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From SAR USA . . .

SAR USA, exclusive importer of one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in the world, SARSILMAZ, is proud to announce the introduction of the new SAR9 Compact X striker-fired semi-automatic 9x19mm pistol.

The SAR9 Compact X DNA comes directly from the SAR9 pistol which was originally designed and engineered to compete on the world stage as a military sidearm, and to fill a military contract. Now SAR USA is offering the SAR9 Compact X package which includes: paddle holster, double mag pouch, magazine loader and accessory flashlight. All are packaged in a rugged carrying case.

The SAR9 Compact X striker-fired pistol features a lightweight polymer frame with accessory rail, serrated slide with CerakoteÆ platinum finish and a 4″ hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown for increased accuracy. With a 3-dot sight optic-ready mount plus a choice of three insertable back straps to personalize your fit, the SAR9 Compact X points naturally and is a pleasure to shoot.

Its low barrel axis-to-grip ratio lessens muzzle climb, and the 20-degree grip angle provides superior control and fast second-shot recovery. …the accuracy is built in. Couple these features with an ambidextrous safety trigger that is smoother than a double-action revolver and the SAR9 Compact X becomes the perfect carry-pistol when you want a round in the chamber.

SAR9 CX Compact X

The SAR9 Compact X incorporates a unique safety trigger that features a tab safety in the center to prevent inertial discharges should the gun be dropped onto the rear of its slide. There is also a bright-red insert at the top that is visible from the side. This feature enables the shooter to see, at a glance, whether the gun is cocked or not, even from a distance. The SAR9 Compact X comes standard with two 15rd. magazines. For compliant restricted states 2-10rd magazines are included.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm luger Height: 5.1”
Capacity: 10+1 or 15+1 Width: 1.4”
Overall length: 7.2” Barrel Length: 4”
Weight: 26.8 oz Colors: Black, Black & Black w Stainless Slide, Platinum, OD Green w
MSRP: $632.00 Black Slide, White

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  1. Looks a little like my PPQ which I really like but don’t much carry any more due to the lack of an optic. Old eyes on top of wearing glasses since 1st grade when my teacher noticed I was closing one eye to read.

  2. Interesting…a grip angle smack between a 1911 and Glock. Would like to shoot one and see how it points for me (prefer a 1911 angle – seems to work with my hand / wrist geometry better).

  3. No doubt a very nice firearm especially for the DIYer who knows how to tinker with striker fired handguns. Unfortunately Sar omitting the ambi safety on this model is a deal breaker for me. I own 3 Sar9 4.4″ barrel, ambi safety models all tweaked to perform; friends and family own 5 more. The 4.4″ can be found on GB for $285.99 plus tax, ship and FFL. Out of the box it’s a good gun but not a great gun…you have to make it great. Current production stamped Miami FL are nice.
    And as always with a Sar review there may be a lemoned faced bigot show up bad mouthing Sar soley on its country of origin. And as always I challenge them to produce a better handgun at a better price and as always they fail miserably.

    • Uh, every Glock made.
      Even a Taurus g2c or g3 is better then this hunk of crap.
      Worst gun I’ve ever bought …. can’t get mags anywhere,ey give you a light but, doesn’t fit in the holster. Give the engineer who thought of that a raise. Better yet maybe a Macdonald or dunkin donuts.

  4. I don’t own a SAR 9MM but own a SAR K45 all steel .45acp and it’s the most accurate .45acp I have ever shot. The grip angle is a cross between a Glock and a 1911.It’s very ergonomic.It holds 14 rounds and feeds absolutely any type of ammo you put in it.The best $375 investment I’ve ever made.

  5. No manual safety therefore no buy. When, (not if) you accidentally snag the trigger the gun accidentally fires just like the Glock does. Of course it will never happen to you (famous last words).

    As I have stated before if firearms were under the control of the Consumer Safety Commission striker fired guns with no manual safety would never have been allowed on the market. They are responsible for the majority of accidental discharges and deaths.

    • As I have stated before if we had a decent mental health system in this country you would not be free to comment here.

      • Yeah the manual safety he needs would be a locked door on the butterfly ward at the local nut shop, if they still had those. I have seen estimates that fully 10% of our population is on significant psych meds and if something stops their getting needed meds we are gonna be up to our knees in nutjobs, some of which will be very dangerous.

      • @jwm

        I imagine that installing a manual safety on a Dacian Gen X might keep it from going off half-cocked as that particular model is wont to do on a regular basis. No rhyme or reason…just full of random negligent discharges.

  6. Just what the world needs, another polymer frame striker fired 9mm. Imagine we were back in 1972. The only 9mm’s readily available were the S&W 59 & 39, Browning HP, HK P9, Walther P1/P38, Sig P210 & some WWII surplus P08, P38, Lhati & Hi Powers not including the Spanish 9mm Largo chambered pistols. Wow! have times changed.

  7. “The SAR9 Compact X incorporates a unique safety trigger that features a tab safety in the center to prevent inertial discharges should the gun be dropped onto the rear of its slide.”

    Unique? Am I missing something? Isn’t that exactly what practically everyone else does???

  8. I’ve shot the Sarsilmaz K12 at a demo at our gun club during the annual Glock match. It’s a very high quality high end CZ75 clone that looks an awful lot like the former and current high end Tanfoglios. It is rumored that Sar provides forgings for the Italian company, much the same as Beretta gets many of it’s frames and barrels from Turkish subcons – they DO have some very advanced machining and forging capabilities. I realize a lot of you don’t like the thought of donating to their country’s leadership… I myself aren’t really a fan of donations to OUR leaders either.

    • Well at least a person has a choice on what gunms to buy.
      Donations to OUR leaders is another matter.
      That reminds me, I’m a year behind on the taxes for the property “I own”, I better get that payed before the county puts it up for sale.
      Hmmm, seems I’m just renting the land from the government really .

      • I’ve been told that you don’t really” own” the land your house and outbuildings sit on, and you would promptly be evicted off of it if oil or anything else of value was discovered under it. Out west you might not even get to keep the rainfall that collects on it. By the way, do you get to decide what the taxes that they steal from you get used towards? If so, let me know if there are any hundred or so acre plats available nearby.

  9. I bought sar 9 cheap brand new because all good industry reviews. When I went to field strip the handgun the slide would come off frame lever push down take gun part came off the gun little polymer roll pin hold those levers on handgun came out of Sar9 trigger stop working until put back in. To make long story short Sar USA refuse repair or replace that gun under there warranty. So end up selling brand $330.00 dollar defect Sar9 to pawn shop for $60.00 dollars they could even field strip it. So before buy cheap Sar9 realize if break or defect Sar USA well not fix or replace. So matter of get what pay before.


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