Coming Soon from Zenith Firearms: Z5 (Licensed MP5) Pistol Series


The SIG SAUER MPX and CZ Scorpion may be the latest and greatest, but the MP5 is 100% classic cool. Seriously, who doesn’t want an MP5? Heck, it should probably only be sold with an Arnold Schwarzenegger approved cigar and an Armani suit. But for those of us here in the US, getting your hands on an MP5 can be difficult. Zenith Firearms is looking to change that by importing a civilian legal version of the MP5 family of firearms, produced in Turkey on German-made machines.


The Z5 series has been in the US before under a different guise, but didn’t do so hot. They changed a lot of things to make it ATF acceptable, and that didn’t make the MP5 collectors very happy. When you want an MP5, you want as close to the original MP5 as possible, not a neutered version. So the Turkish arms manufacturer went back to the original blueprints, changed only as much as they needed to keep the gun legal, and are now about to release the closest thing to an actual H&K MP5 that you could buy.

The first wave of imports is coming in next month, and while the guns are going to be about $100 to $200 above what’s coming in from POF they say that the quality will be evident. Models available will include the Z-5P (MP5), Z-5RS (stretched MP5), and Z-5K (MP5K) pistols, as well as the Z-5 rifle (MP5 rifle, 16.15″ barrel). The pistols all take standard MP5 magazines, and the rifle version only takes special 10-round magazines.


All guns come with a rail section on the top of the receiver for optics right out of the box, and threaded for silencers. Oh, and they take standard MP5 accessories.


  1. avatar Phred says:

    I’m not sure if I need this, I think I need this. Gimme.

  2. avatar dh34 says:

    Did they have the rifle (Z5) on display? If so would you post a pic of it?

  3. avatar Ian says:

    Double push pin lower, or pinned lower?

    1. avatar Nick says:

      First pic looks like push pin.

      1. avatar full.tang.halo says:

        Looking like pushpin and being pushpin are two different things, nearly every MP5 clone up until the ATF decided that the POF5 could have double push pin had fake pins there to make it look like a double push pin. Pre POF5 everything I had ever read and been told by NFA dealers and collectors was a double push pin gun was viewed in the eyes of the ATF as a machinegun on it’s face much like an AR lower with a 3rd pin drilled is a MG.

  4. avatar Nine says:

    So the rifle will only have a 10 round ?


    and a miss.

    1. avatar Carson says:

      Damn import restrictions! How does a MP5 not fall under sporting purposes? Then again, President Hussain thinks the Garand isn’t a sporting gun, so sounds like the criteria is more along the lines of “progressive purposes” so it’s a wonder they don’t focus on stopping all firearms imports like the UN wants. I know I want a gosh dang unadulterated, normal capacity magazine holding MP5!

      TLDR: Thanks Obama!

      1. avatar Nine says:

        On the other hand those 10 rounders can’t be that different from the originals. So I’d bet they could be easily modified to accept the standard magazines.

  5. avatar TITAN308 says:

    Price tag of $2,000? No thanks my EVO SBR runs circles around this thing. Until a company makes a sub $1,000 MP5 clone the market will never move beyond niche.

    1. avatar foggy says:

      The SP89 (MP5K clone) sold for $900 back in 1989, time marches on and so does inflation.

      1. avatar TITAN308 says:

        Irrelevant – the CZ EVO with tax stamp can be had for under $1,000.

        The inflation excuse can only get you so far.

        Like I said. Niche market will remain niche market.

        1. avatar Alex says:

          Comparing apples and oranges is never a good start to a conversation. I love my scorpion…probably more than some of my full auto mp5’s…but they are two different animals. The scorpion I love for its simplicity…and the mp5 for its roller lock system and historic beauty. Comparing price is kind of a moot point. πŸ˜‰

        2. avatar TITAN308 says:

          Im not trying to argue the qualities of each.

          Im stating matter of factly that as long as all these MP5’s retain these average price tags they will remain a niche forever more.

        3. avatar ARluv says:

          I guess one persons opinion is worth just as much as another’s…but I think you underestimate the number of people ready and willing to spend that kind of money on an mp5 or variant of. Just look at the sig mpx. Their retail price is around 1700 bucks…and they’re selling for 4 grand on gunbroker.

    2. avatar Ian says:

      I kinda hate to say it because I was super pumped for the Scorpion, but I really think the MP5 is better. The lower mass of the MP5 roller lock system makes the recoil much more manageable. I had them both out and would shoot 10 through one, then 10 through the other over and over to compare, and the MP5 is just a smoother shooter. I also had tighter groups with the MP5, but I have a lot more experience with it, so I can’t judge the Scorpion with just a few hundred rounds through it.

      I think the Evo has better controls and is maybe a bit faster to use/reload, it’s vastly easier to clean/maintain, but it just doesn’t not shoot anywhere near as well as the MP5 IMO, and the shooting characteristics should be the most important factor. You can really tell there is a 1.5lbs bolt slamming around in there. There is just no way an Evo “runs circles” around a good MP5 in the proper hands.

      That said does that warrant the 2x premium they have? That’s up to each person to decide for themselves. If I could only have one, I would take the MP5 without a second thought, but luckily I don’t have to make that choice.

  6. avatar John Doe says:

    At that price for them I can get about 3 Uzi type clones shoot more than ten rounds still have lots money buy 9mm round shoot them. Thanks but no thanks.

  7. avatar TTACer says:

    setting aside the Iranian Embassy Siege coolness factor, I don’t understand MP5 love or sub-guns in general (except the PPD, that thing is awesome). Why are they so long? It seems to me that the receiver shouldn’t be any longer than a pistol.

  8. avatar Newshawk says:

    Guys, guys! I realize that the prices on the website are high, but remember, they are MSRP. We don’t know what the final prices will be from resellers yet. They may turn out to be a good deal. Anyway, I have got to find a way to get a Z-5P… I wonder how much a kidney goes for these days? πŸ˜‰

  9. avatar Todd says:

    Will these accept full auto registered trigger packs?

  10. avatar Steve says:

    “Models available will include the Z-5P (MP5), Z-5RS (stretched MP5), and Z-5K (MP5K) pistols, as well as the Z-5 rifle (MP5 rifle, 16.15β€³ barrel).”

    I believe you’re slightly mistaken according to their website:

    Z-5P = MP5K with a flash hider
    Z-5K = MP5K
    Z-5RS = MP5 (pistol)
    Z-5 Rifle = MP5 (rifle)

    Looks to me like the Z-5RS will be the one to get assuming the rear side channels of the received aren’t welded up to prevent stock attachment.

    1. avatar VSN says:

      For the Z-5P:

      Additional – barrel has 3-lug quick attachment and 1/2X28 threaded end, muzzle brake/flash suppressor device pictured in not included.

      It probably has a threaded barrel, but no doodads included..

  11. avatar Hinshelworld says:


  12. avatar doesky2 says:

    and while the guns are going to be about $100 to $200 above what’s coming in from POF

    In other words…..$100 to $200 over bitchin expensive.

  13. avatar jason says:

    You lost me at more expensive than the POF MP5s

  14. avatar Q says:

    No thanks. I just got a CZ Scorpion and plan to SBR it when the factory stocks are released this summer.

  15. avatar conney says:

    In Indonesia, even to have a picture or photograph any firearm you can already arrested,perhaps even if they can see your thoughts or dreams about firearms, might be the reason for your detention, by reason of planning terorrism

  16. avatar Vuddha Tran says:

    If PTR can make great G3’s for about a grand (and up), why the hell can’t we get a good basic MP5 for around that price.

  17. avatar Robert Oney says:

    From what I’ve seen ,My first impression of the look and finish of the Zenith , has my vote . I’m past the over price crap .If you love guns like we all do ,rich or poor , we’ll pay it .
    Time for action from me . Dialing their number after I hit
    Send ……..

  18. avatar C A Haire says:

    Coming soon my ass. They have been advertising these HK clones for three years–have not brought in anything yet–always “next month”. So if you clowns want to stroke yourself go right ahead.

  19. avatar JP2336 says:

    Having just received our initial Z-5RS today I can say that the overall finish work and operation is BETTER than the POF variant. Just my opinion and those I work along side (Gunsmithing); a mixed batch of a decent bit of time “growing up on” and behind MP5SD’s The paint is average and is nothing special but prices shouldn’t be near MSRP. I know we’re not selling them for that much at least…For coming with 3 30-rd mags, top rail and some misc doo-dads the price isn’t bad at all.

  20. avatar Josh says:

    Having shot several of the variants of this today I can say I’m sold. This thing was super accurate and could ring an 8 inch steel gong time after time. If you get a chance to try one, I reccomend doing so.

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