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The M&P “Combat Optics Ready Equipment” version features a worked-over 4.5 pound trigger (slicker than buttered Teflon), and raised iron sights to allow co-witnessing with mini red-dot sights like the Trijicon RMR shown here. The slide also has a factory cutout and five adapter plates so you can mount the mini red-dot of your choice.¬†Now I ought to point out that raised iron sights are also perfect for use with suppressors, but the M&P C.O.R.E. doesn’t come with a threaded barrel. Can you say ‘aftermarket?’¬†Price: $650.

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  1. I want a 5″ barrel fullsize 9mm – This is tempting but I keep reading about M&P accuracy issues. The FNS-9 Competition is enticing but no release date. I have an FNP-45 Tactical which I love. Decisions, decisions.

    • Early M&Ps circa 09-11 had some accuracy issues due to early unlocking issues. Its really an individual issue, some guns had it, some didn’t. It only shows at 25+ yards. New ones bought today have an upgraded barrel essentially copying the KKM match barrel that fix the lock-up and accuracy issues.

  2. Im a Smith Guy all the way! If the higher end red dots didnt cost twice the price of a pistol I would be going to my ffl with a downpayment right now. Copy the FN, yes but msrp about 200 less lol

    • Yeah I know you and I were going back and forth about M&Ps in the post about the Brits going to Glocks. Despite my intensely negative experiences with them personally (discussed in that post), I am not saying they are bad guns. Ergos are great and the price is certainly right. Not not my cup of tea in terms of build quality, although it seems that according to a lot of folks’ comments build quality has improved.

  3. just dros’d my 2nd m&p9 today. I would have a tougher time with myself for not waiting for this, but since I’m in California, I won’t be seeing one on gun store shelves anytime soon. Wonder if S&W will do CORE conversions on existing M&P’s.

  4. O C Armory is a full service FFL They will do any gun that need single shot conversion I do all my guns that way I just go the S&W M&P CORE I’m getting single shot conversion dun on it there located in Laguna Hills, California. O.C. Armory
    23012 Del Lago Drive
    Suite B Laguna Hills, CA 92653 ask for mike

  5. A $650 gun with a $600 -$800 optic, for personal defense and especially a competition setup makes no sense. A good competition gun runs about $1200, why stick a great optic on a mediocre gun. The FN FNP .45 is a combat pistol to be use from point blank to 25 + yards.As far as the CORE for home, A home defense gun will rarely need to be accurate past 25 feet. It looks cool, but cool don’t make it practical.

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