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I have one of Tech Smith MFG’s tail hook brace adapter on my TP9, which I reviewed here. I like it so much I decided to keep the TP9 and not register it as an SBR. Tech Smith keeps churning out new products for the TP9 and their newest product is a replacement charging handle . . .

The TP9’s factory charging handle is barely a notch above horrible. The problem is that it’s tiny and has little to allow you get a good grip.

Tech Smith’s replacment charging handle is made of a polymer and carbon fiber blend for strength. The new charger is available with the handle on the left or right side and retails for $75.

According to Tech Smith’s website the new charging handle won’t bend or break under heavy use. We’ll get our hands on one and put that claim to the test. But if it’s anything close to what it’s cracked up to be, this is probably a must-have upgrade for TP9 holders.

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  1. $75 to put an obnoxious hook on the side of my gun. Had an aimpoint mount with a comically big knob sticking out the side. Caught it on everything.

    This? No thanks.

  2. I for one think this is amazing. I can’t think of any gun besides an AR that doesn’t have a hook sticking out the side (tavor for instance) that could get caught on things and it never happens to me. This gun is even smaller and closer to you than a Tavor so it should be easier to keep track of.

    This also counts as one 922r part which means you only need 1 more to be compliant with an SBR build!

  3. yes, yes, yes! this so much is totally awesome. woohoo! i never thought i would see the day that tech smith mfg would cater to the b&t tp9 side charger market. how very excellent.

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