New from Thompson Center: The Dimension Rifle

I posted about this yesterday, but a quick trip to the Winchester / TC booth jogged my memory and got me some great video. This is the gun that you, the user, can change the caliber from .204 Ruger to .300 Win Mag in less than five minutes and at a significantly reduced price compared to a completely new gun. Make the jump for some more details and a video of a TC rep completely taking down and reassembling the rifle in under 5 minutes.

The TC Dimension groups its available calibers into different blocks — A, B, C or D — depending on what bolt length and magazine size is required. This allows the shooter to use the same components for different calibers and only swapping the barrel to change the gun completely. The three components needing changing, specifically bolts, barrels and magazine assemblies, will be sold both individually and as a kit to make swapping out calibers just that much easier.

Speaking of easy, watch this TC rep work with the Dimension.

Despite some trouble with the cantilever rail it still took only about five minutes to completely change the firearm.

Coming soon: new calibers and new barrel profiles. There’s plenty of room on that stock to allow a free floated bull barrel and they plan to use every centimetre of space they have.