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HatsanUSA_AT_P1 courtesy

No, that’s not one of Paul Allen’s futuristic blasters. HatsanUSA’s new AT-P1 will shoot pellets up to .25 caliber from its 10-round detachable magazine. And at speeds as high as 870 fps, whatever you hit will know it’s been hit. Press release after the jump . . .

The new AT-P1 from HatsanUSA Inc. provides shooters with a hard-hitting and affordable alternative for honing their shooting skills, as pellets are both inexpensive and readily available.

The AT-P1’s pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) power system uses a 50cc air cylinder with 200 bar fill (3000PSI) to propel high-density lead pellets to velocities as high as 870fps. And because the AT-P1 is designed to shoot heavier pellets than airguns manufacturers that test their products using alloy aluminum pellets, it will provide shooters will greater accuracy and more energy upon impact when using high-density pellets.

Like all airguns from Hatsan, the AT-P1 features components that are nearly all made in-house by the Turkish manufacturer. This includes the airgun’s precision rifled barrel made from high-quality German steel and its fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger.

The side-lever-action pistol is available in .177cal (870fps), .22cal (780fps), and .25cal (710fps). It is fitted with a dovetail grooved receiver for both 11mm and 22mm scope mounts and micro-adjustable rear and front sights, both with TRUGLO® fiber optics.

This finely crafted airgun also features an anti-double pellet feed system to prevent more than one pellet from loading into the barrel and Hatsan’s patented Anti-Knock system to prevent gas wastage in case the pistol is accidentally knocked or bounced.

The MSRP of the AT-P1 is $630.00 and is available in right handed models. It includes one additional magazine, detachable aircylinder with a built in pressure gauge, and a durable hard plastic carrying case.


  • Pre-charged pneumatic power system
  • Side lever cocking action
  • Available in .177cal (870fps), .22cal (780fps) and .25cal (710fps)
  • Detachable 50cc air cylinder for 200 bar fill (3000psi) with built in pressure gauge
  • Ergonomic design with synthetic grip
  • Detachable 10 shot .177cal or .22cal magazine or 9 shot .25cal magazine
  • Manual and automatic safety
  • Anti-double pellet feed prevents more than one pellet loading into the barrel
  • Patented Anti-Knock System prevents gas wastage when airgun is knocked or bounced
  • Adjustable rear and front sights fitted with TRUGLO® fiber optics
  • Fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger System
  • Includes additional rotary magazine
  • Includes quick fill nozzle and air cylinder discharging cap
  • Includes durable hard-plastic case

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  1. This is actually pretty neat. That .25 would be great for popping squirrels from your easy chair. Though does any company make a good system to recharge the precharged air? This so far has been the only thing holding me back from getting any other air rifle with this system.

    • Most PCP guns can easily be recharged from a SCUBA tank, refilled at any dive shop. There are also manual pumps, just like you’d use for a bike tire or football. In fact… I think Benjamin makes and sells a starter package that includes a pump.

    • I used to pop ground squirrels from an easy chair on the front deck of a houseboat I used to have. It was a Crossman .177 pistol commonly seen around in stores. They sell for around a half a C note. It really did a number on the pesky little farts.
      The range was maybe around 25 yards.
      It beats the hell out of $600 plus for the AT-P1. Of course if you’ve got big bucks, be my guest!

    • Huh? Feinwerkbau? Did you sneeze? Just goes to show that no matter how much you think you know about arms, there is a niche about which you know nothing. And this appears to be that niche for me.

      • FeinWerkBau… Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time… A more elegant rifle from a more civilized time…
        Actually the only reason I know about FWB rifles is in highschool I shot a P700 FWB rifle chambered in .177
        I loved that rifle, way more accurate then I was, and nearly infinitely adjustable. When my senior year came to pass, I asked how much it would cost to get one of my own,
        Little had I realized that the school had been entrusting a 3k precision instrument to a 17yo.

        • You guys really need to try some exotic stuff like Sauers, Anschütz, FWB(Feinwerkbau) and Izhmash(don’t laugh).

          You will be amazed at the accuracy (Though they are expensive).

  2. Very cool. But I don’t think it’s $630 cool.

    For the price I’d rather have a Ultamax burst fire CO2 powered BB gun.

  3. I’m thinking about one of those co2 1911s with the action slide. There’s good stuff out there, I just haven’t dipped my toe in yet.

    • My Umarex Smith & Wesson M&P clone is decent. I’ve got about 4,000 BBs through it. The action doesn’t move, but it fits real holsters and rail lights. I think the velocity is about 470 FPS – enough to zip through cardboard and aluminum cans with ease. It’s good for target practice out to about 15 yards. It was about $50-60 bucks, and I’ll get another once I wear this one out.

    • As long as the guy behind the counter ain’t wearing a turban you can probably rob them. Try to take something away from one of those Sikhs and he acts like you’re there to rape his daughter.

  4. “To better serve all of our valued customers, we will limit you to 3 boxes of .25 caliber pellets per purchase, per customer, per day.”

  5. Hatsan, hatsoff. That’s more than I paid for my LC9 and micro DE combined, and made in Turkey. No thanks, the old 1377 and RWS 45 will do just fine for squirrels.

    • Your right man,this company sucks as far as service goes,no phone numbers, no reps. no customer service either. Don’t go there.!

  6. only asshole 10 year old kids and dumbass rednecks “pop squirells”.if you enjoy killing things join the military and see how you fair aganst targets that shoot back

    • Spelling, punctuation, rational argument, etc. Lrn2deb8.

      That said, can I get a rifle with a 200 bar (preferably more) compressed air cartridge in .22? I’ve enjoyed a pump .22 air gun accurate to ‘minute of milk jug’ at 100 yards or so – but eliminating both the pump-action and the single shot would be pretty sweet.

      Pocket gophers in gardens beware.

    • Apparently Bill ly has never seen what kind of damage a red squirrel can do to an attic. They will tear up everything, insulation, electrical wires, they will even chew through walls.

    • Hah, you sound just like the morons who get enraged at people killing wild hogs. You have no idea the damage they do. You don’t know anything of the circumstances around it, but you are more than willing to spout off your stupidity to the world.

    • Interesting. I’m a 48 year old educated professional who can spell. I also nearly had my house burned down from squirrels stripping electrical wires inside the walls. At this house they are only chewing through the joists in the carport, tormenting the dogs, and eating 100% of the hickory nuts. Fortunately, the pests are also delicious. While I loathe to kill any animals, I am not a hypocrite who thinks that if I buy factory farmed meat from a grocery store that I am somehow morally superior to people who don’t waste terrorist vermin that need to be culled. Since I’m not 10, nor a boy, I suppose that makes me a redneck.

  7. Here’s a good one for you guy’s,I’ve been trying for the past 3 days to make contact with this shitty company,they don’t answer phones,they don’t respond to e-mails,even ones where there their great pistol has a loose barrel !! So think twice before you spend your hard earned money on this one!!!!!

  8. Well I’m back again, only this time the air cylinder is leaking air like crazy,you can call the only known number that is there and you will never speak to a human being, think I’m making this up? call 1-877-278-4448 and after about a minute of waiting for “Customer Service” you’ll get a recording that say’s we’re sorry, but there is no one here to take your call,leave a message and a phone number and we’l return your call,sure they will!! This is to me,the worst company you can ever be unlucky enough to get stuck with ! I will never buy another one of their shitty guns again,if it’s not made in America, don’t get it !! This company sucks ! The very fact there’s no phone number or a person to talk to is a warning in it’s self.

    • Well I own a Hatsan 125 .25 cal and it is awesome. I just recently purchased a “made in America” Benjamin trail NP2 all decked out with American ingenuity,and guess what, it got sent straight back due to cracking in the barrel shroud, a scope mount that blew completely off the gun after 50 shots, and a cheap plastic feeling unevenly finished stock. So much for American quality.


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