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The battle between MLOK and keymod continues apace. Keymod was first out of the blocks to offer a really solid modular attachment system, but Magpul’s MLOK system is gaining ground due to the ease of manufacturing and Magpul’s undeniable special sauce. The problem for consumers is that the systems force you to choose — you can either stock up on MLOK or keymod rail sections, but they aren’t cross compatible. Strike Industries is looking to change that with their new rail sections, which interface just as easily with both keymod and MLOK. Buy once, run everywhere? We’ll see — we have some sections inbound for testing.

They are also launching two new rail kits, one in keymod and one in MLOK, that are designed to be slim and sleek as well as offering some nifty extras like a built-in flip up front sight and 7 available lengths. The internal diameter is going to be 1.51 inches, which should be just big enough to slot a silencer inside for those looking to make an integral-ish suppressed rifle. Which should be sweet.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Great! Now that the MLOK vs. keymod argument has been resolved, we can get back to caliber wars.

  2. Awe, geez dair Edith, there you go again complicating my life! I was happily unaware of MLOK!

  3. Effing brilliant!

    I’ll be honest, my initial impression of Strike Industries was not a good one. They have those seriously goofy muzzle devices.

    Now it seems they’re starting to put out some truly useful parts.

  4. I love integral-ish! Once the Form 1 comes back on the lower, it’ll get an 8.5″ barrel .300 BLK upper on it, but the handguard is a 15″ unit so it’ll cover nearly all of the Liberty Mystic. Integral-ish… at least in appearance. But then the can can pop off and go on like 7 other things in my safe as well haha. Gotta get the most out of that $200 tax stamp!

  5. Oh, good, the battle between MLOK and KEYMOD was beginning to sound like the battle between GOG and Magog

  6. To be blunt, I didn’t have a good first impression of Strike Industries. Their muzzle devices look downright goofy and several of their products appear to be designed with no purpose in mind other than to look mall ninja.

    I’m glad to see they’re coming out with some useful-looking products. This new rail adapter is a great solution for someone who isn’t sure whether to go KMOD or MLOK. It makes the decision less of a commitment.

  7. Keymod is a dead man walking.

    First off until the military adopts one of these new rail types, 1913 is going to be the defacto standard for a LONG time. ALL accessories are compatible 1913….as in ALL.

    Second M-LOK is just better in every way. It is also cheaper and easy to make. It has MAGPUL behind it.

    Keymod is getting burned my accessory makers not properly adhering to the keymod standard and not machining a proper chanfer into their products. Just google “Keymod attachments falling off”. These accessories are either falling off or tearing up the rails as people try to tighten them more. M-LOK does not have the chanfer and it makes it easier overall.

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