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Yawn. Another Kydex hybrid holster, right? Only this one isn’t really the same all the others. If you read our review of the StealthGear USA’s ONYX IWB holster, you know that StealthGear uses a breathable backing that makes toting a shootin’ iron all day – especially in warmer climes – much more comfy. Now StealthGear has added to their Ventcore-backed product line with an appendix carry option. Retail price: $79. Press release after the jump . . .

(American Fork, Utah, USA – October 16, 2014) The latest addition to the growing SGUSA product line utilizing the proprietary breathable VentCore™ platform is a new appendix carry (AIWB) holster. The AIWB holster expands upon StealthGearUSA’s unique ONYX™ IWB holster, created and refined by SGUSA Founder and Chairman Paul Laemmlen, that features a patented breathable VentCore™ platform that sets the industry standard for comfort, breathability, and safety and overcomes many limitations and problems with traditional leather and other hybrid holsters.

VP9 2

As with the ONYX™ IWB holster, the AIWB holster is completely custom designed and hand-crafted around each specific gun model and manufactured in the USA. While industry norms often use the same backing for many different gun models, the SGUSA VentCore™ platform is redesigned for each model, providing every customer a custom fit holster for his or her needs. Industry reviews underscore that the VentCore™ platform is the “next step” in a comfortable, breathable concealment solution. As with the flagship ONYX™ holster, all SGUSA holster platforms also provide the ultimate in safety and combat readiness with complete trigger guard protection and feature Kydex® shells that completely cover the muzzle to ensure complete control and protection of the firearm.

The SGUSA AIWB holster also comes with a durable plastic clip system with multiple mounting hole options providing a great fit whether carrying the firearm higher or deeper into the beltline. A further innovation in the SGUSA AIWB holster is that the clips are mounted to the side of the barrel, just above the sight channel, minimizing the bulge of the holster while also allowing the holster to rotate up away from the user’s leg when sitting for long periods of time or squatting. This unique “on-the-fly adjustability” is a huge plus over other non-adjustable AIWB holsters.

With the introduction of its new Appendix Carry holster, SGUSA has once again created the newest and best standards of hybrid holster construction. With other innovative products on the horizon, StealthGearUSA is dedicated to enhance the comfort and safety of the CCW community and further advance modern holster and stealth accesories technology.

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  1. In South Texas we tend to call this method of carry “Mexican carry”. While SG-USA makes a fine product (I own a couple) I seriously wonder who prefers “appendix carry”… makes sitting down not much fun.

    • I AIWB carry. What is the issue? Some positions are a little uncomfortable. Nothing that stops me.

      Speed and location of access is an enormous advantage. Do some aggressive FoF and you can learn the advantages for yourself.

      • “Mexican Carry” means in your pants without a holster. Generally it means stuffed into your waistband but wouldn’t be entirely incorrect if it was used to refer to pocket carry without a holster also. But, above all else, it’s sans holster.

        Publishing either Thursday or Friday this week will be my review on the Cook’s Holsters IWB w/ Adjustable Belt Clip holster. Best holster I have used for a small gun evAr. Video just went up here. Works great for appendix carry of a small firearm, or “normal” IWB carry of any lightweight firearm with a plain ol’ belt and any size/weight firearm with a decent gun belt.

    • If you are using a holster it’s appendix carry in the front of the waste. Mexican carry if it is without a holster. People been using those terms for decades now.

    • Mexican carry is done without a holster, instead uses a lanyard. Appendix carry is very comfortable unless you pack a spare tire… Maybe lay off the tacos?

  2. Just ordered a new Garrett Industries Silent Thunder yesterday my Shield, I was debating between it and a Theis, this may very well be my next holster purchase. It looks pretty stinkin slim from the profile shot in their page and I love the idea of a light weight breathable backer for my summer gun.

    Ive pretty much ruined the leather backer on my Crossbreed AIWB holster from wearin it in the summer. Luckily, CBH has some of the BEST customer service Ive dealt with for a holster company, and they sent me back a new holster when I sent mine in for warranty.

  3. Sounds worth a look. My leather holster pokes a bit much for appendix. I like appendix carry, but you really have to lose the gut for it to be comfortable.

  4. I carry appendix IWB exclusively now. I carry all day, watch TV, drive with seat belts on with no discomfort. sure I suppose if a person was trying to carry a 8″ barrel revolver, that might crowd things a little.
    I carry a Sig P229 in a Sticky Holster. The benefits are virtually little to no printing and damn fast to draw.
    I live in the colder climate here in the Pacific Northwest and much of the time I carry with just a light jacket unzipped which virtually obscures the weapon from sight. I have practiced and practiced this carry method and am totally confident in it. Having carried every method except an ankle holster for the last 36 years, I know what I like and appendix is it. Yeah sure, if you handle your weapon like a Kurd at a wedding, you’re going to shoot yourself. Safe and proper handling is a MUST. If you are a douche bag, don’t carry this method. It’s just that simple.

  5. My Onyx IWB for my LCP is a nice holster to carry around. I did switch to a pocket holster now for most situations, but if I have the right clothes I use the IWB.

  6. Is this a press release or promotion? It just sounds like your saying how great it is then talking about their other products. And thats not a press release its just your writing…. Smells like a shill. this website is going to crap between the advertisements, sponsorships, and now posting new products without a press release people will think this is a review…

  7. Could this holster be used at the 4-5 o’clock position? comfortable? Or when do Appendix carry holsters pretty much need to be up front?

    • I know that most appendix holsters offer straight up and down cant angle (i.e. 0º), while other IWB holsters either offer adjustable cant or some fixed angle greater than 0.


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