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Who’s got lever fever? Better yet, who doesn’t have lever fever? Even those of you who live in one of those 2A-averse states with limited approved firearms lists can frequently get your hands on great guns like the Henry .30-30. or a Marlin 1895. Now Skinner Sights is out with their Skinner Express line featuring aperture backup sights if the mood (or Murphy’s law) strike. Here’s their press release . . .

Skinner Sights, LLC, Saint Ignatius, MT, February 2016–The Skinner Express lever action scope base with aperture back up makes for great looks and performance.

If gun sights and mounts were in a beauty contest, this might well be the easy winner. The legendary Skinner brand Express Scope base and back up aperture sight base is precision machined from solid carbon or stainless steel bar stock making that much loved lever gun all that much better looking when scope mounted.
The Skinner Express base and sight fixture fits Marlin 1895/336, all large frame Marlin lever actions and Henry large frame .30-30s, .45-70s and the new Henry .308 Win.
Engineered to precisely fit using the factory drilled and tapped scope mounting holes the Skinner Express needs no gun smithing. All screws, instructions and tools are included in the package. The Skinner base will accept either Warne 7.3 or medium high Talley rings.
Should something disable the scope in the field (it happens) simply remove scope and rings and continue on using the precision aperture back up sight. The “iron” sight features removable inserts in 0.096 diameter from the factory with optional inserts at $11.00 each in 0.040, 0.070, 0.125, 0.155-inch diameter and if the insert is left out the sight becomes a ghost ring, handy for heavy cover shooting.
For that extra bit of bling the Black Gold combination of polished blued steel base and brass windage dovetail and aperture sight stem is stunningly beautiful on either a brass or blued rifle.
Andy Larsson, owner says– “I can make more money by cranking out mass production but I also got into this business due to my love of beautiful rifles. Our sights and systems reflect one at a time precision fit and finish and a level of craftsmanship befitting any firearm regardless of brand or cost.
Blued carbon steel……$169
Stainless steel………….$179
Black Gold……………..$189

Nearly 50 percent of buyers order the Black Gold (photo)combination. Rings NOT included.
The base will take Warne 7.3 or medium-high Talley rings.

Skinner Sights has a large variety of sights and bases of many brands and types of firearms.
Skinner Sights, LLC
P.O. Box 1810
419 Flathead Street, Unit 1
Saint Ignatius
MT 59865

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  1. i have a skinner aperture sight mounted on a ’94ae. doggone thing drops right on and lengthens the sight radius to boot. on mine it works well with the stock front sight. certainly good enough for .44mag. very nice quality piece.

  2. Those Skinner sights are awesome. I have the Black Gold style on my Marlin .30-30, and it looks sweee-eeet. (Pretty much like the picture above, but without the scope-ring cutouts.) Not only is it sweet-looking, it’s a lot easier and faster to use than the factory standard sights.

    The only hitch in the works was that the Skinner rear sight was taller than the factory sight, but they sell tall replacement front sights that you can file down to size yourself. I opted for a brass front sight for extra bling, but a blued steel one would probably be more practical (less glare). He doesn’t care much one way or the other, but I really want to get a Skinner setup for my son’s Henry Golden Boy.

  3. I have the Skinner express-style aperture peeps on my Chiappa 1892 Alaskan takedown .357 and they really are sweet. Perfect sites for a lever. I have the large aperature in now, but can quickly take it out and make it a ghost ring (with the high vis front site this works nicely). Levers are a blast and a nice break from the modern stuff. And the little 16” 1892 pairs up real nice with my SW 686 -4 pre lock .357

  4. I hope they make these as an option for the Taylor 357 takedown. Would be nice to mount a red dot or scout optic without having to lose my peep site.

  5. or a Marlin 1895. Now Skinner Sights is out with their Skinner Express line featuring aperture backup sights if the mood (or Murphy’s law) strike. Where such information?

  6. I have orderd one for my henry H010BWL which looks like a piece jewelry any way but the Alaskan sight in black gold just enhances it more yet. I also added a brass front site abd bought a extra brass sight to file down for a plug were the factory rear sight was located,since they do not offer one in brass yet. Just ecstatic on the performance and looks on my beautiful boom boom.


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