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Thompson Center has an interesting idea for a firearm. You buy the receiver and the stock, and then you get kits mailed to you for whatever caliber you want. Included in these kits are a magazine well, a bolt face and a barrel, which is everything you need to change in this gun to swap calibers. Want a rifle in .223 Remington as well as .308 Winchester? No problem!

And when we talk about swapping out parts we’re not talking about something that will take a gunsmith hours to accomplish, we’re talking about something I saw a S&W rep do before my eyes in about 5 minutes flat with just the tools provided in the box. It’s a do-it-yourself caliber change, no technical knowledge required.

The really interesting thing about this gun is not just that calibers can be swapped at will (and no FFL required for the kits, BTW) but that with the included cantilever rail once an optic is zeroed for that barrel you can keep the optic attached to the barrel even if the receiver isn’t. So even if you swap barrels you don’t need to re-zero the gun.

I hate to admit it, but a Ukranian stole my notes on this gun and I can’t remember the model number. This bottle of Jameson isn’t helping either. But rest assured I’ll look into it tomorrow for you all. Once I recover from this hangover…

[UPDATE] Looked into it, it’s called the Thompson Center Dimension.

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  1. Didnt notice at first sight that it was a bolt gun, I almost thought it was a Encore/Contender. Does this have a magazine, or is it single shot like the others? I’ve been wanting to get one for a RSI PressureTrace setup.

  2. Hm, now that is interesting. I hope they produce a lot of oddball chamberings– something like this would be ideal for trying out rounds you wouldn’t otherwise buy a whole rifle for.


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