says:

        So probably just in time for 2020 we can expect a working gun.

  4. avatar California Richard says:

    “…. this looks far better than typical pistol magazine lowers where the magazine is raked rearwards at that pistol grip angle….”


    The Colt patern 9mm rifles with strait stick mags have been around for decades. The Metalform mags and the new bolt hold open systems are way better than they have been traditionally. And these are way cheaper and more readily available than good H&K mags.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      Colt pattern 9mm mags kind of suck. They have fallen out of favor for good reason.

  5. avatar Lowell says:

    Well, that’s going to be the most affordable, most customizable MP5 on the market LOL. And not a complete waste of money if paired with a binary trigger.

  6. avatar Corodon says:

    I like it. An MP5 paddle mag release on it would have been nifty though.

  7. avatar Pete says:

    10mm version?

    1. avatar PK says:

      With what magazine, exactly? There’s just the Glock 10mm mags on the market, practically anything else is either single stack or no longer produced.

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