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A couple of weeks ago, some of our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex had conniption fits over a few New Hampshire legislators wearing pearls during hearings regarding proposed gun control bills. Those pearls were given to the lawmakers by members of Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire, a pro-gun organization that was . . .

founded by a group of women in New Hampshire who wanted to focus on training and educating women in the state as well as standing on the forefront of 2nd Amendment legislative issues at the State House.

Yesterday two of those bills passed the New Hampshire House. One would outlaw private gun sales, requiring “universal background checks.” The second would enact a 7-day waiting period on gun sales. Here’s the WDLNH’s press release regarding the votes . . .

Concord, NH – Yesterday, a majority of New Hampshire House Democrats voted on two pieces of gun control legislation that will make one of the safest states in the country, less safe, especially for women.

House Bill 109, a bill written by a California gun control organization, is such bad legislation that it had previously failed 3 times when brought forth. This legislation will essentially end all gun safety training in the State of New Hampshire.

As a women’s organization who teaches women how to safety and accurately shoot firearms so they may practice their fundamental human right to self-defense, the Women’s Defense League is shocked that those who claim to be for ‘gun safety’ or women’s rights are doing everything possible to remove gun safety training from the Granite State.

The Women’s Defense League trains hundreds of women each year. Women who may have been victims of violent attacks and refuse to let it happen again; women who escaped domestic abuse violence and want to protect themselves in their freedom and women who have become widows and now have to protect themselves.

This legislation will end the ability for women to get gun safety training so they can safely and accurately protect themselves and their families.

House Bill 514, a bill sponsored by New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg, will not only effectively shut down all gun shows in the state but will also turn women into victims by forcing them to wait to protect themselves in an emergency situation where they have been threatened by violence or have fled an abusive relationship.

Despite the lies told by some of the Bloomberg Democrats, firearms are used in self defense hundreds of thousand to millions of times each year, according to a CDC report sanctioned by President Obama in 2013.

A restraining order is just a piece of paper. While dispatch and our New Hampshire police are very good at their jobs, it doesn’t matter that help is minutes away when seconds matters.

Women use firearms to save their own lives and their families’ lives on a regular basis. This legislation will prevent them from doing so at times when they need it the most.

It’s unfortunate that some Democrats have decided that ‘Granite State Women’s Lives Don’t Matter’ because they are kowtowing to out-of-state organizations run by men.

The Women’s Defense League condemns these actions as an absolute threat to women’s rights; women’s safety and women’s lives.

The Women’s Defense League of NH is an all-volunteer non-profit dedicated to our dual missions of providing firearms educational programs and advocacy for our Second Amendment rights in Concord.

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  1. The text as to the effect of the bill doesn’t seem to match the press release by the Women’s Defense League. I suspect the second of the two bills bans private sales and contains the seven day waiting period. How does the first outlaw self defense gun training? Does it ban temporary transfers without a background check? All the bills I’ve seen in the past have had an exception for gun ranges. Just sayin.’

    • Mark et al,

      The background check was cagey. The title had “commercial” in it, but the text referred to “transfers”. I’ve not heard of a “commercial transfer” other than a sale, and current law already requires background checks for FFL sales. A Women on Target course involves multiple transfers (1 coach for 3 students with 7 – 10 rotations for 24 students (where I am)), so the entire day would be at the FFL (NH law requires handgun purchases to go to the NH State Police who then call the FBI NICS). Oh, the shortest time I have waited was 20 minutes: the longest was 1:25!

      The “7 day” waiting period not only doesn’t include weekends and holidays, so it can be a 9 – 10 day waiting period, it also includes ammunition. So, if you took a class at Sig Academy and brought your regular ball ammo, then found out that you were going to be inside, you’d need to purchase their frangible ammo. There’s a 7-10 days wait. Oh sure, you could always buy both just in case, but who wants (or should need) to do that? I didn’t even get to someone who is being threatened and has filed an RO. 10 days can be a long time.

      Is that more clear now?

      The “red flag” and “school district” laws were even more difficult to slog through.

      • Still not sufficiently tanked up here, so comprehension is lacking.

        Why are there firearm transfers during training sessions? Why would someone want to train with a firearm different from the one they intend to use for self-defense?

        BTW, thanks for explaining things as much as you did. Knowledge is a good thing all around.

        • Transfer can mean the laoning of a firearm. Its all in how it is defined and if not defined then loaning a gun can be conrued as constructive transfer. Not a perminent sale

      • The harder it gets to obtain something, the more vicious and violent the desirers of that something will become.
        Mostf shootings are gang related, and those folks will simply make non-record hood residents purchase weapons for them…….or die.

        Not to mention that none of the high profile shooting eventsthat attract attention would have been prevented by background checks on the weapons involved.

  2. “New Hampshire House Votes to Make Granite Staters LESS SAFE”

    And that’s exactly what the left wants, give them an excuse to press for more and more gun restrictions, up to and including confiscation, their end game…

  3. So, looks like N.H. is gonna have a whole bunch of new felons along with us across the border. Are we both importing all our legislators from New Your and Jersey?

        • AOC and her types are all for non breeding. Will work in our favor if all the socialist mother earth tree hugging types decide to not reproduce.

          And guess who’s keeping the abortion clinics busy? It ain’t the bible belt right wingers.

        • It doesn’t matter much. They are indoctrinating practically everyone else’s kids through the education system, social media, mass media, and peer pressure. Hell, even some churches are in on the act these days. Yuri Bezmenov and others warned America.


    • I think most of your commie imports are massholes with some Connecticut crash test dummies (car or slopes whatever). As Gadson pointed out my commies largely go to Florida and oddly Delaware with a growing number to the Carolinas. With any luck we may run outof commie voters up my way with the negative population growth we have. If not NY losing a congressional seat or two wouldn’t be a bad thing.

      • Always had the Massholes, then the Bernie bros, when we go to the statehouse it now looks like an afternoon tea in Staten Island.

        • Odd, what is the age range? I believe you it’s just not really a common destination for much of NY (unless NRA trainings or skiing is involved). I would have thought students but we largrly made college free (with next to no plans to budget for the results) so that bit of info is troubling.

      • Yeah, but they might pick them up again down here. Trump wall on the Mason-Dixon Line first. Then we’ll deal with the other forgien invaders.

        • Hmm on the one hand we are stuck with the garbage that creates our nonsense. On the other hand they are stuck with us during a potential collapse. How much does wall construction pay?

  4. Guys, the other side doesn’t want to be educated. They don’t need to be. They already know the truth. And they hate it. Where we need to focus our efforts are on the ones in the middle. The other side is not going to change our minds with their bullshit. We’re not going to change theirs with facts. We might be able to sway the middle with facts though. Let’s concentrate there.

    • If I can assume that NH would have a lower rate of compliance than here in NY I can only say they would be fresh out of damns to give about whatever weapons got loaned under questionable conditions. The danger is having any restrictions to begin with as they only increase.

  5. I am certainly not suggesting these are good bills, but in reading them both they do not say anything remotely like what is being claimed.

    The first one claims to close the mythical “Gun Show Loophole” on background checks. It specifically exempts private sales between persons, unless the “prohibited possessor” status cannot be determined. I don’t hang around with gang bangers or bank robbers, so no worries there.

    The other one is a waiting period of seven days on ammunition buys. Pretty freaking stupid, but loaded with exemptions making it easy to bypass.

    These laws are completely unnecessary, but the claimed doom and gloom is not apparent.

    Perhaps someone has other data?

    • This year they pass these laws. Next year they come back to close the ‘loopholes’ in these laws.

      They. Never. Stop.

    • enuf:

      The “official” rationale for the waiting period was to “encourage” people to take hunter safety courses. That certificate would exempt you for ammo. What if you don’t want to hunt?

      I read through both proposed laws when I went to the hearings. I heard rationale points and I heard the Moms read lame statements.There might have appeared to be exemptions, but there were enough contradictions and vagaries to make them moot.

    • Doesnt sound like doom and gloom? That’s what some in our state said a few years ago. Now there’s no stoppin em, new laws every year. Got to remember, these people operate with baby steps when they have to. It’s the end result that’s important.

  6. Ran out of Jack Blue a little while ago; not seeing how either bill ends gun safety training for women. POTG engaging in hyperbole like anti-gunners?

  7. After seeing a number of articles on Fox news about the Demo-Authoritarians advancing “Red Flag Laws ” in a number of States. Like Colorado, as the Demo-Authoritarian Senators and AG complain about sheriffs/townships setting up “2nd Amendment sanctuary areas”. As well as a few sheriff’s refusal to enforce the unconstitutional laws…DemoCommies exclaiming that they’ll show everyone (through. Liberal activist Judges stacked in the courts…aka, Kangaroo Court rooms..where American justice is served with a dice roll…And at an extreme expense for normals…)–that it’s all “constitutional” according to THEM…Say that everyone will have their chances to “prove themselves innocent” of secret star chamber accusations…Which is obvious to any with a high school study in history that this is NOT how our constitutional rights and court system work!

  8. WOMEN DEFENSE LEAGUE? What the hell is the best defense for a woman against an abusive man? What a bunch of unthinking people!!

  9. the anti gun democrats are not going to stop until they outlaw private gun ownership unless the supreme court intervenes and we can get national carry passed and that is going to be almost impossible to do

  10. Two weeks ago the ladies were kind enough to come join and support Vermonters in senate testimony,they brought along enough pearl necklaces to go around the sea of orange opposing further infringements to Article 16 and the 2 nd. amendment.

  11. Sadly, every gun control bill submitted here in NH is passing the first votes by landslide victories as they will do in the next step. The only hope is that Governor Sununu will veto them. That’s a big if. It wont matter down the line anyway. Once the dems have that seat again NH may as well be MA. It’s not a matter of if for NH anymore, it is simply when.

    • From your neighbor to the west, you are entirely correct! If it could happen here, it can happen pretty much anywhere. It is a cancer!


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