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SIG SAUER Elite ammo

Porsche makes most of its money selling SUVs, but the Mom-mobiles weaken the sports car maker’s brand. Eventually. I repeat: brand extensions are profitable in the short term. Long term they take a company’s eye off the ball. IMHO. In SIG’s HO “Every product SIG SAUER produces will have the same attributes for which our firearms are known around the world – reliability, accuracy, and unparalleled performance,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER director of product management. As for the Elite Performance Ammunition .  . .

“The proprietary SIG V-Crown stacked hollow point bullet features an additional smaller hollow point cavity behind the main cavity. This design, along with the V-shaped jacket skives, guarantees controlled, uniform expansion at all effective distances and velocities.”

Initially available in 90gr .380Auto, 124gr 9mm Luger, 125gr .357SIG, 165gr .40S&W, and 200gr .45Auto. Our man ShootingTheBull410’s on the case. So to speak. Full press release:

SIG SAUER® Introduces its First Line of Premium Centerfire Pistol Ammunition –


SIG SAUER Elite 45ACP ammo

Newington, NH (April 14, 2014) – SIG SAUER Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable firearms, introduces its Elite Performance Ammunition line – the company’s first-ever line of premium centerfire pistol ammunition. Designed specifically for personal defense, SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition features a proprietary stacked hollow point bullet – the SIG V-Crown™ Jacketed Hollow Point – for reliable expansion, round after round.

The five introductory calibers and bullet weights are: 90gr .380Auto, 124gr 9mm Luger, 125gr .357SIG, 165gr .40S&W, and 200gr .45Auto.

“Every product SIG SAUER produces will have the same attributes for which our firearms are known around the world – reliability, accuracy, and unparalleled performance,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER director of product management. “This new Elite Performance Ammunition consistently delivers controlled, uniform expansion and terminal performance, round after round. We are excited to enter the ammunition market and will be adding additional bullet weights for pistols as well as rifle ammunition in the months ahead.”

The proprietary SIG V-Crown stacked hollow point bullet features an additional smaller hollow point cavity behind the main cavity. This design, along with the V-shaped jacket skives, guarantees controlled, uniform expansion at all effective distances and velocities.

Another distinct advantage of the SIG SAUER Elite Performance V-Crown design is a toothed cannelure located halfway up the shank of the bullet. Its location more effectively locks the jacket and the lead/alloy core, providing maximum structural integrity in a jacketed bullet. This is key to achieving maximum weight retention and energy through impact by preventing fragmentation as the bullet mushrooms, ensuring optimal terminal performance. Brass cases are Techni-crom® coated for enhanced lubricity, superior corrosion resistance, and reliable feeding and extraction.

Elite Performance Ammunition is being manufactured in the United States by SIG SAUER to the same exacting standards as the company’s premium pistols and rifles. The SIG SAUER custom designed loading equipment coupled with a proprietary loading process, and a complete hand and visual inspection of every round, continually produces ammunition of the highest quality. In addition to rigorous testing by SIG SAUER engineers, instructors at the SIG SAUER Academy have fired tens of thousands of rounds in the development of this new and exciting line of ammunition.

SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition is now available to numerous large retailers and the company’s SIGnature Dealers [geddit?] throughout the United States.

For more information, visit Become a fan of SIG SAUER on Facebook at

About SIG SAUER, Inc.

SIG SAUER, Inc. is the largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland. This global network of companies gives SIG SAUER a world-class firearms knowledge base, unparalleled design expertise, and extensive manufacturing capacity, enabling the company to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and the needs of its military, law enforcement, and commercial markets worldwide. SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with more than 1,000 employees. For more information on SIG SAUER, any of its products, or the SIG SAUER Academy, log on to

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  1. It’s always interesting to me to watch companies launch a product that is, for all intents and purposes, basically the same as at least half-a dozen other products like it.

    It will be interesting to see if in fact this ammo is demonstrably different or better.

    I’m just glad they didn’t give it a stupid name like RIP or “THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS” or “I HAVE BECOME DEATH”

    : )

    • It pretty much sucks from the tests I have seen from Lucky Gunner. They ran it against HST with the same weight bullet in all calibers but .380 of course since I am pretty sure Federal doesn’t load that caliber in HST, Golden Saber was used there. I can’t remember if every caliber but I am pretty sure it was out performed Sig, if I remember right some of them didn’t even get to the 12 inch min and that isn’t just .380 most of those just won’t cut it but 9mm was one I think. EDIT now I look back the .45 looks to have performed pretty similar the 9mm did fall short and the .40 had a hard time just to hit 12 inches pretty sad.

      • When they listed the 102 grain Golden Saber as a 90 grain round it didn’t help me trust their findings. Then they used a 5.03 inch barrel for the 9mm test and got a velocity that is 70 fps greater than Guns & Ammo reported with a 10 round average from a 4.4 inch barrel. 70 fps (or more since Sig used 4 inch barrels for their tests) can easily cause greater expansion and lesser penetration.

        I’m waiting for either tnoutdoors9 or Shooting the Bull to do a test using a 4 to 4.4 inch barrel and use denim. Then we’ll see how it fairs.

        • Velocity can definitely affect bullet performance. Yes. But… to be fair… 1) HSTs are proven performers over a HUGE velocity range and 2) for this new ammo Sig states right in the marketing and press release, “This design, along with the V-shaped jacket skives, guarantees controlled, uniform expansion at all effective distances and velocities.

    • *Takes off Sig-Tac Hat*

      *Puts down Sig-Arms Water Bottle, Sunscreen, sunglasses, and money clip*

      *Gently holsters Sig-Tac Tactical Burrito Entry Knife*

      *Carefully Checks Sig P226 Mk.5 v. 2, REV. 0 for Genuine Sig-Elite Performance Ammo*

      Okay, now what was it you were saying?

      • I’ll set down my Sig gear and holster my little P238 while pulling out my P229 to eject the mag and switch bullets… If Sig says it’s good, then I’ll use it.

  2. Yo dawg, I hear you like hollow-points…so I put a hollow in your hollow so you can hollow-point while you hollow-point.

  3. New from Acme … Coyote Caliber ammo! Featuring the N-E-W totally hollow hollow point! With fractally segmented skives!

    Also known as a blank…

  4. For those of you in marketing or anywhere else for that matter, this indicates a mature market. Gotta come up with something.

  5. Porsche SUVs? See a few of them compared to the sports cars. I mean, arent’t soccer moms too frugal to buy a Porsche as an SUV? Bad analogy old chap.

    Personally I would say why bother? Because other companies have been making the same thing better and for a longer time (AKA know what they are doing). SIG should stick to making guns…lovely, heavy, accurate guns.

    • I suspect this new “product” is the result of some young executive attempting to justify his existence. These clowns come out of business school wanting to hit the next home run on the first swing. Reminds me of the guy who thought “new” Coke would be a good idea.

      Why is it so wrong for a business to find that one thing you’re really good at and stick with that?

  6. Yo, I heard you like expansion so we put a hollow point in your hollow point so you can expand while you expand.

  7. The agency I work for received new Sig’s last fall. We have had significant reliability issues with these pistols. I used to believe in the reliability of the Sig classic line of pistols. Not anymore.

  8. Huh… so PMC Starfire is so far forgotten we can now call the Sig version V-Crown? How innovative. Welcome to 1990-something…

    • I’d suspect the latter. Setting up an ammo manufacturing line takes a truckload of coin, and the press release bespeaks of a company consumed with making a quick buck for the minimal investment.

    • Yes and as you can tell by TTAG’s posting of the press release for this new ammunition product from Sig, the Liberty Ammo sponsorship to provide the ammo for gun reviews has caused the website to sweep all mentions of other ammo manufacturers under the rug.

    • My wife daily drives one. It’s actually a fun SUV to drive when I get into the drivers seat. It is not the Turbo, but the regular V8 still makes it move out of its own way.

    • I’ve been in the back of one with a Porsche pro driver at the wheel doing hot laps. They do no dishonor to the Porsche name or heritage. 90+ mph sideways corner-to-corner drifting on a tight road course will cure any thoughts you may have that an SUV can’t do those sorts of things without rolling. Slalom, braking… it was solid at ten tenths on the track. Level and in control. Destroyer of tires though for sure.

  9. I own many sigs and its the closest thing to brand loyalty I have with firearms and I’ve always enjoyed them immensely. If their ammo is good, and matches current market price why not? The more options the better.
    If I had a different cable company in my area I’m sure my price would be lower and my service better

  10. Is it doing anything BETTER than what Federal HSTs, Winchester PDX1s or Bonded JHPs, and GoldDots can give you?

    Seems like its a NO.

    Skip it.

    • Ah, yes, without fail a reloader comes into a conversation about commercial ammo and wags his finger at participants and tells them to reload. Yawn.

      My time is valuable and I’m in a financial position that I do not have to reload to save money and I’m not going to do it simply as a hobby.

      If you want to, or need to, good for you.

      I won’t mention how often I’ve seen handguns go down at training and when speaking to the student they report they are shooting reloads.


  11. Is it mainly targeted at departments, or retail? If the former, “testing” really needs to place more emphasis on the “non-civilian” barrier tests than ShootingTheBull usually does. Also, same round through both service and backup sized guns, through various barriers…….

    Sig may also be able to offer extended “reliability guarantees” of their guns, if you use their ammo…… Making warranty claims even more onerous than it already is.

    If even remotely successful, I’d certainly expect some “perfect” ammo arriving from the land of Ahnold in not too long, particularly in that other .45 caliber.

  12. Why do I get the feeling, that behind every disparaging, Sig-hating comment, is a Schlock, I mean a Crock…I mean a Glock owner who couldn’t/wouldn’t pony up and buy a real gun? Hmmm? Maybe that’s why the Navy SEAL’s chose the Sig?

    Do your own damn ammo testing instead of relying on someone else to do it for you. Better yet, buy what works for you, and stop following links to other sites of “purported” know-it-all’s. Yeesh, it sounds like flock a sheep in here sometimes.

  13. I can’t believe people are complaining that a company is producing ammo. The more ammo available the better, just wish they made .22

  14. Looks like decent ammo, although the large cavity and notches might cause hang ups in some guns (not Glocks.) The only thing that will ultimately matter will be price point, which if they follow their guns pricing it will be overpriced for what it is.

  15. Hmmm.

    I can’t get past the opening of their press release:

    SIG SAUER Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable firearms…

    Really? As judged my whom? By what criteria and testing methodology? In what type of use?

    See, it’s stuff like this (oh, and the Glock tagline of “Perfection”) that really make me not want to recommend their products to my customers. Companies that open press releases with absurd claims like this usually are a far cry from being able to prove it.

  16. The only “objective” review of this SIG Elite I could find comes from Lucky Gunner.

    Firing 9 mm into ballistics gel (their admittedly limited number of rounds (5)), showed a slightly greater expansion than Federal’s HST — 0.72” vs. 0.68”; but less penetration than HST — only 9.16” vs. 13.1”.

    That make me leery, but, for consistency, I’ll wait for Shooting the Bull to do his thing. His testing procedures might be slightly different.

  17. Here’s one Glock owner (Model 26) that trusts the good Sig name and isn’t afraid to say it. Ammo of the week? Maybe. But I’ve already tested a limited amount out of my gun and have ordered more. And don’t hate me for saying…but if my Kahr CM9 likes it too…it will become that gun’s carry ammo soon. By the way, scan the web. Prices for the V-Crown have come down a little.

  18. Ammo sales are on fire right now and it was only a matter of time before an exclusively arms manufacturer created their own private label line. This move was smart for SIG as they should leverage their brand name as much as possible. The proof is in the pudding, however. Is SIG manufacturing the bullets and brass? If not, who is? Is the SIG bullet a new design or is it recycled? My current employer has essentially done the same with ancillary products in the Automotive Aftermanrket Industry that are not within our core expertise. Most of them have failed because they were private label, “me to” products and offered no performance or price advantages over our competition. Consumers are more wiley these days and will quickly decide if this new SIG product has merit. Let the free market decide.

  19. Can’t belive all the glock owners are such cry babies.No wonder the Seals don’t carry the really great glocks.Don’t recall Sig saying that their Ammo was best.!But am certain that if it was a glock ad it would be.Am sure if Hitler had glocks he would have won.By the by where were all you glock owners during WW2? BY!!

  20. I just bought a box at Cabela’s today. Price was reasonable and, obviously, I was attracted by the brand. We’ll se how it works out. I’m sure it won’t be any worse than any of the other available choices. And if it’s better, great!

    FWIW, I can never find HST .40 in 165 grain. Maybe this will be my new carry load in my P229.


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