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Remington’s presser calls their company “America’s most trusted gunmaker.” We can certainly trust Remington to make hay while the 1911 sun shines. This they do with the Remington R1 Carry, a 1911 “perfectly configured for practical competition or personal protection.” In other words, it’s a de-horned full-size R1, which makes the pistol “easier to carry and holster without the worry of the edges catching or grabbing.” Roger that. The R1 Carry sports a “satin-black oxide finish; beavertail grip safety with 25 LPI checkered memory bump; ambidextrous safety; front strap and mainspring housing checkered at 25 LPI; Novak® Sights with Tritium front sight; and cocobola grip panels.” Remington ships the gun in a custom carry case with one seven-round and one eight-round magazine. MSRP $1,299.

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  1. “Remington’s presser calls their company “America’s most trusted gunmaker.”

    What poll is that based on?

    Under the ownership of the Freedom Group and the new leadership at Remington I trust Remington to continue being second-rate and less of a true gun manufacturer to what they used to be decades ago.

  2. When I first heard about Remy introducing the R1 Carry, I was hoping for a commander size pistol with a bobtail, a poor man’s Ed Brown Kobra Carry. But instead I get this nonsense. I has a sad.

    • Don’t knock it until you’ve had or shot one. I have had many many firearms and this is one of the finest. Right up there with the best I have had. And I’ve shot, had, and or have have HK USP Tactical 45’s, Glocks set for competition shooting, other high end 1911’s and this is up there with any of them. It has all the essential carry mods and some it didn’t need but has anyway! And do you like your Perogies stuffed with potato or cheese?

  3. Lessee… Another 1911 (100yr old design…yawn.) gussied up with Novak night sights and some other gimmics-I-mean-popular-upgrades for the bargain price of….drum roll please…1300$. Good thing i wasn’t drinking coffee or I might have spit it up on the keyboard.

    Note to Remington: Ruger makes the same thing (Except it is upgraded w / Stainless frame and slide and a better trigger) for 650$.

    The sad thing is they will likely sell a bunch of them. People a weird.

    • I’ve heard that the Ruger SR1911 isn’t very accurate or nearly as well made as other 1911’s out there. You better believe I’d pay a few hundred more for increased accuracy and a higher quality fit & finish. Not saying that I’d get this gun here, just talking about the “overpriced” 1911’s in general.

      • Dont believe everything you hear. The one I shot was plenty accurate. 2 – 3in groups at 20+yds with Winchester WB. It was also very well made with no ugly tooling marks or inappropriate clearances or other BS. It was a nice gun for 639.99$

        • It may be a nice gun for $640, I’m simply saying that I’d be willing to pay $900 or so for a great gun.

        • You must like plastic firearms. A 1911 like this one is a very nice weapon made from steel and wood. So are Rugers. However a Ruger rattles like a child’s toy when shaken. Why? It’s loose. You ever had anything loose? Most people prefer tighter. Precision costs more. Look up precision on wiki. You won’t see your Glock there

      • Because it’s all stainless, Made in USA and comes with most of the goodies that folks add to a 1911.

  4. Word to Remington:Rather than make new models, perhaps you should focus on refining the guns you already make?

    My R1 Enhanced had a mismatched ejector,and regular 1911 R1s are being sold with serious finish issues. Considering that , I’d rank their 1911s closer to Rock Island Armory territory than Kimber. At least the Phillipine firm makes sure the back of the slide is even before selling their wares.

  5. I’ve built 5 1911s without the aid of a machine shop and they all turned out better looking than this R-1

  6. Anyone else having a hard time seeing how this is any more carry friendly than the regular R1? I’ve got pictures side by side and it really doesn’t look like it will be drastically easier to holster or whatever they claim the advantage is

    • The dehorning will make a bit of a difference. I’ve got an R1 TALO Edition and it’s got some damned sharp edges. Also, the Novak rear is far less likely to catch on the draw compared to the squared rear sight of previous R1s.

    • Honestly, the bigger reason to want a gun to be dehorned like that is if you’re carrying in a tuckable IWB rig.

      The shirts I’ve been wearing with my XD and Crossbreed look like swiss cheese around gun; Fewer sharp edges should mean fewer holes in your shirts.

  7. The one downside on the 1911R1 that I see (since I own one) is that it is a Series 80 pistol.

    Not my favorite. The Series 80’s have a trigger pull as lousy as the typical striker-fired polymer pistol does. It can be improved… a little bit. But it will likely never be as nice as a well done Series 70 or GI 1911.

      • I had the first R1 the month it was released, years ago. It was an exellent shooter, the trigger broke at 4 lbs, smooth as you could want. I am almost 70 and been doing this a long time. I actually traded the R1 for a 40 EMP. I just got a R! carry Commander, for under $500 on a flash sale. I can’t see how I can go wrong on this, since they were 1200 when they came out.
        It has to be at least as good as the original R1 plus it had a ton of features the original didn’t have, so even if it takes my Gunsmith a day to smooth it out, it’s still worth it, plus I can always sell it for what I payed, so no downside

  8. Kind of surprised by the negativity towards Remington. As far as reliable handguns go, the company has always been fine. Sure they are asking for a thrashing after a comment like “America’s most trusted gunmaker” or whatever nonsense, but they deserve some love.

    • Not when Taurus has better build quality. My PT1911 has the same flawless reliability as my R1 Enhanced, and the Brazilians made sure the ejector was flush with the back of the slide!

  9. I’ve owned a bunch of 1911s. My go-to gun when competing is my R1 Enhanced. Most accurate gun I’ve owned.

    My SR1911 Ruger with a two-piece FLGR is getting there. Just waiting on green fiber optic front sight from the Ruger Store to see if it can match my R1 Enhanced in accuracy.

  10. What’s the main difference between the R1 Carry and the R1 Enhanced? I don’t see too many updates that truly justify a $400 price tag jump between the two. But, who knows, I COULD be wrong. Outside of sights and the dehorned frame, what else is there that’s different? I can only assume the innards will be 99% similar to the other. But, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong – it’s actually why I’m here!

  11. Seems a bit highly priced for a 1911, but I took a Remington 1911 R1 for a spin. Spent some quality time with it. The trigger’s not quite as good as a Sig Sauer 1911, no, but it’s still pretty good. It should probably be just a bit south of $700, price-wise. But the R1’s are pretty tight and do shoot well.

    – T

  12. I have the R1 Stainless and it is a terrific pistol. I’ve owned Ruger SR1911’s both 4.25 & 5″ versions, H&K, Springfield, Sig’s and currently a Kimber Pro Carry II. The Remington is as accurate as any of these. My Remington is beautifully built and the trigger is exceptional. Maybe I’m lucky and got an outstanding example,
    but I’ve been impressed enough to sell the Kimber and order the plane Commander version of the Remington.

  13. First let me say that my safe has 4 other 1911s in it—-one from STI (a Trojan with the best trigger I have ever pulled), a Kimber Pro Raptor (bought from an in-law with a gambling problem so he would not snuff it), a Dan Wesson that I keep meaning to sell and a Colt GI issue that my grandfather gave me in 1976 that kept him alive in WWII. I also have S&W PC .357, Sig 229, Beretta PX-4 in 9mm (great pistol), Glock 30, Tanfoglio 10mm ( like any Italian beauty it performs perfectly as long as you are careful what you feed it) , an SCCY 9mm and Ruger Super Alaskan in 454 that I call the Beastmaster. I bought the R1 Commaner Carry about a week ago and have put 200 rounds through it and I will tell you that is is one of the best firearms I have ever shot—not flashy in any way but slide to frame fir and overall build quality is superb. For a 4″ gun it will produce 2 inch groups at 10 yards (as long as am serfectly pober) and has outstanding recoil suppression for double taps. I bout this gun at Academy Sports for $869.00 and got a $75.00 rebate from Remington —-best value for the quality ever—–this is an American Classic.

  14. I purchased the R1 Commander Carry at Academy sports just before Thanksgiving of 2015 for $519.88. Their original price on the gun was $1149. I watched them mark the price down for about 9 months and they had it marked at $719.99 in early November. I walked in one Saturday morning & they had marked it down to $519 and Remington had doubled the rebate to $150 through November 30th. They had two and I bought both of them. I shoot one & keep the other one unfired & will give them to my sons some day. Superb fit & finish, great shooting 1911 & probably the best firearm purchase I ever made.

  15. I have been shooting 1911’s for 50+years. Carry daily for 43. I carry a Glock, 1 or 3 9’s I own, “strictly for the capacity”, I don’t want to have to reload, especially if wounded. I have had 3 occasions when this was necessary. I included that only to help in your decision making, I prefer a 1911, but not for daily carry, 7 ot 8 rounds go by fast, especially when 2 or more perps are running and shooting. Figure half are outright misses, “Fact”. so Yes the 1911 is a great gun for HD with an extended mag, and a ligh with night sights or a laser, and the R! shoots as well as any of them do. I shot one after not having a 1911 in my hands for several years, and at 50 feet, I had a 3 inch group, offhand firing about 1 shot per second.
    Unless you are a pro, it won’t matter once you reach a certain level of firearm ability, they all shoot better than the person doing the shooting.
    Latham can pick up a 50 dollar rusty Jennings and shoot it like Jessie James. Most of us can’t, and the misconception that more money equals better performance is why gun companies are in business. It used to be a man had 1, maybe 2 Handguns for everything, his entire life. Now guys buy a new gun every month because they buy into the Marketing nonsense.
    Chances are you don’t need a new gun, just a little more practice, till you can hit the bulls eye from 25 yards 10 times in 10-20 seconds. That’s what it will take to stay alive in a gunfight, otherwise invest in Body Armor, your money will be better spent.
    Don’t take this wrong, anyone should buy as many guns as they want, as long as they aren’t doing it because they think the new one is going to make them shoot better.
    Different guns have different uses, hunting, 3 gun etc, but one 1911 iss pretty much like another unless it’s problematic, or is really different like a Wilson or Custom made gun compared to a 400 dollar clunker. But Kimbers, Springers and Colts are all pretty much the same.

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