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New shooters never had it so good. Before the World Wide Web and web videos most of us learned from anybody we could. The varying styles were great, but we ended up . . .

spending a whole lot of time and money trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t. And the training scars run real deep.

Wilson Combat has been releasing instructional shooting videos for some time now. My favorite: the “Going Tactical” series with Mike Seeklander.

Wilson Combat has just released the latest version of “Master Class”, available on their YouTube Channel. In the first episode, we see Larry Vickers work through the fundamentals of the draw.

Mr. Vickers is a former Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta operator (and unless you’ve been through the SFOD-D Operator’s Training Course, you’re not an operator) and all around exceptional shooter and instructor.

Nothing replaces a competent instructor and practice. But videos from world class instructors show anyone great techniques to start with, free of the time, expense, and training scars of doing it all wrong.

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  1. Larry’s great.

    BUT, he should try not to move his head AT ALL during his draw. One, all non-essential motion should be eliminated, as a general practice. Two, most people have quicker draws with less motion. Having a moving head, for example, line up with moving sights often takes longer than having a stationary head line up with moving sights.

    All of that said, maybe he has a shoulder injury or something. And, yes, there will be some cases where moving while drawing will be beneficial. However, when demonstrating the static draw, a still body with only arm motion is the ideal.

    • He is cross eyed dominate, you need to move your head. I bet his right foot is father back than his left. Also he is dipping he head a little, looking up compensates slightly for myopia. Ask me how I know.

      • I have total sympathy for folks who shoot cross dominant. I have a friend that does due to eyesight deterioration in his right eye (he’s right handed).

        Vickers is shooting right hand dominant. At the start of the draw, he moves his head to the left. That would be odd for someone trying to shoot with their left eye. The only thing I could think of was he was favoring his right shoulder, which would be understandable given some condition.

        Nonetheless, an instructor trying to provide a model for a wide audience should attempt to demonstrate the ideal, not a compromised form. That said, thanks for reminding us of cross-eye dominance. It does play a role in draws.

  2. I’d like to see Larry Snickers show us the best way to breach the buffet line and assault the prime rib station.

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